The Best Things to See and Do Near Heathrow Airport in 24 Hours

It is hard to believe that there is even one person on this earth who does not know London. When travellers talk about the capital of England, Heathrow Airport usually comes up as it is the place that brings them all together. Heathrow is the largest airport in the UK and is the one that people who want to visit London use as they are very close. Before rushing to the metropolis, you should give Heathrow a chance to show you that it does possess the elegance of a sophisticated British area and it offers a plethora of cultural, historical, natural and fun attractions to see.

Heathrow Airport Hotels

As its size suggests, Heathrow Airport has got numerous options not just for flights but also for accommodation. Whether you have a flight to catch or you are interested in that part of the Greater London area, a Heathrow airport hotel provides the convenience and the comfort everyone expects from their accommodation. Hotels close to the terminal are usually expensive but luxurious. Off-site airport hotels are more economical but equally impressive. You should have a look at cheap Heathrow airport hotels on so that you can compare prices and available services which will lead you to the best accommodation choice. Airport hotels know how to  accommodate all kinds of travelling needs.

Cultural Attractions near Heathrow Airport

All parts of London are full of important cultural attractions, and the Heathrow airport area is no exception. There you can wander around the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, which are a UNESCO world heritage site, learn all about art and design at the Victoria and Albert Museum and travel back in time at the Natural History Museum. You should check opening hours for all cultural attractions because even the gardens are not open all day.

Historical Attractions near Heathrow Airport

Windsor Castle is the most popular historical attraction near Heathrow airport. It is the home of British royals. From William the Conqueror to the current king, the list of kings and queens who have lived there is long and glorious. Other impressive historical attractions in the area are King Henry VIII’s favourite residence, the Hampton Court Palace, and the beautiful 18th-century Chiswick House. When you visit such places, you should not only go on a tour inside to admire the design and the works of art but also stroll around the gardens.

Natural Attractions near Heathrow Airport

The urban setting of Heathrow airport overlaps with gorgeous natural landscapes. You can go hiking or cycling at the Chiltern Hills or follow the Thames Path on foot. These outdoor places offer an escape to people who need a break from the hustle and bustle of London.

Fun Things to Do near Heathrow Airport

If you are looking for something fun and original to do near Heathrow airport, you must add the following places to your travel schedule: the Musical Museum, where there is a collection of musical instruments that play music on their own, and the Legoland Windsor Resort, which is a paradise for Lego lovers.

It is obvious that there are many interesting attractions near Heathrow airport. Once you enter your room at an airport hotel, take your time to note down your favourite three or four attractions that you would like to see in one day and search what time they open and close so that you can find the correct order to visit them.

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