Business Trips: How to Make the Most of Your Time Away

Going on business trips is a great way to boost your career and make connections that both can benefit from. Along with that, you can also travel to new places, sometimes even one of the places you always wanted to visit. On the contrary, these business trips can get a little tiring.

This article is going to give you all the information about how to make the most of your time away on business trips. One of the deserved mentions is a private jet charter which is amazing to have on a business trip. More than it being an easy mode of transportation, the leisure and experience in one of those private jets is unmatched.

Different tips & strategies on making the best out of your time away include being productive as well. All of these are discussed in this blog. Starting from different things to do while being on the road to the preparation for making connections with people, all is covered here. Whether you have been on many business trips before or this is the first of many you’re going to take, this guide will be helpful to all.


Planning and preparation

Planning and preparation

The preparation for any journey is as important as the journey itself and for business trips, it’s more so. In fact, if you research your destination beforehand, you can make more out of the trip. Not only does it include having a proper knowledge of the local culture but also has a lot to do with knowing the business culture and practices.

The next step in preparation is planning the accommodation. Of course, pre-booking of accommodations is recommended and kind of compulsory. While booking one, however, you must be aware of the budget, location and transportation availability which will not cause trouble going to the business meetings. This is particularly important as that is the main reason for the trip.

The closer your accommodation is to the meetings you have to attend, the more hassle-free the whole experience should be. Considering that you want a trip that is easy, convenient, and flexible with regards to time, this is a tip that should not be forgotten. While planning the itinerary, make sure you prioritize the main purpose of the trip and then plan the rest of the day.

Taking your essentials is very important and making a list for all the things you need to carry is an idea that doesn’t usually go wrong. Make sure your wardrobe has a proper business suit, ties & formal trousers. There must be many things that allow you to stay entertained while on your journey and those should be carried. These could include books or tech equipment. Hygiene and grooming stuff is also recommended for you to carry, on a business trip.

Maximising your business time

Maximising your business time

As the name suggests, the most crucial part of “business trips” is the opportunities & connections you are ought to make. Being in business meetings demands you to be professional and when you arrive at these meetings as completely ready and before time, it leaves a lasting good impression. More than that though, being spontaneous and having intelligent discussions will make the most out of these business meetings.

This is undoubtedly the thing one should prioritize the most and even prepare for, in business trips. Asking questions and coming up with good ideas are going to help you have a good business meeting. This brings us to the frequently asked question “How to stay productive and go with that flow into the room where the business meeting is conducted?” Well, there are a few tips to maintain that momentum.

Whatever helps you maintain a proper routine, you should carry it. For example, if your phone is where all your work-related things happen or where a routine is punctually notified throughout the day, you should carry it all the time. Laptops could also help you stay organized and productive since a lot of businesses require you to do video calls more often than not. Staying healthy and exercising should not be compromised on, either because it will help you keep your mind fresh and thus, more productive.

Participating in workshops or presentations

Given a chance to network with businessmen of different personalities, you should try to leave an impression that’s good & unique. Attend conferences with like-minded people that are related to your industry and do not forget to give them your business card, after a nice conversation. Leaving a good impression on people could be a subjective take on social skills but one of the key things that needs to be noted is the uniqueness.

Businessmen do talk to a lot of people over years and that is how using the same tricks as suggested by people that once gained success through those, is not that good an idea. Be creative, try to pitch ideas in an articulate way and make genuine connections with those who are interested in your perspective to certain beliefs or new & amazing ideas.

Stay updated with your emails using technology and VPN is a great way to protect company data and browse the internet securely. Laptops and phones are must-haves.

Balancing business and leisure

Balancing business and leisure

Making the best out of your time growing business was already discussed. With all those tips in grasp, now it’s time to understand the importance of a good work-life balance. Caring about yourself and your time in a different state or country is important too. Visiting the park or other things you found out prior to the research of your destination is a great way to spend leisure time. Try out new food and take peaceful walks in a park.

Visiting a place and not knowing about its culture is not what you’d want out of a business trip. Of course, you can know about the culture by observing it but being immersed in it is what the most fun experience is. Trying out their cuisines is something you should not shy away from until you have dietary restrictions. Be an enthusiast for everything the place has to offer. Interested in art? Should definitely check out their museums and art galleries.

The point of business trips is to come back home refreshed and motivated to do more out of your life. Trying outdoor activities in a new place and spending time with local people could be a great experience that’d help you achieve a motivated and refreshed feeling. Do as many things as you can and relax on your way home and after reaching home.

Exploring collaboration possibilities with local businesses or partners

Networking leads to future collaborations and being on business trips, this is what every businessman aims for. This becomes a relatively easier process for you once you are well aware of the culture as well the local businesses. Targeting the right businesses to collaborate with can increase your chances of the same.

Now, choosing the right business has a lot to do with how your own business operates. If there are similarities or things that can go hand-in-hand with how some other business operates, it’s often a good collaboration. Trying to join hands with businesses that have no common grounds is often not considered good utilisation of time you have in these business trips.

Everything boils down to being well-educated about their businesses and well-prepared to present your ideas. Collaboration is the aim and getting one isn’t that difficult and you should jump into any conversation with a fresh & productive mind.

Assessing achievements and areas for improvement

Achievements can often lay you back but the more business trips you do, the better it is for your business. This applies, of course, only when you’re seeing growth and results. Managing businesses and money isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work and when the work pays off, you should only aim to improve.

Improvements are total self-development and not just in a business sense. However, if you’ve been on business trips already, it’s easier to assess the things you should have or should not have said in a particular interaction. Being self-aware opens up room for improvement on the next conversation or the next trip.

Self-assessment is highly recommended in the world of businessmen and even people who you’ve had not-so-good conversations with, in the past can be turned into potential customers. All one needs to do is assess themselves, improve and show up again.


A properly planned business trip isn’t excruciatingly difficult to create. This article must have helped you in doing so. Making new connections after traveling to new places and meeting renowned people is a great way to grow business. Overall, the more comfortable your travel is, the more your productivity and social skills which helps you impress people by communicating.

Regardless of what mode of transportation you choose, once you reach the place, try to follow a proper routine with the intention of making the most out of the time on a business trip. Hope you enjoyed reading and learned or got reminded of a few important things before your business trip. Have a good time.

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