What’s So Good About Whyte Bikes?

re than any other bicycle company, the UK brand, Whyte Bicycles have carved a niche for designing bikes made to cope with British riding conditions and technical trails. That’s significant when you consider the majority of popular bike models are designed in places such as California, Taiwan and Italy – i.e. warm, dry climes where mud clearance is rarely an issue.

What makes Whyte bikes great?

UK design optimised for UK riding and weather

Robust and versatile bikes

Well-chosen specifications

Produce lightweight and full powered hybrid electric bikes

Powerful and capable electric mountain bikes

Compact and non compact frame geometry to suit most cyclists

Fast and fun

Whyte Bikes have established itself as designer of some of the best mountain bikes on the market for UK trails giving incredible handling on descents and efficiency on hills. This design transfers to their hybrid and gravel bikes too – fun and fast bikes for British riding with hydraulic disc brakes as standard for the classic British weather. It is because of this unique geometry and quality spec that make Whyte bikes an excellent choice.

11 Reasons to Love Whyte’s Uk-Proof Design Features

Whyte Mountain Bikes maximise the space between the tyres and frame tubes to keep the wheels turning on a muddy ride that might stall a bike with less generous clearance.

Whyte gravel bikes are designed similarly to mountain bikes with hydraulic disc brakes and extra tyre clearance for a more muddy off-road adventure.

As well as the quality brakes that inspire confidence, Whyte chooses their gears to be smooth but robust for grueling UK rides

Whyte hybrid bikes are designed to be a comfortable ride and have efficient and lightweight frames with fun and fast handling. Whyte bike off-road hybrids are perfect for those who prefer to ride off the beaten track.

Whyte hybrid electric bikes are light with plenty of power for tarmac or gravel riding.

Whyte Electric mountain bikes come with Bosch batteries and motors for taking on even the steepest ascents and have the same classic Whyte handling to take on a bit of enduro as well.                                               

Most Whyte bikes come in either compact or noncompact geometries so you can find perfect sizes for a wide range of people.

Some Whyte bikes even come with an adjustable dropper post which is ideal for younger people who still have some growing to go or to allow riders a preference when choosing a size.

Threaded bottom brackets – Whyte has resisted the trend towards press fit because they found conventional threaded BB to be more reliable and will be easier for most home mechanics to service in years to come.

A unique sense of style – whether they opt for a bold magenta finish or something more low-key, Whyte bikes look great.

Consistency – to Whyte’s credit, the blog we published in 2012 celebrating their UK-proof credentials remains valid today and as the latest reviews suggest, they haven’t taken their foot off the pedal.

Whyte Progressive Geometry

Progressive frame geometry is a winning formula, and Whyte has been fine-tuning over the years to cope with the technical, challenging terrain that typifies mountain biking in British conditions. It is this geometry that runs through their mountain bike range, all the way to the hybrids.

The multi-award winning Whyte mountain bike 900 range includes the Whyte 901, Whyte 905 and Whyte 909 and have revolutionised trail hardtail by lengthening the top tune and using a short stem for great geometry and super responsive handling. All this with a relaxed head angle results in bikes that perform exceptionally well on the descents.

A Whyte mountain bike’s relaxed head tube angle (65.0-68.5 degrees) makes the bike noticeably more stable, especially when combined with a long front centre, which positions the front wheel further forward, so you’re far less likely to be bundled over the bars on steep downhills resulting in a brilliant trail bike.

Whyte progressive geometry is a formula that inspires confidence in riders whether you’re a mountain bike beginner or a time-served expert looking to perform to the absolute limits of your ability.

Whyte Custom Gauge Tubing

Uniquely for a company whose bicycles start at a modest £850, every Whyte aluminium frame is built with custom drawn tubing. Specifying the bike’s tube-set by frame size helps ensure every Whyte frame is amongst the lightest at its price point.

Chainstay Disc Brake Mounts

Moving the brake mounts to the chainstays enables Whyte to spec more compliant thinner-wall seatstays for rider comfort. Making the mounts oversized helps prevent ‘brake flutter’, commonly experienced when the disc brake caliper is bolted to a less robust mount.

We also stock a wide range of electric bikes from other brands such as Kalkhoff, Gazelle, Giant, Specialized and Riese & Muller.

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