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Jose Cuervo Set To Open A Tequila Distillery in The Metaverse

Jose Cuervo, the best-selling tequila brand, is set to launch the first tequila distillery in the metaverse

They will do this in Decentraland on Sunday, July 24th, to celebrate National Tequila Day.

On July 24th, Jose Cuervo will officially open its Decentraland doors to the very first metaverse tequila distillery via the Decentraland platform.

As per a press release by the company, the new distillery “reimagines the IRL distillery experience in a way only the metaverse can create

all while paying homage to the experience one may have at Jose Cuervo’s La Rojeña distillery in Tequila, Mexico – Latin America’s oldest operational distillery.”

Users who want to visit will be able to create their own virtual cocktail whilst learning about tequila. Also, people will be able to meet like-minded others interested in the drink.

As part of their visit, users will be able to go through the ‘metadistillery’, enter the Cuervo Discovery Garden, attend the Piña Pool Party.

Then, go through the Barrel Maze, journey through the Crystal Filter Portal and finally go to The Familia Bar.

This is certainly innovative, and it places Jose Cuervo in the history books as they open the first place of its kind in the metaverse, specifically one of the top ones, Decentraland.