Is London safe? Here is what tourists need to know

London is an amazing place to visit and is still one of the safest capitals in Europe where you can travel. It has many things to offer, as it is a vibrant and multicultural city with amazing landscapes and incredible activities you can attend. But like any other town, some parts can be dangerous for tourists who don’t know what to expect or avoid. And because it is such a crowded place, there is always a chance to be the victim of scammers or petty thefts. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit London, you only need to know what to anticipate and to be careful, so that nothing bad will happen to you.

And luckily for you, we are here to help, so let us give you an insight into the safety in London.

What are the dangers you can encounter in London?

It is vital to know the most common dangers so that you can recognize and stay away from them. And because it is better to stay safe than sorry, if you keep in mind some aspects, you can avoid a situation where you will feel helpless. So, remember these risks when you are travelling to London.


It is vital to be careful with your belongings when you travel to an area where you are not local. Because you are much more exposed to getting robbed as a traveller, you need to pay more attention and try not to look like a tourist as much as possible. This is because travellers are often robbed for no other reason than being tourists, as thieves expect to find more valuable things than them. And sometimes, we have to agree that this scenario is true and that we are an easy target, as we carry a large sum of money and don’t pay attention as much as we should. Because when we travel to another destination, we are amazed by the buildings and the whole vibe of a place, and we forget to look around to see if, for example, someone is following us.

Fake Tickets Scams

Because London is known for offering many events like famous concerts or Broadway shows, sometimes tourists fall prey to fake ticket scams. This happens because they choose to buy them from sellers outside of venues instead of online platforms, as maybe they find them cheaper or they are sold out in other parts. So, pay attention to this aspect when you travel!

Data breaches

If you are a tourist in a new destination, you probably want to stay connected with your family or search for the next places to visit. But are you careful when you search online and limit public Wi-Fi use? Most travellers are not attentive to this aspect, and because of that, they risk exposing their data. Also, if you are a tourist and make online payments when travelling from an untrusted site, your data can be leaked and exposed to hackers. This will bring plenty of misfortunes, as your credit card information will be revealed, which can cause you huge financial loss. Besides that, it can also increase anxiety, which will lead to mental problems, as you don’t know what will happen to your data and what the hackers will want to do with it. However, if you ever find yourself in this situation, you need to know that you can claim some compensation for the harm made. You can find out more at

What are the safety tips travellers need to know?

Luckily for you, some safety tips will keep you away from dangers and let you enjoy your time in London as you should. If you make sure to follow them, you will have a better time, and you will significantly reduce the risks you are exposed to. Here are the ones you need to know:

Be cautious

Although London is generally safe, you still need to use your common sense and be cautious. Don’t forget to always trust your gut, and if something doesn’t feel right, walk away to prevent something bad. Also, it is good to know what to expect and search for information about the city to discover its safest and most dangerous areas. Keep admiring the views as London is absolutely gorgeous, but also look around to see if someone follows you or seems to have something to hide. In this way, you will avoid something terrible from happening and enjoy your time in one of the most beautiful and popular towns in the world.

Keep your valuable objects secure

Your valuables include all the items indispensable for a trip, like money, mobile phone or documents. It is always good to leave them at your accommodation, and when you go out, take only what is essential, like money (but not a large sum) and your phone. Make sure you don’t bring your passport when casually walking in the city, as you don’t want to be stolen and get through a stressful moment because you will not be able to leave the country without it. Also, never leave your belongings unattended, especially in very crowded areas. Regarding your phone, you need to pay attention when you use it and keep it in a secure zipped bag or pocket.

Stay in regular contact with family and friends

If you keep your family and friends updated with the locations you visit, you will feel safer, and this will also be an advantage if an emergency appears. If something terrible happens, your loved ones can inform the authorities and tell them the last location where you have been, which can be highly beneficial in some cases.

Many tips can ensure you stay safe, but they depend on the lifestyle and activities you want to attend. What are the other safety tips you consider when you are travelling?

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