Heliocare: Sun Protection Deeper Than Skin Level

Heliocare is a leading brand that produces dermatologically tested sun protection cosmetics of broad spectrum. These cosmetics regulate inner skin defense forces and protect it from possible environmental harm.

We invite to explore the variety of cosmetics & Heliocare in the UK. The store offers you only high-quality products that are backed by significant clinical and scientific research.

Cantabria Labs: Dermatologists` choice

This brand is recommended by world dermatologists. Every product has powerful antioxidant properties and includes unique ingredients medically proven by independent laboratories. Cosmetics keep skin cell DNA from environmental damage.

This Spanish brand was developed by the dermatology company – Cantabria Labs. They are specialized on producing superior pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The brand invests in great research work and clinical investigation to ensure the efficacy and safety of its products.

How it works

Catabria Labs developed innovative patented technology of natural origin. The products of the brand contain active chemical and physical filters, photosomes, sunspheres, lutein, lycopene and vitamins. So, they effectively:

  • provide with integral photoprotection;
    • reduce free radicals;maintain skin resilience;boost moisturizing;diminish sights of pigmentation;stimulate collagen, elastin production;slow down wrinkles formation;enhance skin health;
    • improve appearance.

Anti-oxidant of new level

The basis of Heliocare technology is the extract of Polypodium Leucotomos (Fernblock®). It is the main active ingredient that works on different levels of light and prevent harmful influence of 4 types of radiation. It makes the protective powers of our skin much stronger, so it becomes less exposed to sunburn.

There is a variety of formulations designed for different skincare needs. Using the products, you get two types of health and beauty benefits. The first is of immediate action: it protects from sunburn. The second provides you with delayed effect in time: diminish dark sports, control aging process, cure some skin problems.


You can choose any of a variety Heliocare products and be sure that you will receive comprehensive skin protection. The results of all products are proven scientifically. They defend your skin as nothing else on the market. The most important effects that you get from using these cosmetics are the following:

  • maintenance of DNA wholeness,
    • antioxidant care,
    • defense of immune forces,
    • photoaging control.

About 40 published studies showed great efficacy of topical and oral administration of the products. They don`t have any side effects and are absolutely safe. The products work on a deeper than your skin level. You just need to select the cosmetics of your skin type and give it a try.

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