Top 7 Renowned Facility Management Companies In The UK 2023.

Facilities management is a field that offers facility management services that enclose several disciplines, working to offer comfort, functionality, efficiency, and safety in a well-established environment. Facilities management is gradually becoming one of the most vital functions within larger organizations. Not only Private but also public organizations are turning to the expertise of facilities management companies to manage their facilities. These range from factories and distribution centers to retail parks, hospital sites, arenas, industrial plants and workspaces.

What does facility management do?

The person who is in charge of facilities management services is called a facilities manager. The foremost responsibility of a facilities manager is to ensure that the systems of an environment work in harmony with each other.

A facilities manager contributes to the comprehensive success of an organisation when they perform well in their duty and responsibilities. Their role is essential since they prioritise maintaining the most valuable and often the most significant assets of an organisation, such as the safety, comfort, and sustainability of the core and places like buildings, property, and equipment, where people work and spend most of their time. Also, other systems reinforce productivity, personnel, inventory, and other essentials for operation.

Types of facility management services 

There are two basic sectors of facility management services: 

  • Hard Facilities Management also known as Hard FM – Deals with the physical assets of the facility services. If the facility maintenance service involves a physical part of the building that cannot be removed, it is considered a hard service. Hard management FM serves the built environment to provide the support and security required to the people. It also aims to enhance the productivity of the employees by monitoring the physical properties of an organisation. These aspects are generally permanent and cannot be removed. Hard FM also includes projects requiring facilities management within the organisation to support its principal business without any issues, because they are related to the permanent attributes of the building.
  • Soft Facilities Management is commonly known as Soft FM – Emphasis on tasks performed by people. Soft services make the office place more pleasant and secure. They do not relate directly to a physical aspect of the building. Soft services involve the arrangement of services that are variable in nature and help in making the premises a better place to work/reside. Soft facilities management prioritizes the security of an environment.

Hard facility services

Hard FM services in buildings usually cover:

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is a facility management service that is essential for both residential and commercial properties. It includes dealing with any voltage issues, and installation and inspection of electrical appliances such as heating, air conditioning and compression systems. This is vital not just for the comfort of people but also for their safety.  

Plumbing & Drainage Maintenance

Blockage of drains or leaking taps can cause difficulty and mess to people. Therefore, plumbing and drainage issues must be fixed as soon as possible. Clogged drains are the most common issue that causes complications in residents and commercial buildings thus plans to fix them should be pre-planned by the concerned staff.

Elevator & Door Maintenance

Maintenance of not only automatic doors but also regular doors and elevators are necessary for a household as well as commercial building. If doors and elevators do not work efficiently then they can cause a lot of chaos among people.  Maintenance of elevators is necessary from the perspective of safety and privacy as well.

Building Fabric & Repairs

This facility service not only includes carpeting, wallpapers, curtains, etc. but also mending broken furniture like drawers and tables and ensuring that all cabinets have their locks and keys. This is done to secure property maintenance.

Soft facilities services 

Dealing with soft services and management involves the following :


Housekeeping services provided by the facility management companies include formal & informal daily rounds, duty & task list training, security and compliance training and many more. They even offer commercial housekeeping services, residential cleaning services and building housekeeping services for their valued clients.

Waste management

The facility management company offers a complete range of waste management services for its residential & commercial clients. This facility service includes garbage collection, recycling, roll-off container rentals, biodegradable waste and organic waste disposal.

Sanitization services

The covid pandemic has taught all of us the vital role of sanitization of our belongings and surroundings. So, we make sure that every firm measure is taken to stick to the Covid protocols given by the World Health Organisation. Sanitization of all common areas should take place on a routine basis to maintain hygiene and stay uninfected.

Pantry services

These services are about to make sure that the pantry is equipped with RO water purifiers, Tea/Coffee Vending Machines, water coolers, food warmers, and the required Crockery. All equipment and stocks need to be inspected regularly for normal functioning, temperatures, and cleaning from the inside of the machines. Keeping a tab on the tally of crockery and cutlery and the materials. Keeping the cutlery and crockery neat and clean as per the quality maintained for pantry hygiene and serving guests and householders on the premises as per industry best practices and SOPs.

Odour Removal

Many things can lead to lingering odours, and they have nothing to do with how much you clean. These services specialize in odour removal solutions across all types of industrial or commercial establishments. Areas with trash lodgement or drains, lift stations and grease traps are amongst some of the chief areas that can develop odours requiring maintenance.

Top 7 Facilities Management Companies in the UK.

There are numerous private and government Facilities Management Companies operating in the UK. In this blog let’s see the top 7 Facilities Management Companies in the UK.



OCS Company is one of the facility management companies in the UK. It is an international-based facility management company that was established in the year 1900. They have over 20,000 customers across the UK and Ireland and they’ll be supporting business for over a century. The solutions they provide through their two brands, OCS and Landmark are well-structured and have a significant impact on their customer and the end-user experience.

2. B38 GROUP


B38 Group aims to become one of the top facilities management companies in the UK and they deliver commercial property support services such as property maintenance, cleaning, compliance, and energy services. They have over 4182 client sites, 17,400,000 annual revenue, 466 employed staff, and 3 UK locations. B38 Group has a strong on-site engineering availability, technologically advanced 24/7 helpdesk and smooth support function, Besides, they also have a dedicated supply chain, and a lean management structure.



TCFM has been offering a range of facilities management services for more than 55 years and now they are the top 2% cleaning and security facility service company in the UK. This company has over 6000 staff employed across the country, catering provided to over 14,000 people daily, window cleaning more than 2000 sites every week and consistent performance against KPIs and audit scores. This company specializes in cleaning services, security services, specialist services, and facility management services. The best thing is that they are flexible and sustainable solutions across multiple sectors.


Entire FM

Entire Facilities Management was established in 2009. It is one of the best facility management companies in London. They understand their client’s needs efficiently and can accommodate their industry-leading services to your site. Entire Facilities Management provides complete facilities management services and support throughout the UK. They offer you 24-hour service support and they have approx. 234 team members and 5 regional offices in the UK. Entire FM offers services such as Mechanical and Electrical, Grounds Maintenance, Security and concierge, Pressure washing, window, and washroom cleaning, vending and digital media displays solutions.



Anabas works with clients who need a high-quality facilities management service for their premium workspace. Their approach is based on designing a facilities management service that is visibly different from the rest of the corporate workspace. They have over 500+ employees, and 150+ sites across the UK. You can even consider it as one of the best facility management companies in London since over 60% of their business based in London and the southeast, and so on. It’s a great option to go for because it provides Boutique Facilities Management, Fully engaged staff members, Brilliant basics, Great experiences, and much more good stuff.


Precision FM

Precision facilities management operates an extensive total Facilities Management service, stretching across the entire building and property management environment. They work as a national facilities management business covering the UK and Ireland. Precision services include cleaning services, Hard Facilities Management, Ground Maintenance, Support services, Workplace services and Security services.



One, it is one of the UK-based facility management companies providing a combined and efficient facilities management service that will support your industry needs with a cost-effective and professional solution. They will offer retail, defense, commercial, industrial and professional services and education. Their priorities are security and safety and their values include customer focus, integrity, best people and best performance, teamwork and collaboration, and expertise.


Q. Can I get immediate assistance for plumbing from the facility management companies in London?

Ans. Yes. Several top facility management companies are in London and offer immediate assistance in plumbing. They are reliable and render budget-friendly services.

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