How To Simplify Your Divorce in the UK: The Benefits of Going Online

Divorce! Just one word and it can have a great impact on several lives. Moreover, you have to face lots of consequences and legal formalities for wanting a divorce, especially in the UK. My sister also went through similar circumstances. So, I do not want any of you to experience the same troubles. 

I have come up with some essential tips to simplify your divorce. Reduce the time to file the case and go ahead with the legal proceedings by taking some crucial steps. Nowadays, online activities can eliminate the unnecessary complications or lingering for filing the divorce petition. Therefore, live your life freely again through the Easy Online Divorce process. 

Please go through the guidelines below and arrange the necessary documents. Filing Divorce is just a matter of a few minutes now. 

Necessity To Go For Online Procedure

Many couples go through multiple challenges while making the decision to part ways. Of course, the mental turmoil remains, but what bothers more is the legal procedure. Furthermore, it takes considerable time to apply for the case and then wait for approval. However, with the advanced technology in the picture, you can undoubtedly simplify your divorce. 

Thinking that what is the utility of applying online? Well, apart from the time-saving part, I can give you some more reasons to opt for the online divorce process. 


Undoubtedly, every couple will find the online application very convenient. Moreover, they need not have to go to any office or other place to file the application. Instead, everything is possible from their comfort zone now.

Furthermore, the solicitors can also provide multiple dates and let you visit their offices often, lingering the whole process. You can avoid this troublesome journey by shifting to the online medium. The divorce process will be effortless without the pressure of repeated court hearings. 

Save Your Time

The next important factor in taking up the online divorce process is saving time. It will eliminate carrying excessive documentation and automate multiple processes. Moreover, you will also get the advantage of streamlined paperwork with smooth proceedings.

The traditional system will take a long time to complete the entire process. However, with this online mode, couples can easily get separated without any hassle. 

Professional Advice

Is your mind having a lot of questions while filing the divorce petition? Okay, I understand that relying completely on the online website for your case can be a little confusing. But what if I tell you that the professional is there to guide you? Would you believe it? It is indeed great news to share that couples can resolve all their queries by depending on the experts in UK law. 

The online platforms will have links to various legal sites where you can directly contact the professionals. Furthermore, if you are unaware of the process or costs, these solicitors can guide you throughout the procedure. You can access any legal expert as per your preference and support you in making informed decisions.

It can be dangerous to take a step if you are not sure about it. Therefore, professional guidance can eliminate all the confusion and simplify your divorce. You must not face any harassment when you are confident about every relevant law applicable in the UK. So, go ahead with the online application to reduce the complications. 


The online process can be highly economical compared with the traditional route. You can also understand the rules and regulations while approaching the legal consultant through the web portal. Moreover, hiring a lawyer can cost you a lump sum. On the other hand, applying and getting professional advice will not let you spend a fortune.

You need to pay only a fixed amount for taking the online services. No additional charges are there if you require expert guidance. Therefore, online application is undoubtedly more feasible in place of traditional divorce filing. 

I can say that if you want to understand the process well and are interested in finishing off the divorce without wasting time, online is indeed a better option. 

Guidelines To File Divorce Online

The next point to bother you is how to go for the online divorce process. The steps are pretty simple, and you will not require the help of a lot of people to do the needful. Only ten steps will let you have the divorce without interruption. Note down the steps to file the divorce online. 

  • Step 1: Visit the concerned site after entering Online Divorce Filing on your browser
  • Step 2: Fill out the respective form for Divorce
  • Step 3: Read about all the documents and share them online along with the form
  • Step 4: Please make a payment of the required service fees (it starts from £199)
  • Step 5: Your partner will receive a copy of the Notice of Divorce proceedings along with the AOS (Acknowledgement of Service)
  • Step 6: The court will forward the case only after your partner submits a response in the AOS within 14 days. 
  • Step 7: The court will order a twenty-week reflection period
  • Step 8: You will receive the Certificate of Entitlement for the final conditional order Step 9: Apply for the Final Order after a cooling period of 6 weeks
  • Step 10: The Solicitor will draft the application, and finally, the Court will grant the Final Order

According to the divorce cases in England, you will have to wait for an average period of six to seven months to get the Final Order. Furthermore, you can track the progress of your case from time to time by logging into the respective site.

This will help you check the proceedings, especially if you are too occupied the whole day. The online tracking features are also appreciable for applicants not confident with the process. 

Safety and Legality of Divorce in the UK

People from various countries settle down in the UK and even lead a married life there. Irrespective of whether they are new to the country or having a British origin, divorce cases can come as a challenge. If you are in a dilemma regarding the legality and safety of the process in England, please follow this article. 

Most of the solicitors will ask for a huge amount to get a divorce in this country. However, many couples may come under pressure while paying the high fees. To simplify the divorce, many online sites have entered the market. Therefore, you can file the petition with one click, and the long wait for the divorce will not be there at all. 

The mutual divorces get completed in a shorter time than the cases where the child arrangements and alimonies are involved. The online process of divorce application is absolutely safe and legal in the UK. However, you have to be cautious about the website you are seeking help from. Always go for a valid site, getting the maximum recommendations from previous customers. 

Contesting the case is not a popular incident in the UK now. According to the recent divorce laws of England and Wales, a spouse is unable to contest any case of divorce. It is due to the application of the No-Fault Divorce Law.

Hence, expensive lawyers will not be necessary for your case. Instead, switch to the online option and get everything done safely. The legal websites also guarantee payment of a fixed fee through the controlled gateways. 

The question of separation is itself a stressful event for the couples. Therefore, they will want the legal proceedings as soon as possible. Moreover, the costs involved also play a significant role in this matter. So, you should choose a medium that specialises in sorting out all the problems within a short time at the least possible cost. Nothing can be more fruitful than the online divorce process. 


Can I get conclusive legal advice online?

Generally, you cannot get conclusive legal advice through the online sites. However, you can connect with the legal professionals providing online services and get the required advice. For detailed consultation, you may be charged a certain fee, although much lower than the traditional system. 

Is online divorce application free?

No. Although the costs are not as much as you have to bear for the traditional route, you need to pay a nominal fee to apply for divorce online. In the UK, it is around £199. The fee remains fixed, whatever your matter is. Besides, the fees for court petition is also there over and above this online service fee. 

Can I get a divorce in the UK without my spouse’s consent?

Yes, you can, depending on the circumstances. If your spouse is not giving consent, then you can do two things. First, wait until your separation period completes a minimum of five years. Your petition will be accepted if you file the petition after the period of five years.

On the other hand, you can leave the decision to the Judge and describe your case. It is in the hands of the judge whether the court will proceed with your case or not. Things can become complicated if there is a child involved. 

What is the minimum time to get a divorce in the UK?

The minimum period to get a final order in divorce in the UK is 26 weeks. This makes it around 6 months, for which you need to wait. The process is a long one but reduced to only this much time if you file online, and the case does not involve any complexity. 


Has this article answered all your questions? Please simplify your divorce by going online. There is no complication involved as you enter your details and apply for the divorce. You only have to file the form online with all the requisite particulars.

However, make sure that you write only true details in the application. Usually, the online process does not involve any hassles with the mismatches or unnecessary planning and plotting of the solicitor. In case you require professional help, you can take that effortlessly through the concerned website only.

The Live Chat option is there on most of the legal websites for filing for divorce. After you follow all the guidelines, the court will approve your case. Receive the Decree Absolute and let the professionals draft your legal papers. Everything will be done online, and you will get the information about the case. I advice will be to go online for a quick and stress-free divorce. 

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