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How Many Greenhouses are There in The UK?

Greenhouse construction in the United Kingdom, which significantly increased during the pandemic, is proof of the worldwide trend towards zero waste, eco food, and health. Having a healthy lifestyle isn’t limited to the village’s residents, and it’s much more affordable now than it used to be. How many greenhouses are there in the UK and why is the number so high?

1. Greenhouses are more affordable and easier to build 

It wasn’t so long ago that we had a picture of a greenhouse owner, a retired person with two grandchildren, making pickles for their family on weekends. The picture has changed completely recently, as more and more people want to own their greenhouse.

It’s quite easy to construct a small greenhouse or to shop greenhouses online for direct delivery within the UK. There are so many greenhouses to choose from that you will probably spend some time deciding which one you want. A complete selection of materials and equipment is available for those who would like to build their own greenhouse.

2. Organic and environmentally friendly lifestyle

In spite of organic food being more expensive, many of us prefer to buy it because of all the pesticides used to preserve food at shops. Greenhouses are a much cheaper way to eliminate harmful substances from our diet than organic food from the supermarket. We are much more willing to follow the zero waste trend when we use food grown in our garden. Furthermore, you can even sell the food you produce when it is a large amount!

Helping our environment is the case too. Massive production of food means lots of pesticides, plastic for packaging, and the petrol used to deliver the food. If you grow your own food, you can reduce the chain and the environmental impact of the production.

3. Urban gardening became possible 

The use of mini greenhouses or lean-to greenhouses on balconies made it possible for city dwellers to be gardeners as well. Greenhouses don’t have to be full size to start growing basic vegetables like tomatoes or herbs. Greenhouses with wheels can be moved around the balcony, smaller greenhouses have removable shelves that can be taken directly to your kitchen.

4. Increasing the yield

People who live in colder climates, with low amounts of sunshine and high humidity, may use greenhouses to increase their yields or even grow vegetables. In areas with harsh weather conditions, additional lighting in areas less exposed to the sun, as well as equipment that increases the temperature, are helpful.

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