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15 Trending Valentine’s Day Nail Art to Try Now

Valentine’s Day is coming and everyone wants to look the best on the special day. So if you are going out with your partner along with the outfit having attractive nails is also something important. By having a beautiful design nail it will compliment your dress and you can show off your nails a bit while enjoying your dinner.

But sometimes it gets really late to visit a Nail salon and get your nail extensions. Not only that giving hundreds of dollars just for nails doesn’t make any sense to many people.

In that case, you can simply get Valentine’s Day Nail and it won’t even take much time. That’s why in this article there are 15 trending Valentine’s nail designs available to help you out.

Important steps to follow before trying nail art at home

For those who are trying to do nail art at home for them, it’s really important to follow a few steps to achieve the best nail art design. So,

  • Remove the nail polish using nail polish remover and keep the nails clean
  • Push your cuticles and if possible cuticle pusher and cuticle nipper
  • Give the desired shape to your nail using a nail file
  • If you want to you fake nails then stick it to your nails properly.

Necessary items to create simple nail art designs?

Nail arts are always interesting but doing nail art at Nail salon can be very pricey and not everyone has time for that. So instead of trying nail art at the parlor, you can try Valentine’s nails at home. But for that, there are a few types of equipment and tools that are required.

  • Nail art brush: there are Various shapes of brushes are available for nail art but the super thin and long tip nail art brush is what required the most to create interesting designs and curves at nail art.
  • Dotting pen: this is also available in different sizes but the smaller dotting pen works the best. It mainly requires creating tops or circle at nail polish.
  • Nail polish tape: nail polish tape kind of works like a sticker so you can apply them to create designs with metallic colors. But if you want you can remove it to create designs.
  • Sillicon stamp: silicon stamp are mainly soft stamp sets. You can apply nail police at the steel design pallet and then scrape the polish to make sure the design is clear and thin. Then you use the silicon stamp to pick up the steel plate image and then apply it at the top of the nail.
  • Nail art sticker: nail art stickers come in different shapes sizes and designs. So based on the theme you can easily choose the design you want from your available nail art sticker set.
  • Nail art stone: if you want to apply stone in your nail art then there are small crystals and stones of unique colour shape and design and available that you can purchase and use to make the nail art look gorgeous.
  • Nail art glue: if you are thinking of applying nail art sticker or stone at the top of your nail in that case wet nail polish won’t be enough to hold that. In that case to make sure that the sticker or stone stay there for a long time you must apply the nail art glue and then stick the sticker or stone.
  • UV Nail machine: for the nail art design if you are applying gel nail polish the UV light is required to set the nail art.

Top 15 Trending Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Magnetic nail art

Currently, the most high-demand nail art is magnetic nail art. There isn’t much designing things that you have to do but still it will give a perfect and unique design. So first apply black Nail polish to all your fingernails. Then when the black nail polish is totally dried up apply the magnetic nail polish.

Then while it’s still wet use some magnets to create a unique customized Design. If you are creative enough then you can take some magnetic strings to create a heart shape with nail polish. And if you can’t then the galaxy design is also fine.

Classy wine nail art

It is the easiest and fastest nail art design to try. For this take a wine or burgundy color nail polish and apply it in all of your nails except the ring finger. Then at the ring finger apply gold or silver glitter nail polish and then on the top near the cuticle area place 3 or 5 burgundy stones. And then place it under the UV light to set the nail art.

French manicure design

Another simple and elegant nail art design is the French one. So on Valentine’s Day if you want to try a simple valentines day nail then choose a preferred color between red, white and pink. First apply a clear nail polish, then with the help of the brush apply the nail polish at the tip of your nail using your preferred nail design. Now you can either keep sharp edges or you can blend it with a nude color nail polish.

Dripping design nail art

You will require a dotting pen to try this nail art. So to get simple Valentine’s Day nails first apply the base coat nail polish which can be peach or white, Then using the dotting pen apply two or three small dots horizontally at the middle of your nails.

After that, the help of a nail art brush gives a dripping effect to the nail polish design. And at the tip of your nail attach the design to it will look natural.

Classic red and gold

Red and gold nail art no doubt will look perfect and classic. For that first, apply Red nail polish at all of your fingernails then let it dry. After that you can either use a sponge to create a golden aura at the nail polish or for the clear design you can apply small pieces of gold leaf at the top of your nail and then to secure that apply clear nail polish on the top of it.

Small heart Nail art

This Valentine’s Day Nail design is cute and simple and a perfect option for beginners. So if you want to try a nail art design but you don’t have much time in your hands then you should try this one. So for that first apply red nail polish at all of your fingernails except the ring finger one.

At the ring finger nail apply white nail polish. Then with the help of a nail art brush create a small Red heart but if it’s difficult for you to achieve a perfectly shaped heart in that case simply apply a small red heart sticker at the top of your ring finger nail. After that, secure the design by applying clear nail polish at the top of it.

Black in Red nail art

Not everyone loves to try those cute-looking valentine nail designs. There are many who like to try dark-themed Valentine’s Day nail art. So for that, first apply red or maroon nail polish at the top of your fingernails.

Then at the top of the nail to have classy black shading take some black nail polish at the sponge and carefully dab it a few times at the cuticle portion of the nails this way there will be a great blend of black and red nail polish.

Stones Nail art

Currently, the stone nail art designs are very much in demand. And it may look difficult but it’s actually pretty easy to achieve a stylish stone nail art. So first apply clear or nude nail polish on your fingers then let it dry.

After that by using the nail art tools apply some nail art glue on the top of your nail and apply the red nail art stones in a way you like. You can choose your preferred design. You can either keep the stone design as minimal as possible or you can fill it with stones, in both ways, it will be perfect especially if you have long nails.

Flower print nail art

On Valentine’s Day, flower nail art design will look incredibly elegant and beautiful as well. So if perfectly executed then the flower design is the perfect design to try on the special day.

So, if you can create a flower design using a nail art brush then you can do that. Otherwise, there are silicon nail art stamps and image plates available through which you can easily stamp the design and apply it in your nails.

The silicon stamp print will give you a clear and designed look. But if all these methods seem difficult to you then you can simply stick to the Nail art stickers.

Abstract with brush nail art

Abstract brush nail art is one of the favorites of many women. It’s easy to do and looks unique and elegant. So to create an interesting look first apply a light shade of nail polish like nude, peace, light pink, etc., then on top of that take some red nail polish and then try to create some vertical waves, to this step at all the fingernails.

Then if you want to be more creative then you can add some layering to the nail polish design and try vertical waves with maroon nail polish shade. This nail polish design will look simple and unique.

Abstract with nail art tape

You want to achieve good-looking Valentine’s nail designs but using some simple steps then this is a must-try. So first apply the base coat of nail polish after it’s totally dried up then apply two strips of nail art tape horizontally or vertically the way you prefer.

After that, you can either keep the design that way showcasing the simple nail art with glossy tape or you can apply red, maroon or black nail polish and instantly remove the tape. This way the base coat will show up without any mess and the nail art will look good as well.

Queen of Hearts nail art

The queen of heart nail art design is all time famous, especially during the time of Valentine’s Day. So for that first apply red nail polish at all the fingernails except the ring fingernail and apply white at the right fingernail.

If you have time for nail art then you can apply white nail polish to all the fingernails. After that take the nail art brush and design the Q and the heart design at the fingernail. And you can do the same design with all the nails or try some abstract ideas related to cards.

Gold circle nail art

If you are trying to avoid red nail art for Valentine’s Day then it will be better for you to just go for the Gold circle nail art. For that first apply white or black nail polish as a base coat then to make the design look better use your nail art brush and apply the golden nail polish at the tip and bottom of your fingernail. It will give the nail art an oval or circle shape and the gold will give an elegant look. Then lastly apply some glossy clear top coat and the nail art is done.

Simple dots nail art

If you don’t have time to try unique nail art designs and you are afraid to try any difficult nail art then start with applying some light-shaded nail polish in all your fingernails. Then with the help of a nail art dotting pen, apply 3 dots of red nail paint vertically at the middle of the fingernail.

If you want you can swipe the color shade for the ring finger nail where you can apply red nail polish as a base coat and then at the top of it apply the light-shaded nail polish for the dotted design. It’s simple and pretty.

Sticker nail art

Finally, if you are not confident enough with your nail art skills then to save time and a bad mood it’s better to avoid difficult nail art. Instead of doing all those designs using unique tools, you can simply apply nail art stickers.

Good quality nail art stickers are very effective and easy to apply. So just apply nail polish of your choice and then use the design sticker and then apply clear coat nail polish at the top of it.


In the end it’s clear to everyone that achieving a good-looking nail art design is not that difficult. And by doing the simple Valentine’s day nails it will hardly take some time to finish. You can easily follow the simple steps to complete the nail art designs within minutes.

On the other hand nail art or nail extension at the nail salon is time-Consuming and pricy. So go for these tending Valentine nails and enjoy your date.

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