Quiet & Best Places to Study In London 2023

London has been popularly known as a ‘city that never sleeps as it is one of the loudest cities in the world, the city attracts millions of visitors from business travellers to tourists every year who are drawn by its culture, cuisine, and entertainment and opportunities. So it’s hard to locate a quiet place to study in London and concentrate on what you’re studying.

Although finding a quiet place to study in London is challenging, it is also very beneficial to not only your productivity but also your enjoyment of the city. So, we are here to help you to find an ideal quiet space where you can focus your best every day, and yes, that includes weekends too!

The following list features a list of some of the best quiet study spaces near London where you can study or work without any disturbance or interruptions and even you can get your task done even if you’re not in your own home.

1. Wellcome Collection Library

Wellcome Collection Library
Heritage Open Days

If you’re looking for a cost-free place to start your productive study routine in London, then I don’t think there’s a library with a more calm environment to study in than the Wellcome Collection library. The Wellcome Collection is located at Euston, at the end of Tottenham Court Road. So, for people looking for a quiet place to study in London around King’s Cross, this is perfect!

 It is one of the most beautiful and cosy libraries that feature comfort for every customer. It is one of the best free libraries in London to study in. As a little bit of background, the Wellcome Collection is a museum about health and the body – and every one of its collections is available to all without expense.

The Wellcome Collection Library provides free WiFi and is filled with super comfortable armchairs, power outlets, and a cafe where you can have your break snacks. And that is certainly what most people look forward to while they search for quiet study spaces in London, and even though it can get quite busy, it remains one of the best free libraries to study in London numerous students out there. Especially, when you know you want to focus or feel motivated by seeing someone else’s routine but also want it to be in a more chilled way.

The Wellcome Collection Library is open every alternative day from 10 to 6 except on Thursdays when it closes at 6 pm and Saturdays when it closes at 4. Also, if you are someone looking forward to a weekend study sesh, you might want to pass because Wellcome remains closed every weekend. However, for that instance, you can go to another library or study place near London or your place.

2. Wood Green Library

Wood Green Library
Modernism In Metro-Land

For every person out there in North Finchley, accessing the Wood Green Library is just a matter of a short bus ride away. Although it’s quite far from the centre, the Wood Green Library is one of the best quiet study spaces to study in London for students and people willing to read or just get out of home and complete their tasks in a quiet spot.

There you can spot quite a lot of students studying either in a group, duo or solo with their requirements and have a nice productive sesh or just working on their paper and every kind of work that’s required from you when you’re a student. Besides students, many freelancers often visit this place to get all sorts of work done, that said, from work to academics.

It is one of the best free study spaces London besides your place. The fact that The Mall, Wood Green’s commercial centre, is located just a few minutes away makes it perfectly situated if you’re looking for both good and quiet places to study in London before taking the afternoon off.

Trying the Wood Green Library is worthwhile, it is very spacious and quiet, which makes it truly one of the best places to study in London and get some productive work done. This public library in London is one of the London libraries that is open even on weekends, and it’s open from 9 am to 7 pm almost every other day of the week. There are also various coffee shops all around the location, so you can get yourself a big coffee before you start the day.

3. The Barbican Library

 The Barbican Library

The Barbican Library is situated inside the Barbican Centre, in the heart of London, and it is one of the best quiet and free places to both study and work in London if you like having an artistic atmosphere around you. Usually, people find working/studying in a cafe very productive, since it helps them focus tremendously on their work with the moving hustle and bustle of life. Similarly, some people do like studying in a place, where lots of events and exhibitions take place all year round. And thankfully, London has numerous such places. One of which is The Barbican Centre.

The Barbican centre has a lot of exhibitions going on most days, and admission is free for every individual. Inside the centre, you can spot the Barbican Library, a colourful place with numerous seats. It is one of the definitive best places to study in London with a chill environment.

This study space London is open most days of the week until 5.30 pm, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s open from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm so we would suggest that those are the best days to come. But like the Wellcome library, this library isn’t open on weekends. So, if you’re looking for libraries on Sundays in London, you might want to skip this option. However, there’s also a garden at the Barbican Centre which is a very nice spot to spend some time in. Even during the summer, if you don’t need power outlets, it’s also a cool outdoor study spot.

4. The British Library

The British Library
The British Library

Home to millions of ancient items, The British Library is a limitless well of information and their incredibly spacious Reading Rooms offer the perfect, quiet atmosphere for students and this surely will help your focus spike up. The British Library is one of the best study spaces in London for whoever wants to feel that working and studying atmosphere. It is undoubtedly very renowned in London as it is one of the London study spaces that are full of people almost as soon as it opens, as numerous freelancers and students prefer to go there to work.

If you get there soon enough, you might even be able to reserve yourself an armchair with its plug socket. Alternatively, Like all the good places to study in London, the British Library has plenty of space available and is surrounded by books, where you can work as long as you want. But do remember to register for a free reader pass, since that is the only way that will help you to access the rooms. The library has its own rules and regulation that is strictly followed, one of which is, The bags are checked at the cloakroom before entering the room, that said, you won’t be able to take anything in with you but when you’re ready for a break, grab some snacks in the on-site cafe and head out into the courtyard for a breath of fresh air.

5. The British Film Institute Reuben Library

The British Film Institute Reuben Library
BFI south bank

The British Film Institute Reuben Library is situated close to the Southbank Centre, which is one of the best study spaces in London. It is one of the London spots that are ideal for movie lovers, as it has a lot of reference books and cinemas nearby. So, it is for sure that, it is not only one of the best free places to work in London but also, that’s one real hub for students who have an interest in the scenes of movies.

The British Film Industry Reuben Library is massive, and there are lots of seats available, power outlets, and lots of restaurants and coffee shops that are located within walking distance. Besides, it is also one of the best places to study in London with wifi. And all the people out there who find themselves more at the London Bridge quite often, it is for sure that you will end up landing in the Reuben Library when looking for quiet study spaces in London.

The environment around this study space London is very lively but still one of the best quiet places to work in London, and close to everything, be it cafes or convenience stores.

6. Victoria Albert Museum

National Art Library at the V&A Museum

Ask any student what some of their favourite quiet places to study in London are, and the chances of including the National Art Library at the V&A Museum are very high. And why wouldn’t they? The Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the best museums in town, to start your productive day with. But if you’re looking for free places to work in London, the National Art Library will serve its purpose.

Alike, some other renowned Libraries like the British Library, the rules in this study space London is a bit tighter here than in other free libraries in London. Here, the students who are willing to study at the National Art Library have to leave their bags in the cloakroom, and in exchange, the staff will provide you with a transparent bag in which you can carry your books, laptop, and pens in. 

The library doesn’t facilitate the allowance of water bottles and food there and it is necessary to keep noise to a minimum to maintain a quiet environment for better concentration and focus.

So, in case you are fond of such an atmosphere, then that’s a spot you’re going to need to check out. It is truly one of the best study spaces in London.

7. Bishopsgate Institute Library

Bishopsgate Institute Library
Bishopsgate Institute

Next on our list is The Bishopsgate Institute Library which is located a few minutes walk away from both Liverpool Street station and the Old Spitalfields Market. In the nearby streets, you can spot numerous street food stalls that offer delicious servings. So, for everyone who loves to splurge on street food after a nice productive study session, this library is your ideal spot. 

Besides, there are also various small designer stands nearby, so you can also check them out during the break. The Bishopsgate Institute Library is one of the best places to study in London because although it is quite popular, it’s a bit too far from the majority of central Londoners’ reach.

It is one of the best work and study spaces London for anyone, whether you’re a student or a freelancer. Additionally, you don’t have to hustle to find your morning coffee since there’s a big Tesco within walking distance as well as lots of cafes in Liverpool Street where you can get a cuppa before beginning your task.

Since it is one of London’s best study spaces, there is a possibility that you might often come across a queue of people. There are numerous events and exhibitions taking place at the Bishopsgate Institute, but it isn’t accessible to all since most of these are not free. However, if you just want to take advantage of the library facilities, then the library offers admission that is free of cost, and you can visit whenever you want during the opening hours.

8. Southbank Centre

Poetry Library
Southbank center

If you’re ever searching for cool London Bridge cafes to study in, then we recommend strolling down the river to the Southbank Centre. Southbank is the favourite area in the city of many Londoners, and undoubtedly is also one of the best places to study in London if you’re looking for a vibrant atmosphere.

It’s a massive building, from which you can choose a spot to study. you can either choose to have a productive session in the Poetry Library on the fifth floor or in the foyers at the Royal Festival Hall. It depends on your preference of what kind of vibe you’re looking for, but it is for sure that those are two of the best places to study in London.

Usually, there is a comparatively more crowd in the Poetry Library, as I feel it’s the only best study spot in London. It has a very quiet and calm atmosphere so, whenever you want to be all by yourself, not meet anyone, and just get your work done, you know where to go.

Also, there are numerous amazing cafes and eateries around the Southbank Centre, and there’s even a used market nearby that has a stock of used books for sale and is available almost all days of the week, no matter what the weather is, roaring rainy day or sunny daylight.

9. Foyles Cafe

 Foyles Cafe

If you’re looking for some different quiet study spaces in London than just a typical library, we got you! In this list of the best places to study in London, next is the Foyles cafe. Located on Charing Cross Road, Foyles cafe is a very unique and best study space for anyone who wants to wrap up their task quickly and have a relaxing after-study coffee or snacks. This quiet and welcoming cafe is perched at the top of the five-story Foyles bookstore.

Besides the Foyles cafe, the bookstore is quite famous in the city and one of the biggest bookshops in London overall. So, do make sure to check out amazing books and series like The Secret series by Rhonda Byrne if you’re big on productivity and the Law of Attraction.

10. The Central Library

The Central Library
Time Out

If you are looking for a good place to study and make things happen for yourself, then the Central Library is one of the best quiet places to study in London. Located on Holloway Road, the Central Library is adjacent to Islington university and Highbury & Islington station. The Central Library Islington is massive and mostly what people love about the library is that there are lots of power outlets and free wifi too, the background is occupied with numerous shelves and that makes it stand out and foremost from the majority of the local library.

Apart from that, the library welcomes everyone for free 

And if you’re looking for good places to study London and make things happen for yourself, then that’s one of the best places to study in London with free wifi. Besides that, Its opening hours are quite extensive, it closes at about 8 pm every three days a week and welcomes visitors on the weekends too. So, if you’re ever looking for the best cafes to work in London, think about this spot again and try this atmosphere for once, we are sure that you’re going to love it.

11. Kensington Central Library

 Kensington Central Library
Reflections of art

Located on the west side of London, The Kensington Central Library is just amazing, so if you ever feel like getting work done in the morning before taking a walk around Portobello Road or checking out charity shops in Chelsea, maybe, then that’s one of the best quiet places to study in London right there for you.

The first thing to notice about this place is that it’s a massive building, and it has this English library or you can say, a very old school vibe and that is because of its settings. It is all wooden and has big tables and bookshelves all around, it’s ideal for anyone looking for free places to work in London.

The library welcomes visitors from 9.30 to 8 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and closes at 5 pm on the other days of the week. That said, you have plenty of time for studying, revising, writing essays, and working on your papers and projects.

Admission here is cost-free, so you can just go to any of the study areas, grab a seat and get your projects going. However, if you’re looking for libraries in London that are available on Sundays, well, it won’t match your requirement in that case. However, overall it is still one of the best places to study in London, especially given how extensive it is, and how it is available to anyone looking to read and work without having to spend money.

12. N4 Library Finsbury park

N4 Library Finsbury park
Families Online

It is said that the most underrated ones are the best, do you agree with it? If not, we are pretty sure that the N4 Library will surely convince you.

Located at Finsbury Park, this library is one of the best quiet places to study in London to study in and probably also the most underrated spot. We all have our favorite spots where we can give our best from our efforts to focus. But choosing free places to work in London doesn’t always come easy with such a vast variety. Does it, though? Moreover, there are numerous free libraries in London, and if you are just willing to take the bus ride for some time, there’s a possibility that you can come across many such underrated spots to study in and too with the round trip ticket will cost you as cheap as £4 or even less.

Plus, even though some free libraries are quite dodgy, you wouldn’t find the same with the N4 Library and not just this library, some others are the best places to study in London. Especially when they’re located close to universities, like the Idea Store in Whitechapel or the Central Library in Islington.

The N4 Library in Finsbury Park is perched in the same building as the City & Islington University, so there are mostly students that you can come across every hour of the day. It is certainly one of the best places to study in London as there’s everything you require, from power outlets on the tables to free WiFi, and it is also very spacious.

You can get some good work done there since it opens every day at 9.30 am and closes at 8 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. However, if you were looking for a London study space open on Sundays, it isn’t the one.

The places to study in London listed above are some great study spaces in London if you need complete silence. If you’re looking for a more calm and relaxed atmosphere, try one of the smaller study spaces in London. If you want to be around other people while you study, consider visiting a coffee shop or co-working space that suits your requirements. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect place to study in London and have a nice productive day.


Where can I study for 24 hours in London?

No matter when you have a deadline be it early morning or you just prefer the quiet of the night to study, working in your room is not the only option. London has multiple hidden 24-hour places to study London for night owls that do their best work in the early hours. Some of which are the ‘Costa Coffee’ at London St. Pancras, ‘SecondHome’ Co-working Space at Spitalfields, ‘VQ’ Bloomsbury in Soho and ‘Polo Bar’ at Liverpool Street are the best study space where you can study 24 hours in London.

Where can I study in London on a Sunday?

London can seem like a big, bustling city with little quiet space where you can concentrate on books and papers or even take some great notes and study after the lectures are over. Well, you cannot go wrong with some of the best study spots in London, including local libraries and cafes that have the perfect quiet atmosphere where you can focus on your work and do your best even on Sundays. The British Library, Bishopsgate Library, and The Barbican Centre are some of them.

Where can I study near UCL?

There are numerous Study Spaces near UCL’s bests, out of which are the British Library, Senate House, UCL’s Cafè, Waterstones (Dillon’s Cafe) and SSESS.

Can I do research work in The British Library?

 Yes, you can do your own research work at The British Library after getting a free reader pass.

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