Hire Wedding Dresses In The UK: Rent Designer Wedding Dress Online

Making your dream wedding a success calls for the utmost attention to a lot of essential requirements, right?

You need to take care of various factors to ensure that it turns out exactly the way you have dreamt for years. And one of the most important things among them is choosing the right dress for you.

But a wedding already needs a lot of expenses and a perfectly attractive, unique wedding dress might cost you a lot. Not everyone can incur that great expense.

Does that mean they can wear then dream dress at their wedding? Wondering the same question and needs a good solution?

You can just HIRE!

Yes, you can just simply Hire wedding dresses at a very reasonable rate.

Why should you go for a wedding dress rental?

A matter of fact is a wedding already needs high investment and wedding dresses don’t come cheap. In the UK at least they cost you in four-figure numbers.

And it hurts even more when you understand that you are going to wear that only once in your lifetime and that too for four to five hours.

So don’t you feel the best is to just simply hire wedding dresses? By hiring you can save that extra money and spend it productively somewhere else.


This is probably the greatest advantage you are likely to get when you consider renting a wedding dress UK. Buying a dress can cost you way beyond your affordability while renting remains in the realm of possibility.

You will also be able to afford a high-end designer dress that otherwise might not have been possible. Renting is much cheaper compared to buying. And brings down the expenses to a greater extent.


When you go for wedding dress hire in the UK, you might be loaded with some of the extras from the rental company like a slip, jewelry, some shoes matching your costume which will perfectly go with a gown, etc.

It makes you save the extra price of buying different kinds of other dressing items at once and for all. You don’t anymore have to undertake the pressure of choosing them separately and matching them perfectly.

No more worrying about storing or dry cleaning

Since you are just hiring a wedding dress, you want to have to worry about where you will store it and how you will dry clean it to keep it as new. It takes a lot of effort to preserve the clear white dress from getting yellow over time.

When hired, you will not have to worry about anything like such. Some rental companies also offer cleaning services. So, when you save those extra expenses you are up for a major win. Hire a wedding dress and send them back after you are done!

Some of the best companies to look for to hire your dream wedding dress

The Bridal Gallery

This is London’s best specialist shop in bridal dresses and other accessories to design you for your special day. They have a lot of brands and styles to offer and from them, you can choose according to your wish for your wedding day.

You won’t even have to spend a lot of money on your wedding dress for it starts with a minimum Value of £200 you can avail yourself of your favorite wedding costume without having to worry about going over budget. Reserve you are wearing the dress in advance today!


Hurr is a very cost-effective and economical rental platform from which you can rent your favorite clothing. You can lend or borrow your favorite clothing and also can do both as well.

You will get a wide range of high-end, designed, branded bridal wedding dresses at a very affordable range to rent. The prices start from a minimum of £15.

By Rotation

You know everyone seeks something which had everything ranging from vintage Gowns to modern chic gowns at a very reasonable price.

The By Rotation is the perfect place for you. There you will find some of the other things that will grab your attention.

On the dresses, you will get the prices of the items and their rental period.

If you are interested in renting, you can simply submit your request through their secure messaging system and get your wedding day ready!

Girl Meets Dress

Another authentic wedding dress service provider with a big range of items from hundreds of renounced designers for instance Stella McCartney, Self Portrait, Suzannah.

They have a separate wedding section whose collection is bound to satisfy all your needs and dreams and find you your perfect fit.

The process is really simple. You can just browse through their websites and whatever suffices your choose order them, wear them on your special day and then return it to them after use.

If you are not much fond of browsing and ordering online, you can also visit their showroom that is in Fulham, try the dress and pick the one you feel is the best for yourself for your D-day.


Can you rent designer wedding gowns?

The cost of renting the wedding dress depends upon the designer and the design it is made in. However, you can always try a designer wedding dress for hire as it a less valuable than buying a designer gown.

How much does a designer wedding dress cost?

The prices when you hire wedding dresses vary from designer to designer and the main factor behind this is How the dress was made, how big the designing studio was, how much detailing and handcraft that can be evidenced in the gown, the embroidery work, the time and skills required to make the designing, the fabric used and many more. There is a wide range of price options so you can opt for anything that suffices the amount you have desired to spend for hiring your wedding dress.

How much is a Givenchy wedding dress?

The cost of Princess Diana’s gown that she wore for her wedding to Prince Charles cost somewhere nearly $17,000. And the gown that Kim Kardashian wore on her wedding day cost around  $500,000.

Is a wedding dress a waste of money?

Buying a wedding dress can partially be a waste of money for some because they will not be able to wear it after the wedding just in case they are not creative enough to use the wedding dress in one or the other way later on. And that is why it is suggested for someone who wants to be economic as well as doesn’t want to keep their dress unused they can opt for a wedding dress for hire.


Now if you are convinced That you should try and hire wedding dresses, and searching for the best place where you can do it, contact your nearest wedding dress in Birmingham and get the best for yourself so that after years when you look at your wedding album you can only feel happy and good vibes Looking back at the memories.

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