Top 10 Travel Influencers on Instagram to Follow In 2024

Nowadays the travel influencers have their own channels on various social media platforms. The travel influencers create content in the form of blogs, vlogs, and travel-related videos based on tourism, culture, traditions, etc., covering their own personal journeys and stories. These communities of influencers appreciate almost every word an influencer has to say. Over the past few years, the travel domain has seen travel influencers truly global and sharing their experiences on social media platforms. When you scroll through their pictures, you know they spend their lives in backpacks and explore the world like a local and more than happy to do it. Let’s look at the most comprehensive list of the top travel influencers on Instagram.

List of the Best Travel Influencers on Instagram:

Are you looking for the best instagram travel influencers? Here are the top ten influencers that make people visit the account repeatedly.

Murad Osmann, @muradosmann:

One of the most popular travel blogs on Instagram belongs to the wonderful duo of Murad and Nataly Osmann, a photographer with a photographer from Russia travelling with his wife around the world, and both are an inspiration for couples who travel around the world. Murad and Nataly’s hit series “Follow Me To” made headlines after pictures from their series went viral in 2012. Yes, this couple has set their travel goals for you.

Jack Morris, @doyoutravel:

The story of Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen is nothing more than a fairy tale. This adorable couple is in their 1.mid 20s and already has millions of followers on Instagram. The two travel influencers met last year in Fiji. And since then they have travelled together to 20 countries until now. The couple charges a six-figure salary for every Instagram post they publish. 

Lauren Bullen @gypsea_lust:

Another popular trend among travel influencer instagram is Gypsea_lust. Lauren Bullen, with nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, is one of the most influential celebrities in the world of travel influencers. Today, Laura and her husband have become the faces of travel blogs. The Australian travel blogger loves to share her experiences rhetorically. 

Loki, @loki_the_wolfdog:

The Instagram handle is owned by Kelly Lund from Colorado and his 2-year-old Wolf Dog. His exploits were equally interesting. Loki has a wonderful mentor in Kelly, and they are the epitome of friendship. They are one of the top instagram travel bloggers. As lovely friends roam the outdoors, Kelly captures Loki’s best moments. They are the driving force behind today’s travel blogs.

Chanom Tara @taramilktea:

Fashion, food, and travel! That’s all Asian-Australian bloggers. She won her heart with her iconic presence on Instagram and continues to heighten the ranks of bloggers competing with her stunning pictures taken in the most iconic places in the world. When it comes to pictures that are right on time, there is hardly anyone on the Internet who can compete with Tara. Her obsession with diverse cuisines drove her to travel. And it’s the other way too!

Brooke Saward, @worldwanderlust:

Brooke Saward was a restless solo traveller with severe itching. The 24-year-old wanderer makes good use of her Instagram handle to inspire people to travel around the world. Her blog, World of Wanderlust, is an inspiration for travellers with over 630,000 followers worldwide. The proud author of World of Wanderlust has a lot to share from her adventures. Call her the owner of a boutique, a bakery, or a book. She is best suited for every role she takes on.

Kiki The Blonde Abroad, @theblondeabroad:

She is travelling to unknown places and capturing adventures off your wish list. That’s what Kiersten, a California native, does for a living. Kiersten has travelled to more than 50 countries and is a serious inspiration for all solo female instagram travel influencers. From her travel story, she addressed some real concerns from female travellers looking to travel solo.

Jess, @jess.wandering:

Jess calls herself an outdoor enthusiast. In her everlasting journey, this young girl describes herself as someone who likes to go up to the top of the mountain more often. Swim in a lake in the Alps or walk on windy paths! She has been having fun travelling for the past couple of years. And today, she is a famous person in the world of travel on Instagram.

Holly Johnson, @missholldoll:

For the avid traveller, Holly Johnson loves to live with a backpack. Over the years, Holly realized that she had a unique connection to nature. And she embraced the pious intimacy gracefully. As you scroll through her Instagram feed, you will know one thing for sure. She’s not a luxury traveller. She was made for backpacking and hiking.

Matt Expert Vagabond, @expertvagabond:

Matt is an active, professional adventure travel photographer and blogger featured by giants such as NatGeo, Lonely Planet, and GoPro. He camps beside a living volcano in Guatemala or photographs the best parts of Iceland. Matt has done it all and his pictures and words say it all. If you are travelling specifically to these places, you must visit his website at least once.

Conclusion :

Travel bloggers plan to make money by partnering with their brands and encouraging their audience to see. This can be done by posting on the website and talking about the brand. Once instagram travel bloggers have agreed and established themselves on Instagram or other social media, they can earn about average minimum $3,000 to $5,000 a month, but if someone wants it, they can make it. They often start working from an additional source of income, such as freelance writing, social media management content creation, and many other sources to get more income. These travel bloggers share their experiences through catchy articles. They also weave a wonderful kaleidoscope with vibrant images that best describe the places and experiences they have encountered.

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