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15 Out-of-The-Box Outdoor Christmas Decorations to Implement

Yes, Christmas is just on its way and we all are getting ready by creating some of the most innovative outdoor Christmas decorations around. Make your exterior as festive as the inside. Decorating your house for Christmas is as fun as getting presents on Christmas morning.

Decorating the exterior is one of the ways to bring out the joyful spirit of Christmas. So, you must light up your home and yard with all the different kinds of outdoor Christmas decorating ideas.

You can use any holiday accents like Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, ornaments, lights, candles, and flowers to transform any space into a festive wonderland. Decorate any space of your home with some innovative approaches to Christmas decorating ideas.

Here, in this article, we will provide some innovative Christmas decoration ideas to implement which will surely light up your outdoors.

 Christmas outdoor decorations for your front porch

Decorating your front porch for Christmas with some festive accent will bring out the spirit of the festival. These decorations will heartily welcome your guests and warm the hearts of the passersby as well.

Make it magical:

Make it magical:
Elle Decor

You can put a natural greenery effect on your red front door. Lush green garland tied with gold satin ribbon, hang golden string lights that will illuminate to pull out the festive spirit.

You can also make your outdoor decoration classy by flanking your pathway with white mini-lights. Your guests also love the warm addition of white lanterns.

All white everything:

All white everything
Hello Lovely Studio

You can embrace the snowy scene with more white. The white outdoor décor will give a festive feel to your home. You can add a classy touch to your pathway by adding some snow-flocked trees.

You can also décor the trees with baubles, and accessories. Put some LER soft white light bulbs. This decorative idea can perfectly complement the amazing front entry of your home.

Eco Chic arch:

Eco Chic arch
UK Doors Online

You can décor your front porch with a natural front door arch. The arch will be made of some branches of trees. Then you can décor the branches with some white, silver, and gold ornaments and fairy lights. This echo-chic arch decoration idea will surely enhance the Christmas vibe.

Christmas wreath:

Christmas wreath:

You can décor your front door by hanging a classy Christmas wreath to celebrate the festive and make your home inviting. You will need to have one wreath ring, some green twine, scissor, and ribbon.

You can also collect some differently textured foliage such as ivory, evergreen oak, spruce, etc. you can also decorate it with some colorful ornaments.  Make a bow of the ribbon to place it at the top of the wreath. This traditional greenery Christmas décor will enhance the festive feel.

Light the path:

The Architecture Designs

The front steps of your front porch can be decorated with some pieces of decorative lanterns. You can place some decorative lanterns of different sizes on your pathway. It will create a warm holiday welcome for the guests.

These Outdoor Xmas decorations will surely enhance the coolness your yard

Snow garden:

The Home Depot

Just because it is winter that doesn’t mean that you will not decorate your yard for the festival. Just place an old wooden chair in the garden and adorn the chair with a Christmas wreath.

Place a tray holding some silver ornaments and put some fairy lights. Then place a bundle of tiny pine branches and also some pine cones. Wrap them with twine.

Snowflakes lights:


You can décor the pathway of your yard with some 3D flashing snow lights. These illuminating lights will be the appropriate ones to enhance the winter vibe. These lights also create a welcoming festive atmosphere for your guests and passersby.

Cranberry Luminaries:

 glass vases with faux snow and cranberries

This inexpensive Xmas decorative idea is a cinch to implement. You need to layer stocky glass vases with faux snow and cranberries. You can use both real and fake cranberries. Then place a candle inside the vase.  Arrange some fresh greenery and scatter them around the vases and place these luminaries along your front pathway.

Outdoor ornaments:

Outdoor ornaments:
Popsugar UK

You need to give a holiday makeover to your outdoor planters too. You can decorate these outdoor planters with some round ornaments, grapevine balls, and birch branches.

You can avoid the use of plastic due to its breakage. You can also put one/two traditional lanterns to look your yard classy.

Jumbo yard ornaments:

Jumbo yard ornaments:

You can take two jumbo red Christmas ornaments to décor your yard; you can also use them for many years to come. These big bulbs surely feel vibrantly festive. These jumbo yard ornaments decorate the Christmassy yard to feel warm and inviting.

Outdoor Christmas Decor for your pergola like nothing before

Simple, yet stunning :

Simple, yet stunning :

Decorating the pergola is one of the best things as you can organize a Christmas evening party in it. You can arrange sofas, chairs, Christmas trees, relaxing chairs, and tables for your guests to sit and enjoy the evening. You can also hang some mirror balls from the roof of the pergola.

If you want to arrange the dinner in your pergola then you can place a dining table on the pergola with some candles, plates, spoons, napkins, etc. As a host of the festive party, you will feel proud of this amazing pergola decoration.

Decorate your pergola with lights:

As bright as day:

String lights will give your outdoor relaxing space some lovely soft lighting effect. So, you can hang some string of mini lights from the roof of the pergola. Place a sofa, some chairs, and some beautiful cousins for your guests to feel relaxed.

These string lights will make it all the more inviting for your guests on Christmas evening.

Enhance your pergola with some potted plants:

Enhance your pergola with some potted plants
Pergola Gazebos

You can make your pergola into a terrarium of sorts.  Perhaps, you already have some potted plants; so you can arrange these potted plants along the pergola. Also, you can plant some vines or strawberries above the pergola.

Place some colorful lights inside the pergola. This shady place gives you a cozy place to sit with your wine on the evening of the holiday.

As bright as day:

As bright as day:
Christmas Designers

You can add the brightest effect on your pergola décor. You can cover the roof as well as the four pillars of the pergola with illuminating mini lights. And you can place a big DIE Christmas tree at the center of the pergola.

Décor the Christmas tree with some baubles, ornaments, and ribbon. The surroundings bushes can also be wrapped with Some strings of lights pull out the charm of festive.

Cozy pergola decoration ideas:

Cozy pergola decoration ideas:
Massey Garden Design

You can give your pergola a cozy look by placing some relaxing chairs, sofas, and some cousins on it. Then you can place some beautiful candles beside the chairs. You can also hang some hanging plants from the roof of the pergola, and some much-needed greenery to your pergola.

If you are hanging some plants filled with flowers then you can also add some bright and winter feel. It will enhance a stylish retreat into your home; you will feel like you have escaped your day-to-day life for a little while.

Wrap up:

There are various decorative ideas to look your exterior such as your yard, front porch, and pergola look festive; from traditional Christmas wreaths to sparkling lights and many more.

You can choose some of the decorative ideas from the list to décor your outdoors this coming Christmas for greeting your friends, guests, and neighbors.

Even if you will be going away this Christmas, take pleasure in décor your outdoors for everyone that passes to enjoy.

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