London is undoubtedly one of the best locations to start a business. Even if there is a lot of competition, there are still lots of options if you have a good idea. London is the heart of trade, banking, fashion, healthcare, research, development, business, tourism, and much more since it is the capital of both England and the United Kingdom. As a result, people who have a small businesses idea in London have a lot of options. Today we are going to give you some small business ideas that you can start in London today. To discover the fastest expanding small company categories, we looked at all new business insurance policies taken out in 2020 and 2022

Home cleaning business

 Mobile catering

A tea shop

Craft stall

Dog walker


Tour guide

Tour guide

Interior decorator

The small business ideas which are presented in this story are designed to inspire you. If you want to evaluate a concept, make sure you handle it like a business by conducting proper research and preparation. So, best of luck if you’re planning to start a small business this year.