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Best Halal Chinese Restaurants In London To Have a Dinner

Locating a restaurant in London that serves Asian halal food wasn’t unheard of, but it seemed to be limited to kebab takeaways and street food. But currently with the ease of accessibility and browser the halal food scene has begun to grow and become more culturally diverse. After all, it is an important progression when living in such a cosmopolitan city.

Out of all the cuisine from around the world, we all know that besides our native cuisine, it’s Chinese that you can never go wrong with and keeping that in mind, we have come up with the list of the best halal Chinese restaurant in London for all our Muslim patrons out there!

Silk Road

Silk Road

Now, if you’re looking for a fully halal Chinese restaurant for Muslim patrons, then Silk Road might just be an ideal place to splurge. It is one of the best Chinese halal restaurants London located at 49 Camberwell Church Street. The decor of the restaurant is undoubtedly remarkable.

It features high-end and halal fine dining in all its servings. The menu is extensive and offers Sichuan-style dishes. Although the primary focus is on Xinjiang specialities, the noodle and stew menu is something that attracts people the most. Xinjiang consists of many traditional standbys belonging to central Asian cuisine, especially the kebabs and dumplings. But there’s something that you must keep in your mind that the dishes can be flaming hot, so for all the spice lovers out there, it’s your chance to enjoy a good meal.

The service is incredibly outstanding, and the mix of crispiness, melty ingredients, and high-end deliciousness will surely blow your mind. And we do recommend you to discover all those delish dishes!

Maximini Chinese Restaurant

Maximini Chinese Restaurant
Halal Fod Blog

Maximini is one of the best Chinese halal restaurants London you have ever been to in Bayswater. Their menu offers various Asian halal food, that said, you can find dishes from juicy dumplings to Peking Ducks with pancakes. Above all, the Crispy duck and fried rice are phenomenal.

If you are looking forward to a Chinese date night, Maximini could be one great pick among all the halal Chinese restaurants. The mixed hot platter for two is a dish we recommend; it comes with a mix of meat and prawn in there. To take it to another level, add a few sides and you’re set! 

The service offered is impeccable, and the freshly served dishes show that the best-quality ingredients have been used, including fresh prawns, duck, beef and chicken. Besides, they also have plenty of vegetarian options to dig in.

This is one of the best halal Chinese restaurants London that will remain on the higher end of the budget spectrum, but if you’ve got an occasion going on and don’t mind splurging, then you can never go wrong with Maximini Chinese Restaurant.

Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang
Halal Girl About Town

Craving Chinese that is both delicious and halal in Central London? Well then, Rasa Sayang is something to walk in. Decorated beautifully the restaurant features a cosy, warm aura that makes it a date night-appropriate restaurant. And if the decoration doesn’t mesmerise you, we are sure that the food surely will!

It’s more of a halal Asian restaurant in London, to be fair, and Rasa Sayang has some really interesting dishes on its menu for one, the chicken wings are exquisite and they’ve been a go-to in Rasa Sayang ever since their opening. Besides that, we would recommend Nese chicken, Char Kway Teow, Malaysian Hokkien and dumplings which are handmade. And for their exquisite serving the restaurant has been a favourite of many locals and travellers.

Noodle Oodle

Noodle Oodle

Noodle Oodle is another of the best halal Chinese restaurants in Bayswater that serves truly halal Chinese food. Being on the affordable side of the list, Noodle Oodle is more of a friendly and family-like halal Chinese catering to Muslims and less of a posh, sophisticated one. You will often spot a crowd in the restaurant especially when it opens late, and it is nothing but a craze of people for their incredibly delicious dishes.

Did you know that it makes its own fresh, hand-pulled Chinese noodles? Well, they do! And we believe it is impossible to not fall in love with those hand-pulled noodles. Thus, noodles are the staple for every customer visiting the restaurant.

Besides that, everything here is handmade starting from the halal dumplings to sushi and many more.

The dumplings taste best when served alongside the crispy duck and pancakes, so do try them whenever you visit.

Although walk-in is still an option, we would highly recommend reserving a table beforehand to avoid the mass queue. The restaurant is also available for events like birthdays and anniversaries, and you can easily book yourself the services via their website. Overall, it is a must-try if you’ve been looking for great halal Chinese restaurants in London for some time!

Kai Mayfair

Kai Mayfair

With Kai Mayfair, comes not only a good halal meal but also high-end services. It is one of the best halal restaurants in Bayswater, which is located at 65  South Audley Street, London. If you are big on high-end service then Kai Mayfair is one of the best halal Asian restaurants in London to visit. The restaurant features a very beautiful restaurant interior and the food is artfully presented.

Only the chicken, lamb, and beef at Kai Mayfair are halal, but that’s already an exquisite portion of the menu covered, and of course, there are also delicious dishes of fish you can order there. We would highly recommend booking beforehand. The food served is excellent for both meat and ocean meat lovers, you can find anything you wish there from the halal Wagyu beef to the prawns. They also have an outstanding selection of desserts. 

Whilst its cuisine is predominantly Chinese, its dishes are largely inspired by the owners. You can walk into the restaurant depending upon the service days, however, the restaurant is also available for events and gatherings so do make sure to book beforehand. Overall, Kai Mayfair is a must-visit, especially if you’re staying around Hyde Park, Mayfair, and Knightsbridge.

Panda’s Kitchen

Panda's Kitchen
Panda’s Kitchen

Panda’s Kitchen is one of the best halal Chinese restaurants in London, that is HMC certified and serves no pork, no alcohol, just halal meat. This restaurant in Forest Gate is going to tick all the boxes if you’re looking for a laid-back takeaway place to dine in.

We know Forest Gate is not exactly the most central area, but when you’re looking for perfect halal Chinese restaurants in London with the best service, travelling a bit is worth it! The restaurant is located a couple of minute’s walk from Ilford rail station. There is plenty of parking.

Panda’s Kitchen is a family restaurant. It is renowned for its unique dishes like Burger and Flame grilled chicken and tastes best when served with noodles. The fried rice there is flavourful and made with authenticity. Besides, chicken satay skewers and black bean sauce are some of the dishes that will surely blow your mind.

PF Chang’s Asian Table

PF Chang's Asian Table
The Gurdian

Located at 10 Great Newport Street, London PF Chang’s Asian Table is another one of the best halal Chinese fusion restaurants. The restaurant resides on the more affordable end of the budget rainbow. It is one of those restaurants that cater to halal Chinese that are simpler and welcome friends and family gatherings. However, PF Chang’s Asian is often very busy, especially since it’s open quite late, and the food there is incredible.

Handmade Chinese food is what we all long for, and you would surely be amazed to taste the restaurant’s food. This Chinese halal restaurant in London has some really interesting dishes on its menu. One of their signature dishes is the Dynamite shrimps which are finger-licking delicious. Besides that they also serve this dish called Crispy Calamari which tastes best with the dumplings, it is handmade and the Londoners have been drooling over it since the very beginning. And we are sure that you’ll love them too if you explore more of their halal Chinese fusion dishes.

Etles Uyghur

Etles Uyghur
South China Morning Post

It is one of the most delicious halal Chinese restaurants in east London and features a very specific type of Chinese cuisine. It is located in Walthamstow and you can easily get there by bus or any other public/personal transport.

The Uyghur menu is influenced by many kinds of food and flavours that you can spot in China. And features various cuisines like Persian, Mongolian, and Turkish. Speaking of the Chinese food from Etles, unlike the rest of the restaurants mentioned in the list, Etles has a quite small menu to ensure you’re getting the most authentic, homelike food. Some of their surprisingly unique dishes include, 

Milk tea with salt and delicious soups made in the Chinese method. 

The restaurant is one of the few HMC-certified halal restaurants in London. And because of this versatility and authentic quality, the restaurant is considered one of the best halal Chinese restaurants in London. 

Chai Wu

Chai Wu

Get ready to splurge in the posh street of Knightsbridge, if you’re looking for a completely halal Chinese that caters for Muslim patrons. Because Chai Wu in Harrods might be just the one.

It is a high-end fine dining restaurant and you can know that just by the decor and restaurant’s philosophy.

It is very renowned among the locals and travellers for its exquisite serving of halal ducks. And if you love them too? Book yourself a table. The service offered there is superb and serves the best halal Chinese food London, which is enough to satisfy your tastebuds and belly.

But, just in case you aren’t very sure about the restaurant’s menu you can pay a visit to Pan Chai and Mango Tree. Both of these restaurants are also present at Harrods and are sister restaurants of Chai Wu.

Zheng Chelsea

Zheng Chelsea
Zheng Chelsea

Chelsea is a very unique restaurant on our list that serves the best halal Malaysian and Chinese food. The restaurant is perched at two locations, namely, London and Oxford. The one located in London is just outstanding, in terms of not only service but also the attention they pay to the details of the food quality. 

Chelsea’s menu features dishes like crispy halal duck, prawns, squid and more. All the servings are cooked to perfection, which are full of flavours and made with authenticity. It is one of the best Chinese halal restaurants in London and

perfect for special events and mid-week dates.



If you are big on Chinese and Asian cuisine in general, you can never be disappointed by Cocochan. Cocochan is one of our favourite halal Chinese restaurants. It is located in Marylebone, London. The environment of the restaurant is great and you surely do not have to think about it twice before visiting.

The ambience of the restaurant is exotic and very Instagram-worthy, and you can undoubtedly feel and taste that both service and atmosphere lie at the core of Cocochan values. Cocochan is the ideal place meant for get-togethers with friends, even for a romantic dinner date or just to celebrate your loved one’s birthday. However, we recommend you book a table beforehand to avoid the long wait for their scrumptious food.

Moving on to the menu, the restaurant features extensive dishes to choose from which will surely leave you ecstatic, the meat used in their recipe is fully halal so brush your worries off! You can start by having the prawn and chives dumplings or sushi rolled with crunchy and juicy fillings.

There you have them, the top best halal Chinese restaurants in London that have been listed after thorough research and customer review. As we’ve seen together, in London itself there’s plenty of halal Chinese catering to Muslims, all that’s left to do is choose. Each of the restaurants has its unique quality and authenticity and you can pick the ones that fit right with your preferences.


Can I get authentic Chinese dumplings in London maintaining the halal rules?

Yes, you can. Several Chinese food joints in London offer high-quality dumplings after qualifying as halal restaurants.

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