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11 Best Pubs In Soho to Chill

A solid nightlife without great pubs is not possible in any city. Especially in Soho, the locals and the foreign tourists enjoy great pubs where they can chill and enjoy for hours.

This demand for aesthetic and idealist abs has brought up a wide range of new and old modifications in the general pub culture, making these 11 stand out.

Therefore, this article will discuss the ultimate list of best pubs in Soho and what visiting them is like.

When you go to a pub, you go not only for the drinks and food but also for the ambiance and crowd you are supposed to find. Keeping that in mind, we have included pubs that welcome a diverse audience of all legal ages and life backgrounds.

These pubs are circles of sophisticated culture in a safe and contained setting.

Top 11 pubs in Soho

Soho pubs are diverse, loud, and jovial. Most of them organized special nights so that their visitors got a chance to come by again. Often these pubs also include discount days and parties dedicated to a certain marginalized section of society – to celebrate a weekly day for women, the pride month, ethnic nights, and more.

The Toucan

The Toucan
The Toucan Soho

Celebrating Guinness brewing, this is hands down one of the finest pubs in Soho that is being decorated and maintained with a great day of jazz and taste.

Made even more striking with red advertising and interior, this place has become a great favorite among youngsters who prefer an atmosphere dating back to the older decades. If you are a fan of drinks, and that is what you are precisely at this pub for, expect to be served pints of the unadulterated black stuff, or even black Maria or black velvet.

On busy days long-formed queues keep you outside the pub’s fun dance floor and choice music, but you will surely still be in search of that Irish whisky. On a different note, this one of the best Soho pubs is the wonderful crowd that gathers year-round at any time of the week.

The place was originally a Greek restaurant, converted into a disco in 1966. Eventually, in 1993, during the times of hearty advocacy towards changes, this place was finally converted into a Guinness bar.

If all of this is not enough to draw you, their collection of traditional Irish and Celtic dishes is surely well.

Address: 37 Great Windmill St, London W1D 7 LT, United Kingdom.

Rating: 4.5

The French house

The French house
Eater London

Regarding a holistic environment and aesthetic backdrop, this place, without a doubt, stands as one of the best pubs in Soho, London.

Located in a prominent area of London, this bar has and continues to bring in a wide variety of audiences on weekdays and weekends. One of those bars known for its wonderful history and great gastronomic taste, this is a pub you will be visiting not only for some good times but also for some great food.

Living up to its name, this historic bar provides a gentle and soothing ambiance and the best desserts in Europe.

Like the history of all great locations upon which the greatest of London pubs in Soho are built, the French house originally served as a waterfall for many writers, including Dylan Thomas and Francis Bacon.

It proudly offers all newcomers and regular visitors a choice of 30 different champagnes and wines to taste and rate at this famous pub. This is a tryout that can turn into a pub visit regularly – especially if you are someone who enjoys light food and relaxing drinks.

Address: 49 Dean St, London W1D 5 BG, United Kingdom.

Rating: 4.5

BrewDog Soho

BrewDog Soho
BrewDog Soho

This place is proclaimed again and again as the best pub in Soho by regulars in the Soho pub culture due to the friendliness and welcoming attitude that BrewDog Soho presents to all customers around Europe.

With outlets in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and more. This is a place where you can definitely drop by to get some continental treatment. Located by far in one of the best streets of Soho, this is one of those pubs which should be on your list of pub hopping.

This is because of how creatively and beautifully it is surrounded by other cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, and pubs in every direction.

Located strategically from the boutique shops and luxury department stores on the one hand and the Chinatown on the other, there is absolutely no reason not to try out this famous brand of brewers if you are a lover of drinks.

Address: 21 Poland St, London W1F 8 QG, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.4

De Hems Dutch and Cafe bar

De Hems Dutch and Cafe bar

You can never say no to a Dutch institution regarding drinks. And then, if it has a cafe in its name, it automatically launches into the area of the best pubs near Soho London.

This place is quite a legend for those who know about the history of pubs and bars since this place is usually commonly considered one of the oldest heritage pubs in London.

Located in Chinatown, it was started in the 19th century by a Dutch cement as an oyster bar. Back then, it used to serve oysters to poets and gangsters alike. During the Second World war, the same power became a secret meeting place to discuss the pending resistance against the invasion of the Netherlands by the Nazis.

Now, without the strain of past errors but still a cultural trip to its glories, this pub has become a haven for all who like an authentic Dutch or English drink due to its location and history.

Today this place has embraced its background and continues to be a hosting area for several events that involve the artistic Asian community of Soho London. You can take a snake peak to ensure you get the best out of your first experience at the most prominent London pub Soho.

Address: 11 Macclesfield Street, London W1D 5BW, United Kingdom.

Rating: 4.4

The Blue Posts

The Blue Post
Time Out

Rated by regulars in the Soho pub scene as one of the best pubs in Soho for after-dinner drinks, this is one of the crowded corners in all of Soho on Saturday nights.

Boasting a cleverly planned event section almost no week at this bar is a waste. And if you just want to grab a quick drink, there is always a place to do that within and outside this aesthetically pleasing pub.

Considered one of the most happening places in Soho, this pub organizes jam sessions, stand-up comedy nights, underrated music portrayals, artist meets, and more – and has been doing so for quite a while now.

This is one of the few pubs on the original brewer Street in Soho that drinks enthusiasts easily consider the best place for keeping up some old-school Soho drink culture. On the other hand, they have a great online presence with the happening website that can be used to book reservations and even join their mailing list.

Address: 28 Rupert Street, London W1D 6 DJ, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.4

Old coffee house

Old coffee house
Time Out

British coffee houses that know how to serve a good drink are always a blessing. One of the most elite pubs on this list of best pubs in Soho, the strategic location and beautiful interior of this place are enough to grab anyone’s attention.

Regular regulars often refer to this place as a fascinating restaurant for all, adding the twist of a medley of spices to authentic British cuisine.

They have a great beer selection and a good menu for lunch any day. Keeping up with the culture of integrating art into leisure as pubs in London usually do, the old coffee house proudly displays what time art, caricature, and prints on its walls which talk of its colorful history.

You will love the old coffee house if you enjoy a traditional atmosphere while drinking – and like a slow drink as opposed to an adventurous night.

49 Beak S, Carnaby, London W1F 9SF, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.3

The Ship, Soho

The Ship, Soho

Gaining popularity from its adventurous place in London’s rock and music history, the ship will always live up to its name of being one of the most happening pubs in the Soho region.

One of the best pubs in Soho, this place was a regular visit to many legends throughout history and continues to be so today.

What must you have while visiting the ship? Beer, of course.

As a pub that boasts one of the best beer serving on this list, this place has been a liquor relief since 1845. With that comes wine of an equally high degree, which you can enjoy in one of the most luxurious seating arrangements you will ever see.

Accessible to wheelchairs and welcoming diverse visitors, this is one of those pubs where you can even play to win a free drink. One of those pubs which will make you feel like a local instantly.

Address: 116 Wardour St, London W1F 0TT, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.3

The dog and duck

The dog and duck

Accurate name for a curious place. Among all the best pubs in Soho, this one has probably the most enthusiastic fan base of all.

It is also one of those pups which have not kept themselves behind on the gastropub scene, serving good quality food that lives up to the standards of pub dinner in all its classics and trends.

Built during the 1890s age of artistic glory, this pub keeps its visitors enthroned by placing them right inside the heart of late Victorian luxury.

If you are someone who appreciates seasonal additions to the menu of a well-kept pub, this is the place for you. Order from their ever-updated list of Summer drinks, where they serve you collections you will never encounter in all of London again.

Address: 18 Bateman St, Greater, London W1D 3AJ, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.2

The Argyll Arms

The Argyll Arms
Cool Places

Perhaps Nicholson’s free houses come up most on the list of best pubs in Soho.

Like our last entry, this is a pub decorated with the royal and glorious architecture of the 19th century, with famous prints covering all its walls. They serve traditional British pub food with seasonal fashions and a medley of cocktails, ready for customization.

This place offers excellent service and allows you to chill even on busy nights, which keeps the staff on their tools with the crowds that flood in from the Oxford circus nearby.

The Argyll Arms is one of the greatest places in the best pubs in the Soho scene for a group of friends who want to have meaningful conversations and a trip down the nostalgia lane on any night of the week.

Address: 8 Argyll St, Greater, London W1F 7TP, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.2

Coaches and horses

Coaches and horses
The Couch & Horses

Do you have the dignified name of the pub that paints an image in your mind?

Well, without disappointing you, this interesting addition to the list of best pubs in Soho will surely surprise you with its service and location. Located in a historic building in London, this pub used to be a great site for political enthusiasts and journalists to meet and have conversations in the bygone days.

Coaches and horses are built on the site of a pub that used to exist here as early as 18th century England, having been originally inaugurated in 1744. Over time the pug culture throughout London has changed, and so has the beauty and uniqueness of this place.

And today, it is still a place where the prestigious crowd of London goes to hang out and spend the night, all relaxed and in leisure. Definitely try out the sausage rolls, scotch eggs, and grilled salads while you are here.

Address: 29 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 5DH, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.1

The White Horse

The White Horse
Design My Night

There is, in fact, no end to the beauty of tradition and history when it comes to the best pubs in Soho. At present, this pub, with its wonderfully done contemporary interior and brilliantly decorated windows, claims a renovation era that dates back to the early 30 of the 20th century.

However, the original inauguration of this pub happened in the early 1700s. Proud of both phases of its history, it displays its glass-stained pub sign of historical Glory. While here, you can easily swing by into the swinging 60s by visiting Carnaby Street or just reminisce about the writers of the Pre Victorian era when you turn your head towards Piccadilly circus.

What is the most famous about this last but not the least entry on our best pubs in Soho list is the traditional British pub menu that they have not tampered with?

Some famous entries in this menu include Smoked Scottish Salmon, Nickolson’s cured meat platter, lentil cottage pie, the famous seasonal salad, the famous seasonal soup, and every burger on the menu.

Address: 16 Newburgh Street, Greater Carnaby, London W1F 7RY, United Kingdom

Rating: 4.1


As it turns out, the best pubs in Soho are more than just places to drink. They are a combination of great food, excellent service, fascinating history, and culture, as well as at the same time being a hotspot to make new connections and gain new experiences.

While at these places, you will be making friends that last forever and developing a taste that will not fail you at any moment of your subsequent encounter with pub culture worldwide.

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