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10 Best Jewelry Stores In London To Gift Your Fiance a Ring

London is one of the world’s most important fashion capitals, it is known as an iconic design destination. You will find something creative, unique, and stylish for every personality. Now, if you are looking for jewelry stores in London, You will have many options and If you’re shopping for wedding bands there are plenty of options to choose from, including classic d shape wedding band, unique diamond-studded  
design, and everything in between.

1. Taylor & Hart:

Taylor & Hart provides excellent customer service and the option to stay in touch via live chat, email, phone calls, WhatsApp, or video calls. Taylor & Hart is a specialist in custom jewelry, and their goal is to provide the best service to their customers. The company prioritizes the personal stories of their clients and works closely with you to try to include them in their engagement rings.

2. Reve Diamonds:

Reve Diamonds has grown to become one of the best jewelry stores in London, known for offering high-quality diamond products at unbeatable prices. This shows their commitment to providing the best prices to their customers. Reve can be easily contacted with their online live chat service, and their delivery service is free worldwide. They also offer a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy but only for online ordering.

3. London Diamonds:

London Diamonds uses GIA-certified diamonds sourced from ethical sources from around the world. They work with all diamond wholesale markets by taking the time to collect the diamonds. They will help the customers with diamonds. Customers appreciate your unhurried sales skills, professionalism, customer care, and product quality. In London Diamonds, the rings are made with the help of the best jewellers London.

4. Hearts of London:

The company offers customizable engagement rings for sale on its website. For a combination of online and physical shopping, you can search for GIA-certified diamonds online and then request to see them in the London showroom. They have a live chat function on the website, including in-store consulting for tips and advice on creating your ideal ring. So it is one of the best jewelry stores in London.

5. EC One:

EC One is known for its exquisite designs and beautiful collections. It is one of the expert jewelry stores in London. The company uses fair trade sources and pure gold and diamonds without conflict. Their engagement ring collection has some unique and modern designs. You can buy them online or if you are looking for a custom ring, contact EC One for a consultation. 

6. Lewis Malka:

On their website, you can browse the ring collection for inspiration. For each ring, you can get a clear description and specifications. What customers love about Lewis and his team is their professionalism and assistance. They know that buying an engagement ring is a unique experience and aim to make this the best experience possible. This is a one-stop destination for the London jewellery shops for rings.

7. 77 diamonds:

77 Diamonds offer great value without compromising on standards and quality. They claim to be able to offer diamonds that are up to 70% cheaper than competitors like Graff and Tiffany’s, as they purchase diamonds directly from diamond cutters in various locations around the world.77 Diamonds offers you a luxury experience at an affordable price. Their jewelry stores in London site are easy to use and practical. It facilitates the engagement ring search process online. They understand that more and more people are buying engagement rings online and providing them.

8. Stephen Einhorn:

From a traditional diamond engagement ring to a collection of skull rings, Stephen Einhorn has something for everyone. They also have a beautiful and impressive ring collection designed mainly for the LGBT community. Stephen Einhorn offers personalization and when your ring design is available. It is handmade by a team of skilled jewellers central London in a workshop in Islington. You don’t even need to go to their store to create a Stephen Einhorn custom ring; they are happy to work with customers online.

9. Diamond Boutique:

Diamond Boutique has a very solid collection of gemstone engagement rings. This is ideal if you are looking for alternative diamonds. If you are not interested in the ring collection already on sale, please get in touch with Diamond Boutique for bespoke engagement rings. Diamond Boutique offers a wide selection of engagement rings at reasonable prices. So 

Most people prefer these ring shops London. Their craftsmanship and designs are very exquisite and of high quality.

10. Ingle & Rhode:

The metal used in jewelry is recycled or from Fairtrade certified manufacturers and is traceable to the conflict-free origin of diamonds and gemstones. Each piece of jewelry is made in the UK by quality craftsmen. Ingle & Rhode caters to online shoppers and those who appreciate the authentic store experience. They have an impressive collection of ready-made engagement rings you can browse and buy online. If you are unable to visit Ingle & Rhode jewellery store London, they will coordinate with you by phone and email to create the ring you want.


Where do most people buy engagement rings in the UK?

There are many local jewellery shops in London. You can search them on Google or check the diamond shop’s website and find their local store. They can buy their engagement ring at Paris Lourve, the brand name DarryRing, a very special store because you can only customize it for the one love in your life. And you must verify your identity, and your lover’s name must not change forever.

How much does a good quality ring cost?

A good quality ring price can vary greatly depending on the type of diamond and the setting you want. If you are looking for unique jewelry, you should check the castle wedding ring, which has good quality and fast delivery. You can also check the services according to your experience. The brand is committed to providing its customers with products and services of the highest quality possible. So you can choose a reputable jewelry shop to get a good quality ring. 

Which brand is best for the ring?

“Tiffany & Co,” brand was founded in 1837. In 1853 Tiffany took full control of the company and decided to focus on jewelry. The moment you get down on one knee and pull out the iconic Tiffany Blue box. It’s a fair warning. Your sweetheart may be swooning. Tiffany & Co. is the genius behind traditional engagement rings: solitaire diamonds held together by six equal metal prongs. This distinctive setting is one of the most sought-after places around the world.

Is it worth selling old rings?

In general, when you sell good-quality jewelry, you can expect about 20 to 50% of the original purchase price. There are some exceptions to this range. For example, rare and highly sought-after parts can lead to higher prices. When it comes to selling realistic price expectations for your ring, you should expect to earn between 25%-45% of the original retail price. You might check at london gold centre

How do I get the best price on jewelry?

When buying jewelry, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you are getting the best price. The key to getting the best bargain on a piece of jewelry is never based on a single piece of information. Getting the best price can be achieved by combining your market knowledge. You can understand the Jewelry Supply Chain awareness of the latest trends and your budget parameters.


The ring you choose depends on personal taste. But the trend has set engagement rings to be more flashy than wedding rings. Diamonds are traditional diamonds, but lately, precious stones like emeralds and sapphires are starting to steal the spotlight. So you can choose the best jewellery shops in London to buy the ring for your loved one.

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