Why Cornwall is the perfect spot for a caravan holiday

When it comes to picking a UK holiday destination, Cornwall is usually right there at the top of the list. But why is it such a popular pick for holidaymakers, from families to couples and solo-travellers?

Well, just one look at photos of the region should be enough of an answer to that question. It’s undeniable that Cornwall is a uniquely beautiful place, with its long, sandy beaches, deep azure waters and windswept hills.

But it isn’t just Cornwall’s beauty that recommends it as one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations. When so many people choose to go on Cornwall caravan holidays there’s definitely more to the story than just wanting to get some stunning holiday snaps.

So, let’s have a look at exactly what the county of Cornwall has to offer when it comes to planning a perfect break.

A variety of beaches

We already mentioned Cornish beaches but it’s a point worth going back to. Thanks to its more than 250 miles of coastline Cornwall is home to over 300 beaches, a number that no other county can compete with.

More importantly, the beaches are extremely varied due to the differing conditions on the north and south coasts. While the north is home to plenty of craggy cliffs and choppy surf, the south features tranquil bays and gentler slopes. Whether you’re looking for a perfect sunbathing spot, rock pooling terrain or a surf haven you can find it in Cornwall.

It’s the surf capital of the UK for a reason, after all!

Stunning clifftop walks

If you were feeling up to it, you could walk the entire length of the Cornish coastline. Of course, trekking the whole thing is quite the commitment so perhaps that could be more of a long-term goal!

Still, Cornwall’s coast is incredibly walkable thanks to the South West Coast Path, England’s longest waymarked footpath. It’s an excellent way to take in the gorgeous vistas that stretch for miles from any given point on the coastline.

Fresh and delicious local food

Obviously, Cornwall is a great place to have some fresh seafood. With its active fishing industry and many seafood restaurants catering to a variety of price ranges there’s no excuse not to tuck in while you’re visiting.

Even if seafood isn’t quite to your tastes there are plenty of excellent tastes to find in Cornwall. From its famous cream teas and Cornish pasties to mouthwatering locally made ice-creams, there’s something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to Cornish food.

Beautiful and luscious gardens

Although it might not always seem like it, Cornwall isn’t just about the sea! There are many wonderful things to see inland as well, including many beautifully tended gardens full of lush plants and trees.

From the restored grandeur of the Lost Gardens of Heligan to the tropical rainforest dome of the Eden Project, the county is home to truly stunning gardens. The bluebell carpet found in Enys Gardens, near Falmouth during the springtime is an especially stunning sight.

A rich history

As the locals would be happy to tell you, there is a long and storied history to be found in Cornwall. From its days as a pre-Roman kingdom to its time as the powerhouse of tin mining, the county has many fascinating sites and stories to explore on your visit.

Many of the distinctive engine houses that served the mines are still standing today and can be seen dotting the landscape. For a more hands-on experience, you can even visit some of the old mining tunnels themselves at Geevor Tin Mine.

It doesn’t matter what sort of itinerary you want to plan, Cornwall has plenty of options to satisfy you. So, start packing your bags ready for an idyllic caravan holiday in the Cornish countryside today.

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