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The bags of this brand are handmade by the skilled leather workers of Britain.



Since this brand was founded in 2014, Alfie Douglas is still relatively new to the accessories game. If the leather bag is your thing, then this brand is your go-to option.

Alfie Douglas


It has been 35 years since this brand has been making bags in its Scottish workshop.  They use all British materials and traditional techniques such as cutting patterns by hand.



This is the brand that supplies bags to James Bond. What can fit better as a British bag than this one?

Bennett Winch


This bag is one of the slickest traditional bags for men for work found in Britain since 1980. This bag is believed to be as old as the 1875s.



There is a trend for men’s bags to have an upright and oblong shape. This brand has decided to take up this very good opportunity and prepare bags to meet this trend.

Fleming London


This particular brand is proof that heritage is not necessarily a throwback when we talk about designs. This is one of the best leather office bags for men

Campbell Cole