Top 7 Renowned Facility Management Companies In The UK 2022


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Facilities management is a field that offers facility management services which enclose several disciplines, working to offer comfort, functionality, efficiency, and safety in a well-established environment. Facilities management is gradually becoming one of the most vital functions within larger organisations.

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OCS Company is one of the facility management companies in the UK. It is an international-based facility management company that was established in the year 1900. They have over 20,000 customers across the UK and Ireland and they’ll be supporting business for over a century.

B38 Group aims to become one of the top facilities management companies in the UK and they deliver commercial property support services such as property maintenance, cleaning, compliance, and energy services. They have over 4182 client sites, 17,400,000 annual revenue, 466 employed staff, and 3 UK locations.

TCFM has been offering a range of facilities management services for more than 55 years and now they are the top 2% cleaning and security facility service company in the UK. This company has over 6000 staff employed across the country,

Entire Facilities Management was established in 2009. It is one of the best facility management companies in London. They understand their client’s needs efficiently and can accommodate their industry-leading services to your site.

Anabas works with clients who need a high-quality facilities management service for their premium workspace. Their approach is based on designing a facilities management service that is visibly different from the rest of the corporate workspace. They have over 500+ employees, and 150+ sites across the UK.

Precision facilities management operates an extensive total Facilities Management service, stretching across the entire building and property management environment. They work as a national facilities management business covering the UK and Ireland.

ONE, it is one of the UK-based facility management companies providing a combined and efficient facilities management service that will support your industry needs with a cost-effective and professional solution. They will offer retail, defense, commercial, industrial and professional services and education.