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5 Best Embroidery Services In London That Offer Logo Design

Embroidery, a centuries-old art technique, creates beautiful fabric patterns. From hand embroidery to current machine embroidery, this technique is employed in fashion, home design, and business branding.

London has various embroidery shops that create logos. Businesses that wish to build a strong brand and stand out in a crowded market need these services. With so many possibilities, choosing the correct embroidery service might be difficult.

We’ve listed the top five Embroidery Services in London to assist you in choosing one. These services were picked for their knowledge, quality, customer service, and reputation.

5 Best Embroidery Services In London That Offer Logo Design

#1. London Embroidery Studio

London Embroidery Studio
Image Source: London Embroidery Studio

London Embroidery Studio is one of the well-established Embroidery Services in London that provides hand, machine, and computer embroidery. They specialize in personalized designs that match customer needs. London Embroidery Studio makes patches and badges and embroiders garments and accessories.

Their skilled designers and embroiderers employ cutting-edge equipment to produce high-quality work. They make durable patterns using cotton, silk, wool, and leather. Businesses and individuals use them for their quick response and low prices.

#2. Hand & Lock

Hand & Lock
Image Source: Hand Embroidery

Hand & Lock is a prestigious embroidery house founded in 1767. This London-based company is known for its embroidered skills. Over two centuries, They have become synonymous with luxury, elegance, and attention to detail. They offers logo creation, monogramming, and bespoke embroidery for fashion, interior design, and accessories. Their talented artisans use old and modern stitching techniques to produce stunning designs.

Hand & Lock is known for conserving needlework and pushing creativity. Their expertise has been applied to high-profile initiatives by famous designers, fashion houses, and institutions. Their needlework lends luxury and sophistication to couture garments and elaborate patches. Their expertise and artistry are evident in their regal robes, elegant handbags, and custom embroidered patches. Their commitment to quality, originality, and timeless beauty has made them London’s top embroidery service provider.

#3. Threadworx

Image Source: London Bead Co

London-based Threadworx provides high-quality logo design and embroidery. Threadworx is known for its high-quality and detailed embroidery solutions for several reasons. They designs logos also. Their talented designers collaborate with clients to create logos that develop brand identities.

Threadworx precisely digitizes and embroiders every logo. They uses premium materials and cutting-edge embroidery techniques. Their expert embroiderers ensure precise, durable needlework. Threadworx embroidery elevates workwear, uniforms, and promotional goods.

#4. Hawthorne & Heaney Ltd

Hawthorne & Heaney Ltd
Image Source: Hawthrone & Heaney

Hawthorne & Heaney Ltd is one of the popular Embroidery Services in London that has been family-owned since 2001. Custom embroidered patterns are their specialty. Their professional designers can build custom designs and logos to match customer demands.

They embroider garments, purses, caps, and towels. High-quality threads and materials provide bright, long-lasting embroidery. For speedy custom embroidery, they are a popular option.

#5. Urban Stitches

Urban Stitches
Image Source: The Urban Stiches

Modern embroidery business Urban Stitches provides machine, hand, and appliqué embroidery. Their professional designers can build custom designs and logos to match customer needs. Cotton, denim, and leather are among their textiles.

They embroider garments, caps, purses, and accessories. High-quality threads and equipment provide long-lasting embroidery. For speedy, high-quality embroidery, organizations, and individuals choose them.

5 Embroidery Logo Design Tips

Logo Colors

When it comes to color, the digital design provides endless alternatives. You could have hundreds of colors flowing around your logo and a gradation from hot pink to Kelly green, but these limitless options do not transfer well to embroidery. The more colors in a logo, the more difficult and expensive it is to replicate. A simple pen line in Illustrator may be transformed into many stitches.

When the machines embroider a thread with a single color, it saves time and complications by linking up the components with the stitching as best it can so that the operation is not interrupted. Each additional color implies that the preceding process is halted and must be restarted, meaning the design takes longer and has more excellent room for mistakes. On top of that, several effects and styles work well digitally but cannot be replicated via needlework, such as gradients, drop shadows, outer glows, and so on.

Simple Logos Work Best

While the initial point may be a disappointing number of constraints, it is beneficial to consider since branding works best when it is straightforward. An easy-to-read and uncomplicated logo is great for customers because it makes it recognizable for future purchases.

Still, it also makes the embroidery more striking – it will never be as clean cut as a print, but it has depth and texture that denotes quality and prestige. That feeling is much more achievable if the logo itself is simple enough.

Don’t Overdetail Your Logo

Although having a distinctive logo is critical, having an overly complicated or complex design might be detrimental to your company from an embroidered standpoint. Aside from probable color adjustments, it would help if you also considered the complexity of your design. Thread stitches cannot be as delicate as they seem on paper.

 Because the typical little embroidered logo has thousands of stitches, anything too subtle will be hard to identify after coloring. Furthermore, embroidery is different on various fabrics. A logo, for example, may seem more polished on suiting or shirt fabric, but details may need to be recovered on thicker, more durable materials such as fleece or polo shirts since stitches strain textiles, decreasing the area it’s on.

Logo Dimensions

Another factor to consider when creating an embroidered logo is the size of the logo on the garment. You should include only a little information and check that the information you provide is legible at the size you want to use it. First Corporate Clothing can provide embroidered samples so you may preview how your logo will look before your whole order is created.

 This helps you determine what sizes are acceptable for the clothing you’re considering and their intended use. We usually suggest having it function between 80 – 100mm (width) since this is what you’d see on embroidered polo shirts and suit jackets with the emblem on the left breast. 

Logos Fonts

If the font is a common one you can pass on, that’s great! Suppose it’s a unique or lesser-known font. In that case, however, it will require additional work, which could incur additional costs since most software used to create logo embroidery patterns can automatically generate the stitching pattern for pre-existing or recognizable fonts.

How To Choose The Best Embroidery Services In London?

Choosing one might take a lot of work with so many embroidery services. This post will cover how to select the top London embroidery services.

Work Quality

Quality should be your primary consideration when picking an embroidery service. Embroidery should be accurate, vivid, and durable. Choose a provider that employs high-quality threads and materials for long-lasting, bright embroidery. Examine the service’s embroidered examples to ensure quality.

Return time

Choosing an embroidery provider also requires considering turnaround time. You may need fast embroidery. Some embroidery services finish in a day, while others take a week. Choose a timely embroidery service.


Pricing is also essential when picking an embroidery service. Embroidery services may price differently. Others charge by design or stitch count. Choose an embroidery provider with reasonable rates and high-quality work.


Custom embroidery services are best for logos and graphics. Some embroidery providers offer in-house designers that can customize designs and logos. Some feature a library of pre-made patterns. Customize your embroidery service.

Tech and gear

An embroidery service’s equipment and technology affect quality and turnaround. Choose an embroidery provider with modern computerized equipment for fast, precise embroidery. The embroidery service should also offer machines for various materials and methods.

Customer care

Choosing an embroidery provider requires considering customer service. Choose a good embroidery service. The embroidery provider should answer your questions and explain their services and prices. A competent embroidery provider should also advise on the best methods and patterns for your requirements.

Reviews and Reputation

Finally, check the embroidery service’s reputation. Check customer reviews and testimonials for service feedback. Good embroidery services have an industry reputation and excellent evaluations.


Embroidery adds distinctive designs, logos, and branding to clothes, accessories, and promotional goods. London provides embroidery services for all budgets. These embroidery services employ the newest equipment and technology to produce high-quality work, from hand embroidery to computerized machines.

Consider quality, turnaround time, and price when selecting an embroidery provider. Choose a provider with custom design and logo expertise. Choose one of London’s five top embroidery businesses that provide logo design for professional, high-quality embroidery.

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