Are you planning to visit London in near future and want to know more about it? Or is a resident of London and wishes to get some information? Then you should definitely check out the London Lifestyle Magazine. From here you can get all your required information about the different beautiful places where you can visit in order to fulfill your purpose.

If you are accustomed to every dealing of London, you can also share your ideas and discoveries with us through your write-ups and get featured in the magazine.

You can also become a part of this beautiful journey of ours by sharing your valuable information about more and more places in London.

You can share your experiences at the places you have visited and let people know about what makes them different from others and why is it worth visiting.

In the write for us section, we would be glad to accept travel bloggers who have visited multiple places in London and are willing to share their experiences with more and more people so that even if their first time visiting London, they have a fully prepared To-Do List in London.

However, the write-up must include proper information. We wish to have your valuable input and help our community to grow.

Guidelines for Guest Posting at London Lifestyle Blog

To get selected as a write-up poster for London Lifestyle Magazine you need to have the following information

  • About the Topic

When it comes to writing something for a lifestyle magazine, you can cover a plethora of topics. You can include writings about topics like lifestyle London, travel blogs, places where people must visit when traveling to London, the best buffets and restaurants with the address, and many more. You are always welcome to practically right about any new topic that fits our niche.

  • Length

The article you would be writing for our London Lifestyle Magazine should not exceed the limit of 1000 to 3000 words. The article should be an engaging one and not include exaggerated or unverified information. Readers should be interested in the pattern of writing and not feel bored while reading. The readers should be encouraged to visit the places after reading our articles.

NOTE: Do not use ornamental words. Try to keep your sentence simple and less complicated. It should be reader-friendly.

  • Niche or Category

Our categories include areas relating to lifestyle, sports, technology, finance, food and drinks, home and gardens, business, people of London, fashion and beauty, travel, etc. which relates to UK, London.

  • Plagiarism and Copyright Issues

Make sure that the article you are sharing with us should not be published anywhere over the browser. It should be authentic for us. You should not just copy from somewhere and paste it. We would not entertain such kinds of articles. We would highly appreciate it if you exclusively share your own experiences at places and let people know about them. Copy-pasted content will definitely be rejected as per the terms and conditions mentioned beforehand. The plagiarism should be checked and only then shared with us.

What can you write for us?

The article you would be sharing could include anything from Among the following

  • Traveling places
  • Best food and drink places
  • Activities to do
  • How to
  • Places to visit
  • Lifestyle
  • Financial growth
  • Business
  • Technology

How to write an article for us?

Though there is no particular writing format in which you have to be bound while writing an article, it would be great if you follow the following format.


The introduction should be crisp, not too long or too short. You can write a short introduction of about 80 to 100 words and that would be enough.


Depending on the type of content you are writing, it is the best preferred if you can make 4 separate subheadings in the body.

Each paragraph in the body should be of 4 to 5 lines. You can make different paragraphs if you want to inculcate too much information. In that way, it would be easy to read.


The last paragraph should be the conclusion of the topic where you can write about your own experience and why a person should visit it while also mentioning which one of the following items you’ve listed in your article you found the best.

How to submit guest post article?

Become A Contributor and Guest Author : Please email , You will get response by our editorial team within 24hr.


  • We do not accept low quality content.
  • Below 600 words content not accepted.
  • Article’s must have H1, H2, H3 and minimum one FAQ.
  • Rewrite content or already exist in Google search result topics not accepted.
  • At the end of the content you should attach the Plagiarism and AI Content report.

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