What Does The Type Of Wine We Like Say About Us?

Wine tasting is great for the senses and can give a window into your personality and lifestyle preferences.
Your wine choice reveals a lot about who you are individually. In this article, we will dive into the psychology of wine preferences and explore what they indicate about our personality. Additionally, we will glimpse the world of wine tasting in Budapest, a city renowned for its wonderful wine culture.

The Psychology of Wine Preferences

A 2019 survey commissioned by Coravin and OnePoll found that white wine drinkers were likelier to identify as curious, sarcastic, and perfectionists. Red wine drinkers were likelier to be adventurous, humble, and organized.

Many factors, including personal preference, background, and social influences, influence our preferences for wine.

Wine Preferences and Personality Traits

1. Red Wine Lovers: Red wine lovers appreciate the complexity of red wines. In addition to having a sense of adventure and humility, red wine drinkers were likelier early birds, enjoyed jazz, and considered themselves “wine enthusiasts.” Red wine drinkers tend to be dog lovers and “more relaxed.”

2. White Wine Enthusiasts: White wine lovers enjoy the crispness and freshness of white wines, favoring the lighter and delicate flavors. In addition to being curious perfectionists, white wine drinkers are more likely to be night owls and extroverted. They also prefer punk music and cats over dogs.

3. Rose Admirers: Rose lovers tend to be romantic, fun, and optimistic. According to a 2019 study, wine drinkers have three profiles: Wine bar visitors, the unenthusiastic, and restaurant visitors. Rose drinkers might be younger, open to new experiences, and “inclined to more sophisticated choices.”

4. Sparkling Wine Devotees: According to a personality quiz based on Myers-Briggs, those who enjoy sparkling wines are “expressive” and “in the moment.” They tend to enjoy wines with a “pow!” factor. If you’re fond of champagne, you’re the epitome of elegance and are not afraid to indulge in luxuries.

5. Sweet Wine Connoisseurs: Sweet wine lovers are sympathetic, empathetic, and sensitive. They tend to be people pleasers. Sweet wine drinkers may be traditionalists, appreciating a deep respect for history. You might be a great listener and one your friends always turn to for advice.

6. Dry Wine Aficionados: People who prefer dry wines might be analytical, logical, and detail-oriented. They enjoy wines that are complex and “have a long finish.”

Remember that these generalizations about wine preferences won’t apply to everyone. Personal tastes vary, and your preferences can change as you explore and discover new wines.

Wine Tasting in Budapest

The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is rich with a history of culture and winemaking. The most well-known wine region is Tokaj, home to one of the oldest sweet wines in the world, Tokaji Aszu. You can also explore Tokaj’s vineyards and wine cellars.

Budapest has something for you whether you’re a novice or an experienced wine enthusiast.

Wine Bars and Cellars: A wine bar is more than a bar that serves wine. You’ll find a wide variety of wines to sample in different ways. You can enjoy a place to sit and delicious food with your wine selection.
One popular wine cellar is Faust Wine Cellar, which serves 80 Hungarian wines.

Festivals: Every September, Budapest hosts the Budapest Wine Festival. Featuring over 200 Hungarian wineries, the festival also offers traditional Hungarian dishes like goulash and chimney cake. You can also enjoy live music and entertainment.

Wine Tasting Tours: Budapest offers many different wine-tasting tours for an immersive experience. On a tour, you’ll gain wine knowledge, visit beautiful locations, and meet other wine enthusiasts.


Traveling to Budapest offers a unique opportunity to sample different Hungarian wines and immerse yourself in Budapest’s historic wine culture. In addition to learning something about yourself, exploring different types of wine could be a fun and educational experience.

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