Best Open Air Cinemas In London to Enjoy Movies 2023

Do you know about open-air cinema and its importance? If the answer is known, then read the content that is provided for you below. This open-air cinema is over a hundred years old and was invented in the same decade as the airplane and the automobile. In the olden days, the people gather in a prominent place to see this cinema and enjoy it in groups. It is also increasing rapidly in this modern age where most people living in London like to see the open-air cinemas. This open air cinemas London is one of the popular entertainment and pastime for the people who want to enjoy their time. If you see it, you will be astonished about it and can see more crowds in that place and be happy. 

The outdoor cinemas in London are always a part of the fabric of London’s summer. The concept of the movie under the stars is more appealing than ever, and some of the favourite open-space theatres are reinventing themselves with increased social distancing and delivered to your picnic blanket snacks. A handful of drive-throughs are cropping up across the city to live out happily. You can enjoy this wonderful and fun moment with your family, neighbors and friends. 

List of the best London outdoor cinema:

If you like to have an exciting experience of the outdoor cinema in London, more options are available to make you feel excited. There are some places where they can provide this open air cinemas in London which give you much more happiness and joy. Some of them are the Luna cinema, across the UK, secret cinema, rooftop film club, various locations, backyard cinema, wands worth, and adventure cinema. These are the exciting places where they can help you view the cinema in the open air without any problem. You can see them one by one in the below topics, and they are:

Luna cinema:

Luna cinema:
Image Source: The Luna Cinema

This Luna cinema is more popular because of the venues, and the viewers can explore some of the UK’s prettiest settings after the dark. This season can catch the films throughout London and bring the people a mind-blowing joy. It is one of the best movie theatres in London where you can enjoy valuable time with your family

Some of the films included in this show are the old-school favourites, mean girls and the breakfast club and recent releases such as Belfast and the house of Gucci. You can see the Luna cinema in the open air cinema Kensington palace for a better price and feel happy. It can also make people get excited about the picnic and enjoy this outside film that makes you satisfied. The experts provide you only some amount for your visit to this place. 

Secret cinema:

Secret cinema:
Image Source: The Gurdian

This secret cinema is well known open air cinemas London which is famous for its atmosphere that provides more comfort for the people. The fantastical, immersive worlds of underground cinema are a staple of London’s summer calendar. During the lockdown time, screenings beamed into our homes with Friday night streaming sessions of the film like Romeo and Juliet and the grand Budapest hotel. The secret cinema is back in real life in a partnership with marvel studios as they help you bring to life the universe of guardians of the galaxy in an undisclosed location. 

Barbican Outdoor Cinema

Barbican Outdoor Cinema
Image Source: Barbican

The Barbican Outdoor Cinema adds a new dimension to London’s cultural scene. The Barbican Centre’s roof houses the cinema, which offers stunning views of London. The cinema is free to enter and is open from 7pm to midnight every night.

The Barbican Outdoor Cinema is a ideal place to enjoy an evening in the summer. The theater offers a wide range of films, including blockbusters as well as local favorites. The ambience is relaxed and casual and is perfect for hanging out with your friends.

Rooftop film club:

Rooftop film club:
Image Source: TripAdvisor

This rooftop film club is well-known among the viewers because of its fantastic views. You can watch this film on top of building in Shoreditch and Peckham. This rooftop film club is probably best known outdoor cinema in London, with sister venues in New York and Los Angeles. This summer film screening includes family-friendly showings and also provides recent releases to make the people more happy and excited. 

Backyard cinema:

Backyard cinema:
Image Source: Time Out

This backyard cinema creates a festival atmosphere for the people and makes them enjoy their valuable time. This backyard cinema is the open air cinemas London which has a grassroots project with a venue made of recycled wood and sofas. You can enjoy watching the beautiful movies by sitting on the couches and enjoying your movie. It will be more comfortable than any other movie outdoor. 

Adventure cinema:

Adventure cinema:
Image Source: Londonist

The UK’s largest touring outdoor cinema is the adventure cinema, and it is the most exciting one that makes people wonder a lot. These two London locations include the Charlton house and gardens in the outdoor cinema Greenwich and the Osterley Park in Ealing. You can see this cinema for the best amount suitable for your budget. 

Battersea outdoor cinema:

Battersea outdoor cinema:
Image Source: Country Life

If the person visits the outdoor cinema Battersea, they will find 254 residential apartments, and over 100 retail shops, restaurants, and cafes. It also includes a unique 18,500 square feet food hall concept, office, and event spaces. 

Westfield cinema in the open air:

Westfield cinema in the open air
Image Source: Secret London

While visiting the Westfield cinema London, it not only provides the best cinema experience but also has a lot of food items. It is also known as the food journey, and you can use this food truck festival which invites the visitors to taste flavours and dishes from some of London’s best food trucks. It is the best place to visit, and you can watch the movies at the right time at an affordable amount. 

These are the best places to watch the open air cinemas in London, providing you with a glorious experience of watching cinema in the open air. All the locations are fascinating and wonderful, with more facilities for the people who come to that place. 

Bottom lines:

Therefore the above-listed places are fantastic places with a better viewing platform for the people who like to watch the cinema in the open air. It gives them a tremendous experience than watching cinemas in their house. So, they come to this place only to get an incredible and delightful experience for more entertainment. At last, you must have to choose an excellent place to view the cinema in the United Kingdom and be happy with your family and other neighbours. 

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