Looking for a gift for Christmas? Buy an experience!

It’s a good idea to start your Christmas gift search at least a few weeks before the holiday. Do you want to choose a truly unique gift for your loved ones? If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some original ideas. Perhaps they will help you change your approach to Christmas surprises!

What instead of a traditional gift?

Buying a traditional Christmas gift is often the first choice. If you want your gift to be a pleasant surprise, opt for something original. Instead of jewellery, cosmetics or a book, give a fun gift. How do you do it? Take a look at our range of event vouchers, which you can give to someone special.

A moment of relaxation as a gift

Do you sometimes wonder what you yourself would like to get as a gift? Relaxing in a professional massage parlour sounds like the perfect plan! Who wouldn’t want to spend time lazing around enjoyably? The person you invite to the spa will spend some relaxing moments under the care of an experienced masseur, listening to the sounds of relaxing music and breathing in the scent of candles. Such a session will help to relax your muscles and reset your thoughts after a tiring day. In professional salons, you will find a wide range of different massages, treatments and rituals. It is advisable to match them to the needs and preferences of the recipient. You can choose a Thai massage, a hot stone or hot candle massage, or a ritual with hot chocolate. If you don’t know what will give him/her or her the most pleasure, choose something versatile – a relaxing massage is an all-around successful Christmas surprise!

Developing interests as a Christmas gift

A course voucher is an equally good idea. During a training course, the recipient will be able to develop their interests, gain experience under the guidance of a professional and have fun. A piano lesson, a cooking course, or a photography or drawing course is a great way to learn and have fun – two in one! For those who like artwork and handicrafts, we recommend ceramics workshops. The extensive offer also includes something for sports fans! A pole dance course, boxing or dance lessons are interesting alternatives to standard Christmas presents.

Car rental debit card as a gift is not only practical but also thoughtful and convenient for the recipient. Renting a car can be expensive, and receiving a preloaded debit card that can be used to pay for the rental can save the recipient money. It also allows them to choose the rental agency and the type of car they want to rent. Furthermore, it can be used for more than just renting a car, such as purchasing gas or even paying for a hotel stay. Additionally, the gift giver can choose the amount to load onto the card, making it a customizable gift. Overall, a car rental debit card is a great gift idea for someone who loves to travel or is in need of reliable transportation.

What about a gift for thrill-seekers?

Giving thrills is certainly a good Christmas gift idea for people who like to feel the adrenaline rush. It could be a voucher for a balloon flight, a motor-glider flight, a survival event as well as a ride in a huge monster truck or a fast and luxurious sports car. All of these Christmas gifts will provide strong sensations that will stay in your memory for a long time. Such a gift is perfect for fans of thrilling entertainment who like to go beyond their comfort zone.

Choose something the recipient won’t soon forget for a Christmas gift. Opt for originality and give the gift of an experience – time spent in an interesting and extraordinary way. Whether it’s relaxation, development or excitement, this gift is sure to surprise your loved ones and keep them entertained!

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