Top 3 Take Home Dental Supplies

As sad as it might seem, sometimes the only time that people consciously get a new toothbrush or some new toothpaste is whenever they get the little take home baggies that your office gives out at the end of every single checkup. But you can take advantage of this by loading your bags with plenty of take home dental supplies that your patients are sure to use!

So along with the standard toothbrush and toothpaste, here are some of the best take home dental supplies that you can stuff into your goodie bags for your patients!

Dental Picks And Sticks

Alright, as much as dentists love to give out those little plastic packets of floss, who uses them? You always seem to pull out more than you need, it’s impossible to get the right angle without trying to fit your whole hand in your mouth, and it’s just gross. Despite flossing is just as important as brushing and a part of everyone’s oral care routine, so many people don’t do it.

However, whenever you substitute the floss for dental picks or sticks, suddenly things get a lot easier! Dental picks are often easier to maneuver, the perfect size, and also are much easier and more pleasant to use for people. So it becomes easier for them to pick up the dental pick and use it after brushing or after eating a big meal.

Throw a few dental picks and sticks into the take home bag and then watch your patients come back with fully flossed teeth!


Most people know that mouthwash is important for their oral health and that it is also something that they need to use. It is much more effective at killing bacteria than simply brushing alone, and it also is able to get some of the places we forget to brush, such as all around the tongue.

Still, many patients don’t go out and buy a massive jug of mouthwash every day, and many simply think they can go through life without one. Getting them started on the habit by providing some mouthwash can go a long way because hopefully, they will use it and then pick up some for themselves to continue the habit.

Toothpaste Tablets

Whether the toothpaste tube that you are using is too small for the entire family, or you just want to feel like you are brushing your teeth in the future, then you might be excited to get toothpaste tablets inside of your take home bag. Basically, these tablets are made with all-natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and coconut oil to remove plaque and whiten teeth. Instead of squirting your toothpaste out of a tube and cleaning your teeth that way, you just place the tablet in your mouth and start chewing. Then the tablets will start to foam up and then you brush like normal.

They can be an easy, effective, and portable way to always have clean teeth wherever you are. If your office can, start including them in the goodie bags and watch your patients get excited over the concept of brushing their teeth!

Electric Toothbrushes

Alright, these can be expensive and might not be the best take home dental item for every practice, but for those that can afford it, why not give away electric toothbrushes instead of manual ones? These toothbrushes are often better at removing plaque and other debris from teeth, and they are also able to perform services that other toothbrushes cannot.

For example, some can act as flossers with water pick technology, and others can play music or otherwise count down for two minutes, and allow you to know when the two minutes of bruising time is up without having to set up another timer.

If you can, give your patients some electric toothbrushes and remind them to use them, because they are one of the best tools that they can use to make their next dental visit very easy… with no dental needles required!

Give Your Patients The Right Take Home Gear

The little take home bags that your office gives out might seem like marketing items at best, and completely irrelevant at worst. However, if you are filling those little baggies with the right take home gear you might be able to influence their oral health for the better. So put some thought into the best gear that you can, and when those patients come back, they might have some whiter teeth.

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