5 Fun Summer Holiday Plans For Families Who Are New To The City

Keeping kids entertained for any length of time is always a struggle, but for several weeks it can feel like an impossible challenge. Still, that’s the reality for today’s parents, who have to keep their children interested during lengthy school holidays.

Often, the hardest break to deal with is summer. Many parents struggle with keeping their kids entertained during the summer holidays, which are usually around 6 weeks long.

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While UK schools have a lot of holidays, summer is the longest consecutive break, so it can be tough to find ways to entertain your children across 6 weeks.

It can be even harder to plan your summer holidays if you have just to a new area. One popular city that many people choose is London, which is lucky because the city is exciting and filled with fun activities to try out and unique places to explore.

London has one of the fastest-growing populations in the UK, and if you’re among the hundreds of thousands of people relocating to the city, you need to consider how to keep your kids entertained in the holidays.

For parents who are new to London and need to find innovative ways to keep their children and the rest of their families entertained, here are some fun ideas to consider.

Enroll Them In A Summer School For Kids

If your children have just moved to London from another country and are struggling with English and assimilating into the culture in the UK, then a summer school could be an ideal solution. Skola offers an immersive summer school in London for kids that will help them to learn English, make friends and explore the city. Summer schools like this are flexible, so you can spend time with your kids and have some free time to enjoy for yourself. These schools welcome kids of all ages and can be an ideal way to make learning English and adjusting to life in the UK fun for your children.

Plan Some Days Out At Kid-Friendly Attractions

Planning to keep the kids occupied for the entire holiday can feel daunting, especially if you decide not to send them to summer school. In this case, you should take the holidays one week at a time, and try to plan fun activities for each day. While some days it might be easier to stay at home or plan an excursion in the part of London you live in, for some days it might be fun to go further afield and explore the delights that the city has to offer. From Thorpe Park to Universal Studios, there are many incredible attractions in London for kids to enjoy, so explore the options to find ones everyone will love.

Find A New Favourite Eatery

When you move to a new city, you’ll need to explore and find new places to eat and hang out. The summer holidays is the perfect time to explore London and find your family’s new favourite restaurants and cafes. You and your children could try eating out once a week during the holidays, or ordering a takeaway to your home. This activity will be a fun bonding exercise, a great way to find out more about the area of London you now live in, and also an excuse to eat loads of delicious meals! You’ll also save time as you won’t have to prepare the meals or wash up afterwards, so you can spend more time having fun with your children.

Visit All The Parks In London

For families that love the great outdoors and exploring new places, visiting some -or all- of the parks in London could be a fun adventure. There are many parks throughout the city, many of which have stunning views and allow kids and pets. So, you can have fun for all the family at a park. If you choose to bring your own food and have a picnic, you can enjoy an affordable day out, which you could repeat at a different park each weekend throughout the summer holidays.  

Try A Tour Of The City

City tours of London might seem like a tourist attraction, but they can also be fun and a great way to see the capital, particularly if you’ve only just moved there. There are also many different types of tours available, ranging from open-top bus rides to walking tours. Some are themed around specific areas or properties, like old pubs or South London, while others focus on a certain hobby like ghost hunting or viewing sporting arenas. Whatever your preferences, you and your kids can find a fun tour that’s educational and entertaining at the same time.

London is a stunning city filled with rich culture and amazing sights, but planning a whole summer holiday’s worth of activities for your whole family can be daunting. With the help of these tips, you can find a selection of days out and activities to keep everyone entertained until the new term starts.

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