Top 10 Must-Attend Halloween Events in London in 2023

Halloween is the most famous event celebrated on October 31st every year all over the world, but in the UK there is another level of enthusiasm for Halloween in events in London. The British have graciously welcomed the spirit of Halloween parties in London, every year celebrating the array of events to delight all tastes from spooky to family events.

In this article, I have mentioned about Top 10 must-attended Halloween events in London in 2023. Whether you are a trill-lover and looking for electrifying scars or you want to experience a safe and memorable Halloween with your family and loved ones, then we have got you covered and organized a list that caters to all from elders to kids.

Join us as I dig into the mesmerizing and spooky world of Halloween in London, pack your backpack plan ahead, and make the most of your upcoming Halloween events in London in 2023.

The Top 10 Must attend Halloween Events in London in 2023:

On Halloween days the street of London comes alive with spooky and electrifying scars, Halloween has become increasingly popular these days in London, and in 2023 also London is getting ready to celebrate Halloween and we are here to guide you through the top 10 must-attend the Halloween events in London on this Halloween. Here are the most attended events as follows:

1. The London Dungeons:

The London Dungeons
Image- Viator

The London Dungeons, the most famous year-round attraction suspenseful, electrifying, most terrible, and thrilling experience that takes the Halloween parties in London celebration to another level.

Get ready to experience both a horrible and electrifying journey filled with horrifying tales, and blood-curdling shows from Sweeney Todd to Jack the Ripper to Mrs. Lovette, The London Dungeons will bring in this Halloween the city’s most terrifying and chilling stories.

During Halloween, the London Dungeons undergo ghastly transformation adding extra thrill to its already terrifying ambience. The Halloween event in London here organized to test your courage and plunge into the world of fear. If you are waiting for heart-pounding and spine-chilling experiences, must include the London Dungeons in your list.

  • Address: Riverside building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB, UK.
  • Events: Scary events, Screams, and spirit
  • Kid-Friendly: Kids above 12 years are allowed.
  • Ticket Price: From £27 to £43

2. Fright night at Thorpe Park:

Fright night at Thorpe Park
Image- Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is now transformed into the Kingdom of Nightmares of Fright Night. It’s the ideal place to experience haunted mazes and thrilling rides for those who are seeking the excitement of scares.

During Halloween, Thorpe Park is undergoing an electrifying transformation into a kingdom of nightmares. Fright Night features into scare zone, haunted maze, and live-action horror shows to test your bravery.

For those who are seeking both anxiety and terror, Thrope Park is the ideal place to have unforgettable Halloween experiences. So if you are a daredevil who is looking to conquer their fear as well as want to experience spine-tingling fun with family, the Fright Nights are the must-be on your Halloween list of 2023.

  • Address: Staines Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8PN, London
  • Events: Spine-tingling scare zone, spooky Halloween shows, rides in the dark.
  • Kid- Friendly: The age limit of Fright Night is officially 13 due to extremely scary experiences.
  • Ticket Price: £39 per person

3. Silent Halloween Disco boat:

Silent Halloween Disco boat
Image- Eventbrite

Silent Halloween Disco boat, a silent two-story boat for Halloween night in London. Guest will be wearing scary, spooky, and craziest dresses with a Halloween theme.

You can enjoy a party night out with your friends or family at a silent disco dressed like pirates, spiderman, cowgirls any anything scary outfit with party anthems Halloween party vibes, and a scary night to remember.

To attend this party pick your channel in the headphones from Disco Boats 3 DJ tunes and get ready to dance silently on the killer dance floor. 
fancy dress like witches, ghosts, pirates, or whatever you want like scary will be highly applicable on this Silent Halloween disco boat.

So if you want a silent but scary experience of Halloween then must visit the Silent Halloween disco boat this Halloween.

  • Address: The Dutch master boat, Tower Millenium Pier, Lower Themes Street, London EC3N 4 DT United Kingdom.
  • Event; Disco event
  • Kid-friendly: Age restricted 18 years and over.
  • Ticket price: £25 to £35 

4. Harry Potter Studio Tour: Dark Arts:

Harry Potter Studio Tour: Dark Arts
Image- In London

At Dark Arts at Harry Potter Studio, you will find 100 pumpkin studios and many more treats on your tables this Halloween. This year, Halloween Dark Arts studio organizes the bewitching experience and explores the scary sets, costumes, and props used in the Harry Potter movie.

All these things will take the guest to the horrible and mysterious vibes this Halloween. Visitors can visit the Great Hall filled with hung pumpkins and discover the secret behind the death eaters and other more terrifying elements that make this dark world more thrilling and more mysterious to the daredevils.

This Halloween, this immersive tour allows you to explore the actual set, props, and all horrifying things used in the movie Harry Potter and enjoy your Halloween night in London at the scariest set of the mysterious world, so must attend the Dark Arts event on Halloween this year.

  • Address: Warner Bros, Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR
  • Event: Dark Arts event to explore the making of Harry Potter film
  • Kid-friendly: All ages are allowed
  • Ticket Price: £275

5. Halloween Ball at the Mansion London:

Halloween Ball at the Mansion London
Image- TimeOut

The Mansion London is well famous for hosting lavish parties and this Halloween also they are hosting a mysterious party for the daredevils.

This Luxurious Halloween event in London will take place at a secret location, the organizers will send the address to the official ticket holders 48 hours before the party.
Be enchanted by the hypnotic live performances like witch shows and cage dancers.

You can dress up to impress the Red Halloween theme costume can get a chance to win exciting prizes. Don’t wait and visit the Halloween Ball party at the Manson London this year Halloween and get the experience of enchanting and electrifying Halloween vibes.

  • Address: Secret venue, Holborn, WC2B 6AA United Kingdom.
  • Events: Witch acts, cage dancers, scary shows.
  • Kid-friendly: Only Above 18 years old
  • Ticket Price: £30 to £155

6. Magic Circles Halloween Show:

Magic Circles Halloween Show:
Image- Londonist

If you want to get enchanted with your family this Halloween then the Magic Circles Halloween show is just for your family.

This event offers family-friendly magic shows, illusion, supernatural, and Halloween spirit live shows at the Magic Circles headquarters in London. They are Organizing the Halloween theme while maintaining a sense of wonder and amazement to make it ideal for ages 7 and above and also for all family members.

The Magic Circle’s Halloween Show offers family-friendly shows that provide a chance for kids and adults to enjoy the show in a safe and entertaining environment, 
Book the tickets of your family and enjoy Halloween with your loved ones at the Magic Circles Halloween Show this year.

  • Address: The Magic Circle, 12 Stephenson Way, Euston, London, NW1 2HD
  • Events: Magic, illusion, supernatural, Halloween spirit show
  • Kid-friendly: All ages are allowed
  • Ticket Price: £45 per person

7. Halloween Wicked and Willing:

The Courtesan, London
Image- Brixton Buzz

If you want to spend your Halloween evening in a devilishly entertaining environment then you should book your Halloween evening at the Halloween Wicked and Willing show. A party where dress up like witches and ghosts surrender your inner monster spirit to this Halloween night and test your courage.

Here you can enjoy a full Halloween immersive show with your friends and also enjoy your Halloween dinner with friends with Halloween vibes.

  • Address: The Courtesan, London
  • Events: Full Halloween immersive show
  • Kid- Friendly: Only for 18 and above
  • Ticket Price: From £66

8. Halloween at Hampton Court Palace:

Halloween at Hampton Court Palace
Image- TimeOut

Hampton Court Palace during Halloween offers a variety of workshops and activities full of entertainment suited to the full family with full entertainment packages.

With the variety of activities pumpkin carving workshops to spooky storytelling sessions, there is something for everyone in the family.

The highlights of this event are the most electrifying decoration in the ambiance and there is a surprise for everyone in every corner with a mysteriously enchanting environment.

  • Address: Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9AU
  • Events: Historical Halloween shows and events
  • Kid-friendly: For all family
  • Ticket Prices: £13 to £ 29

9. Halloween at the Tower of London:

Halloween at the Tower of London
Image- iStock

The Tower of London is the most historic and iconic place located in the heart of the city. During Halloween, the Tower of London transforms into the haunted mazes and cages and all Halloween themes allow the guests to enjoy the holidays in a unique way.

Tower of London offers a wide range of activities workshops and shows that are suitable for children as well as adults.

The activities include Halloween costumes, spooky storytelling, pumpkin carvings, and many more activities for all families. The Tower of London also hosts a guided tour of historically darker storytelling and ghost stories.

  • Address: Tower of London. London, EC3N 4AB
  • Events: Historical Halloween Events, guided show
  • Kid-friendly: For the whole family
  • Ticket Prices: £16 to £ 37

10. Halloween at Chelsea Physic Garden:

Halloween at Chelsea Physic Garden
Image- Piccolo Explorer

The Halloween at Chelsea Physic Garden is a collection of beautiful plants, green space, and historical elements. But during Halloween, this garden also embraces the spirit of the season and looks more scary and mysterious like the Halloween maze

They also arrange the events for families and there is something here for all family members, the guests can explore the array of activities like spooky storytelling, Halloween crafting, pumpkin carving, and and guided tour to tell the story about this spooky secret of this garden.

  • Address: 66, Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, SW3 4HS.
  • Events: Historical Halloween Show.
  • Kid-Friendly: For family
  • Ticket Price: £10 to £20


In conclusion, The London Promises a wide range of Halloween events in London and full-on entertainment this Halloween with unforgettable experiences with a variety of activities and shows that suit your test. Here we have discussed in the article about the Top 10 must-attend Halloween events in London 2023.

The events include the London Dungeon the Mension of London the Tower of London and the top 10  historical and most iconic places to enjoy your Halloween parties in London in 2023 with your friends and family.

Allow yourself to lose your inner spirit with the enchanting and mesmerizing experience this year, so pack your backpacks and plan ahead embrace the Halloween spirit, and make the most of your haute experience of Halloween in the hauntingly beautiful city. Happy Halloween!

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