Top 5 Places for Young Professionals to Live in the UK

Living abroad could be your next adventure, but thinking about the ideal city can be challenging when you finally have the perfect place in mind for your next move.

Perhaps you’ve heard some advice from a friend who has experienced the same situation before. Still, you will never get all the answers that you are seeking such as: whether this place has green areas, is a good spot for starting from scratch, if you will find friends or feel the sense of community there.

I have selected a list of 5 cities, considering factors such as cost of living, amenities, quality of life, well-connected city, job opportunities, educational opportunities, multicultural diversity, green spaces, internet speed, and more. Let’s start!

Top 5 Places for Young Professionals

1. London:

Welcome to the big city! This cosmopolitan place is the capital of the United Kingdom and the first option for many young professionals who want to enjoy the nightlife and pursue a career in a well-known company, as well as for being a melting pot of cultures.

Given its popularity, the rents in London are among the highest in the world, often compared with other major capitals like New York, Tokyo, and Zurich.

This lively city boasts an average monthly rent of approximately £2.200 per month (rentaroof, 2024). But fear not, London also offers plenty of options according to your budget and lifestyle.

Furthermore, you can find amenities such as international restaurants (some of them Michelin-starred), coworking spaces, a good transportation system, green areas, and an infinite list of cultural activities.

The approximate living cost per month is around £1,109, this amount could vary according to your lifestyle. Finally, here are the best neighbourhoods to reside in this vibrant city as a young professional: South Kensington, Notting Hill, Paddington and Earl’s Court.

2. Oxford:

Situated in the south of England and named the best city in the United Kingdom for living and working, this historic city is home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world, the University of Oxford.

Apart from having educational opportunities, this city boasts a thriving job market, hosting renowned companies in the automotive industry, education and healthcare sectors. Living in this vibrant city, filled with employment and educational opportunities, comes with a higher cost of living compared to other cities in the United Kingdom.

The average living cost per month is approximately £879 although this amount could vary depending on your lifestyle and the neighbourhood that you reside. Oxford boasts an average rent per month ranging from approximately £725 to £1,657 (rentaroof, 2024).

Among the most desirable neighbourhoods for young professionals in Oxford are: North Oxford, East Oxford, Headington and Cowley.

These neighbourhoods not only provide a secure living environment but also offer proximity to the city centre and convenient access to all amenities such as restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, museums, and vast green areas perfect for outdoor activities.

3. Birmingham:

Well-known as ‘the greenest city of Europe’ Birmingham boasts more parks than even the romantic city of Paris, making it a true sanctuary for nature enthusiasts.

But that’s not all! This lively city is a paradise for food lovers too. Alongside London, Birmingham has more than ten Michelin-starred restaurants, ensuring that you’ll have the best culinary experiences.

Birmingham also is considered one of the cities where you must live as a young professional due to its youthful demographic population, with over 40% of its residents under the age of 25.

This energetic atmosphere creates a dynamic and exciting environment, and with plenty of job opportunities available, you’ll have the chance to kickstart your career or make it a perfect option as a commuter hub.

The approximate living cost per month is around £765, plus an average monthly rent of £1,100 (rentaroof, 2024) quite reasonable for such a thriving metropolis.

Another advantage to living in Birmingham is its strategic location in the heart of the United Kingdom, facilitating easy travel to other major cities such as London, Oxford or Liverpool.

If you are considering moving to Birmingham the best neighbourhoods to reside in as a young professional are: Ladywood, Burnbrook, Jewellery Quarter and Digbeth.

Each area offers its unique charm and is close to different amenities such as trendy cafes, supermarkets, gyms, cultural hotspots and historic architecture areas.

4. Liverpool:

This city is well known as the ‘Sound City’. Liverpool is a top place for young professionals and expats, thanks to its warm welcoming locals and for being a multicultural hub.

This city boasts a musical heritage with pride, as it is the birthplace of the legendary Beatles and home to the prestigious University of Liverpool.

Liverpool boasts an energetic atmosphere that is contagious no matter what day of the week it is.

There is always some activity to do whether you’re in the mood for shopping, walking through the city to capture its stunning architecture, enjoying one of its museums, or visiting the beach.

Living in this city is surprisingly affordable in comparison to other places in the United Kingdom with an average rent of around £981 per month (rentaroof, 2024).

In addition, the overall cost of living is around £842 this amount can vary according to spending habits and lifestyle, this is an excellent deal for living in such a vibrant and cultural destination.

For those seeking the perfect neighbourhood to reside in Wavertree, Walton, Allerton and Everton are among the best areas to live for young professionals.

Each area has something special to offer, from historic charm to tranquil spots for those seeking a peaceful area to live.

5. Newcastle Upon Tyne:

Well-known as ‘the capital of the north’, this iconic city is one of the favourites among young professionals for its stunning architecture and the perfect blend of living in a vibrant city with the affordability of a small town.

Additionally, Newcastle Upon Tyne is located near Northumberland National Park; this vast green area allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy life and will give you the perfect balance between work and the quality of life that you are looking for.

The approximate rent per month is £979 (rentaroof, 2024) and the average living cost, considering groceries, a phone plan and public transport is around £799 per month, making this city an affordable city to live in.

The best neighbourhoods to reside in as a young professional are Jesmond, Sandyford, Haymarket and Grainger Town. In those neighbourhoods, you can find a mix of residential areas, independent local shops, trendy cafes and the tranquillity of nature, all within easy reach.

In such vibrant locations, well-known among locals and newcomers, finding your perfect rental can be challenging and requires engagement. Personally, I chose to use rentaroof – this website helped me to find the perfect place for my next move.

By signing up for property alerts with rentaroof, you will stay up-to-date and well-informed about the latest properties on the market in Oxford, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle Upon Tyne and beyond.

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Q: Which city offers the lowest cost of moving among the top 5?

Newcastle Upon Tyne and Liverpool are generally considered to be more affordable than other major cities like London in terms of cost of living, rent and transportation.

Q: Where do most foreigners live in the United Kingdom?

London. Is the favourite city among foreigners, not only because it is the capital city of the United Kingdom but also for being a multicultural hub with plenty of job opportunities additionally full of amenities for its citizens.

Q: What are the top cities in the United Kingdom for jobs?

London and Oxford are among the cities with more job opportunities in this top 5, with good salaries and rates of employment. London is a global financial centre and a hub for recognized industries like tech, media, tourism and professional services where you can find vast opportunities. Oxford is home to many tech companies and startups. In addition, it has a very low unemployment rate and was named one of the best places in the United Kingdom to live and work.

Written by: Akemy

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