Where to Find Second-Hand Furniture In London? Let’s Explore

Furniture movement is not an easy task. It can be daunting, especially when you are shifting to a new place. Moreover, getting new furniture can be a costly affair. Therefore, to cut down the costs, you can always depend on second-hand furniture. The varieties of second-hand furniture in London are many. You have to find the best places for the premium quality.

Never have a misconception that second-hand furniture means inferior quality. Many times, you may come across top-class quality while purchasing a second-hand model. People discard excess furniture and put them up for sale in the UK. Some even put their seldom-used furniture in the portico. The display card will call passers-by to take any furniture they need.

Are you facing a financial crunch while shifting to a new place? Please never worry in such times. The second-hand furniture dealers in London offer classic furniture at unbelievably low rates. Take this opportunity as your golden chance to explore the treasure of old furniture in the UK. Check out the best shops offering your preferred designs and contemporary products at the best rates.

Importance of Second-Hand Furniture

The primary reason to select second-hand furniture is to save resources and waste of money. Therefore, most people in the UK prefer London second-hand furniture to decorate their swellings.

Moreover, some also use these furniture to give a distinct look to their offices. It implies that the value of second-hand furniture is not less. They are equally important and more appreciated by the majority of users, especially in London.

The major benefits of using the second-hand furniture in London are:-

  • Preserving the natural resources
  • Cost savings
  • Supporting the local and small businesses
  • Reducing wastage
  • Recycling of used furniture
  • Unique packaging concepts
  • Exceptional designs and reviving the old patterns

Top Destinations For Second-Hand Furniture In London

Secondhand furniture in London, UK is quite common in several outlets. However, you may not get similar quality and desirable designs in all of them. Therefore, quickly go through this guide to find the top destinations to match your expectations.

These shops also render the facility of home deliveries. So, get the affordable furniture at your doorstep without any hassle. I will project the top 10 names in this respect to make the search convenient for you. Do not pressurize your wallets when you have such wonderful furniture waiting to be picked up.

1. Retro Hub

Retro Hub
Image- Krish

High-quality antique furniture is available at great prices at this place. Moreover, Retro Hub is a centre for supplying different collectibles and artistic objects from various corners of the world. Are you looking for a decent shop for second-hand furniture in North London? Retro Hub is the best place to get what you want.

You can visit the shop physically during the business hours. However, the facility for online orders is also there. So, visit the website and keep track of the new additions. Undoubtedly, you will get overwhelming results.

Address: 2 Marton Road, Stoke Newington. London N16 0RA
Rating: 4.4 stars

2. Second Hand Office Furniture Co.

Second Hand Office Furniture Co. 
Image- Second Hand Office Furniture Co.

Among the top second-hand furniture dealers in London, Second Hand Office Furniture Co. occupies a prestigious place. Furthermore, it will deliver the best product to give a decent look to your office.

I think the name is enough to tell you what it offers. However, I would like to clarify that your office will have the best pieces ever if you try this store.

Moreover, the latest designs are available online. Click on the Book Now option or give a call to place the final order. You have a wide bucket of traditional and contemporary English designs. The shop is located in South London. The delivery charges are low for offices in this area.

This company is of great help to small start-ups. Business people who are willing to get premium quality furniture within budget must try furniture from this shop. You can meet different demands like ergonomic chairs, good quality chairs and desks, and of course filing cabinets. This store remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: 438 Wandsworth Road, Nine Elms. London SW8 3NA
Rating: 4 stars

3. Little Paris Store

Little Paris Store
Image- Little Paris Store

This is a hidden gem in the heart of London offering the best quality second-hand furniture in London. Little Paris Store is famous for its unique items are affordable prices. Grab the finest vintage pieces from this treasure box of North London.

Contact the shop dealers today for ideal second-hand furniture. Be it your residence or office, you will get prized possessions for perfect decorations. The list of items available includes mirrors. crockeries, lighting, home decor items, archives, seating options, and many more. The shop remains closed on Sundays.

Address: 39 Park Road. London N8 8TE
Rating: 4.5 stars

4. The Peanut Vendor

The Peanut Vendor
Image- The Peanut Vendor

Is the name ringing a bell about getting more peanuts? Well, the case is not like that. It is a fabulous destination to get amazing furniture and other home decor items. However, you cannot tag it as only a store of London second-hand furniture. The shop offers more than that.

Ensure that your living room looks more stylish by picking ancient British furniture. The Peanut Vendor has incredible options for the classy 20th-century models. Furthermore, you may also take the furniture on rent for photo shoots or other purposes.

The grand showroom, stretching for 1,170 square feet, lets you take space on hire. Therefore, make a lavish arrangement for shoots. The prices are justified according to the mesmerizing designs and top objects of ceramic. You will find this store open on weekdays only.

Address: 6 Gunmakers Lane, Gunmakers Wharf. London E3 5GG
Rating: 4 stars

5. After Noah

After Noah
Image- After Noah

You will get a wide range of options for second-hand furniture in London at After Noah. Restoration Workshops are an added advantage of this place. If you are confused about the upcycling of furniture, this store will help you. Moreover, you will get interesting toys at After Noah. Thus, not only furniture, this shop has a fantastic collection of many other articles.

The top styles available here are:-

  • Vintage furniture
  • Contemporary furniture
  • Retro furniture
  • Furniture of mid-century
  • Furniture for industries

Sunday is a holiday for this shop.

Address: 121-122 Upper Street. London N1 1QP
Rating: 4.6 stars

6. Green in Mind

Green in Mind
Image- GREEN IN MIND reworked & upcycled furniture

As the name implies Green in Mind offers environment-friendly furniture to give a distinct look to your room. They ensure to keep the old pieces of furniture upcycled and give them a new attractive look. However, this store is not exactly in London, but in South Wales.

People willing to have a great finishing on their old furniture at low rates must visit this place. Indeed, you can get cool furniture pieces delivered to your doorstep hassle-free. This shop is open only on weekdays.

Address: Unit 20 Port Talbot Business Units, Addison Road. Port Talbot SA12 6HZ
Rating: 5 stars

7. The Used Kitchen Company

The Used Kitchen Company
Image- The Used Kitchen Company

The main aim of this dealer of second-hand furniture in London, UK is to have great quality and eco-friendly objects. Furthermore, you can indeed eliminate unnecessary spending on lavish pieces of furniture. Get your hands on some sophisticated items within your purchasing power.

The Used Kitchen Company of West London wants to groom your kitchen space. Therefore, pick the most stylish kitchen decor items to have a smooth culinary experience. The brilliant products of this sore are highly recommendable for any new kitchen set-up or a cafe. Give an idea of your tastes and preferences and you will get the perfect things within your reach. Weekends are holidays for the store.

Address: 7-12 Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury. London WC1H 9BQ
Rating: 4.4 stars

8. Second Time Around

Second Time Around
Image- Second Time Around ( furniture )

Extravagant furniture speaks for its quality. However, it may not be possible to get first-hand furniture with a budget constraint. Your problem will get a suitable answer as you come to the Second Time Around.

You can find almost everything of high caliber here. Therefore, it is not of average standard. Be it washing machines, almirah, sofa sets, or beds, the store provides every item at affordable rates. It becomes easy to equip your house with the right products when you have such good support.

Your life in London will be admirable when the exclusive furniture is present to reflect your status. The shop is open from Monday to Saturday.

Address: 63 Greenford Avenue. London W7 1LL
Rating: 4.3 stars

9. Goldfinger Factory

Goldfinger Factory
Image- Goldfinger

Possessing furniture is not enough. You must fulfill your social responsibility too while buying these products. Therefore, please ensure that your furniture is not harmful to the environment. Goldfinger Factory gives importance to the environment and keeps its products biodegradable.

The bespoke collection of furniture does not contain only second-hand items. Their motto creating furniture that benefits both the planet and the people. The biggest evidence of their quality is the mindblowing reviews from the customers.

Moreover, you can find innovative models to decorate your house appropriately. Hence, when you are in search of second-hand furniture in London, do not ignore this amazing place.

10. Committee of Taste

Committee of Taste
Image- Committee of Taste

This is the hub for used retro furniture. Furthermore, the decent looks of every product will compel you to purchase it instantly. Therefore, Committe of Taste is indeed a perfect store to match your tastes of second-hand furniture in London, UK.

The stylish items available at this shop is unique with vintage patterns. However, you may also get a fusion of old and new designs. Indeed, you will have some great options while choosing furniture for your house or office.

Address: 3A Evering Road. London N16 7QA
Rating: 4.7 stars


Are there any disadvantages of second-hand furniture?

If you get second-hand furniture from a well-reputed shop, the scale of benefits is higher. However, there can be a few limitations like bed bugs, termites, mold, wear, and tear, etc. Therefore, please check the condition well before investing.

How to determine the value of second-hand furniture?

The top second-hand furniture dealers in London determine the value through the industry pricing method. However, you may also analyze the price by comparing it with other sources. The quality and condition of the furniture also make the prices vary.


This was the list of the top dealers specializing in second-hand furniture in London. Therefore, when you need superior furniture at low costs, visit these mindblowing places. They offer great finishes, eco-friendly designs, stylish looks, and options for attractive recycling.

Forget about the pain of decorating the house elegantly within the budget. These vibrant stores give relief from the tension and offer the best pieces of furniture. Be it wood or ceramic, you have every model ready for residence or office.

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