11 Best Pubs In Soho to Chill



The Toucan

Celebrating Guinness brewing, this is hands down one of the finest pubs in Soho that is being decorated and maintained with a great day of jazz and taste.


The French house

Regarding a holistic environment and aesthetic backdrop, this place, without a doubt, stands as one of the best pubs in Soho, London.


BrewDog Soho

This place is proclaimed again and again as the best pub in Soho by regulars in the Soho pub culture due to the friendliness and welcoming attitude that BrewDog Soho presents to all customers around Europe


De Hems Dutch and Cafe bar

You can never say no to a Dutch institution regarding drinks. And then, if it has a cafe in its name,


The Blue Posts

Rated by regulars in the Soho pub scene as one of the best pubs in Soho for after-dinner drinks


Old coffee house

British coffee houses that know how to serve a good drink are always a blessing.


The Ship

Gaining popularity from its adventurous place in London's rock and music history, the ship will always live up to its name of being one of the most happening pubs in the Soho region.


The Dog and Duck

Accurate name for a curious place. Among all the best pubs in Soho, this one has probably the most enthusiastic fan base of all.


The Argyll Arms

This place offers excellent service and allows you to chill even on busy nights


Coaches and horses

it is still a place where the prestigious crowd of London goes to hang out and spend the night,


The White Horse

its wonderfully done contemporary interior and brilliantly decorated windows, claims a renovation era that dates back to the early 30 of the 20th century.