London Lifestyle Magazine considers protecting and processing user data a priority at all times. Its policies are in direct accordance with the Data and Protection Act 1998 and 2003. We also consider transparency regarding Data retrieval and protection a crucial aspect of our services, hence detailed documentation of how we manage and use registered and non-registered user data daily is provided in the following paragraphs.

Note that by using our website you are automatically consenting to our terms and conditions. This helps us in maintaining uniformity and providing users with a seamless experience. If you happen to disagree with the nature of our policies you should not use this website.

You can contact our team for more information regarding our privacy policies.

Our website might link to external sources to improve the quality of the content we produce for our audience. Our privacy policy is distinctly different from these sources and we are not responsible for experiences on such fronts.

Nature of Information Procured

The information procured and used by this website is of two types

  • Personal Data

Personal Data is the data provided by our users voluntarily on our website that allows us to identify them this includes Name, Contact number, Email ID, etc. this information is collected for a specific purpose only, and the provider of their personal information is made aware of that fact. with your permission, personal information like browser types and IP addresses might also be procured.

  • Non-Personal Data

Our teams manage huge aggregates of data regarding traffic and user behavior that help with the analysis and development of our content. Non-personal data does not identify you as an individual user, however, your patterns and preferences are monitored in a general manner. This information cannot be used to contact you.


A cookie is a file that uses your computer’s hard drive to analyze web traffic. A cookie is responsible for letting you have a customized experience on a certain site. This website uses cookies. However, this is done only for non-personal statistical reasons. This file cannot access your computer or make any changes to it. A cookie can make no access to your computer or IP address in any way whatsoever.  The decline in cookies can affect your experience on the website and prevent us from providing you with the best service.

This website uses Google Analytics cookies. Hence the statistical information collected by these cookies is stored with Google. Google may transfer this non-personal information to third parties who carry out the processing.

Cookies, therefore, help us to monitor the processes and development of our website and find out what is useful for each individual. Some web browsers will automatically accept cookies in which case you have to modify your browser settings.

Third-party processing

The data provided to third parties is also distinctly non-personal. Any data that you provide to us voluntarily as your personal information is never shared with any external institution. Search information is safely encrypted within our professional work and only authorized personnel and teams find access to it.

The non-personal data generated for third parties is combined with other generalized information to create statistical aggregates. This is mostly done for data analysis purposes and information-related purposes. The parties to which we may provide this data include advertisers, advertising service agents, website tracking services, partners and sponsors licensees, researchers, etc.

Your data will be disclosed only under applicable situations which pertain to the maintenance of law and order in the community which includes summons, warrants, regulatory orders, and statutory requirements.

How we use this information

Personal and non-personal data generated during your experience with our website is only used in legal and appropriate ways. this includes:

  • Record keeping and data analytics
  • Creating customized products and services.
  • Contacting you for market research and feedback
  • Providing you with specific services such as news latest with your voluntary permission
  • Sending you promotional emails
  • Developing our services on this website
  • Provide your data to third parties with your consent

Security and deletion of your personal information

Your data is encrypted on secure servers hosted by our internet service provider. No data procured over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Even then every step possible to be taken under the latest technological advances has been reached to provide you with the best protection. Your data is secured from fraud, unauthorized access, modification, or manipulation as well as theft.

Under the Data Protection Act 1988 and 2003 we are legally bound to update or delete your data according to your request. We are mandated to not hold your data for a longer period than necessary. We are never authorized and will not try to sell your data.

Advertising, Payments and refund policy

If you purchased any of our advertising services then kindly follow our payment terms given by the editorial team. Any kind of policy violation may pay extra amount of the deal or May lose the services for further collaboration.

Content policy

We’ll edit the content on every week/month according to visitors behavior. External, Resources, Internal links can be added or removed anytime. As we know we don’t have Google’s algorithm terms and policy’s control, so links can be change anytime dofollow to nofollow. If any content is not indexed in google search result we might be removed it accordingly.

Changes to policy It is within the rights of the website to change and modify the policies without prior notice. Search changes will be under our legal rights. At times such changes are also mandated by broader modifications and additions on a sociolegal level. Users are requested to routinely verify the existing privacy policy of our website and trust our dedication and integrity in providing you with an honest and holistic service