5 Ways To Provide Your Home With One-Of-a-Kind Decor

We all like to think that our homes are unique, but when you shop on the high street it’s easy to be enticed by items that align with current trends rather than your personal style. Switching to markets, vintage stores, and charity shops will help you track down bits and pieces that few others will own. However, to really make your home stand out, why not create your own one-of-a-kind decor? 

Here are five fun activities where you can craft things that will freshen up your home.

1. Pottery

Plants are a great way to breathe life into a room, and switching standard terracotta pots for homemade ones can make them look even more vibrant. Pottery might initially sound complicated and messy but it can be much more simple than you imagine. For example, Pott’d People’s pottery kits don’t require a pottery wheel or any other specialist equipment. 

If a plant pot sounds a bit intimidating for you as a beginner, you could always start with something smaller, like a pot to put your rings in, for instance. There are lots of examples on Pott’d People’s social media channels so take a look if you’re struggling for inspiration.

2. Painting

Hanging a piece of art that you’ve created is sure to impress your guests, and you’ll feel a sense of pride whenever you look at it too. Perhaps you could paint a place that’s special to you (like a favourite holiday destination or the place you got married) or you might even want to paint a person or a pet.

If painting doesn’t come naturally to you, you could still get away with a more abstract design. Simply pick a color scheme to go with the room you’re hanging the art in and then experiment with different shapes and patterns. There are lots of videos online that will help you perfect techniques and textures, and can teach you to paint landscapes, portraits, and more.

3. Candle making

Scented candles look beautiful on display and can really help you relax and unwind at home. Products from the top brands can be quite pricy, so it’s much cheaper to make your own. Plus you get the added benefit of incorporating a personal touch. 

It’s simply a case of heating the wax, adding the scented oil, and letting everything set. Candles are lots of fun to make and you’re bound to get enjoyment out of experimenting with different scents and learning more about your tastes. You can either buy the components separately or choose an all-in-one candle-making kit. 

4. Tapestry

Tapestries are created by weaving coloured threads onto a loom, which acts as a grid to help create the patterns and images required. This a mindful, relaxing hobby and the finished products can be really impressive. You can make everything from cushion covers and phone cases to Christmas decorations and doorstops. 

Most tapestry kit sellers will allow you to choose a kit based on your ability, and there will be plenty of beginner options if you’ve never done this before. It’s also a great activity to do with children, with brands like Love Crafts and Sew Inspiring offering tapestry kits that are perfect for kids.

5. Stained glass art

For pieces that will really make a statement, try staining glass. Suncatchers are one of the most popular things to create as they look beautiful when the light hits the coloured glass. You could also opt for glass paintings, or you could paint things like vases, candle holders, or even lamps that have a glass shade. 

Kits will have templates to follow so you don’t have to worry about freestyling and potentially making a mistake. There’s a useful beginner’s guide to glass painting here that can help you get started.

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