The Americans will box one another at Madison Square Garden on 6 August

Jake Paul vows to ‘end’ Hasim Rahman Jr’s ‘family legacy’

Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr have heated first face-off ahead of August fight

Hasim Rahman Jr says Jake Paul bought him 245,000 new Instagram followers to push their August 6 boxing fight

Hasim Rahman Jr claims that Jake Paul "botted" followers on his behalf to help push their August 6 fight due to his lack of name value.

Midnight Mania! Hasim Rahman Jr. tells Jake Paul to focus, forget the silly side-bets

Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. had an intense first press conference earlier today, July 12.

Earlier today, Paul and Rahman Jr. had their first press conference for their August 6 showdown. It's clear that the two men have bad blood dating back to their sparring days, as they traded insults after insult during the presser.

Jake Paul has admitted that his August 6, 2021 PPV at Madison Square Garden is at risk of cancellation, after his rival Hasim Rahman Jr., who subbed in on short notice for Tommy Fury, is asking for more money to enter the ring.