5 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Brand

Getting noticed on LinkedIn takes much more work than just making random posts here and there. LinkedIn has released a number of updates, tools, and strategies to help companies improve their brand’s status and attract more followers. The incorporation of LinkedIn into a social media plan yields outstanding results in terms of brand growth, company expansion, name recognition, and authority establishment.

LinkedIn Page is literally the face of your company. It should be as attractive, professional, and engaging as possible. Make it special, make it unique. Create outstanding features that will stand you out from the crowd. For instance, use the sticker maker which will definitely be remembered by your customers. In this article, we have collected the top 5 ways you can use LinkedIn to blow up your brand.

Inform people – create a newsletter

While LinkedIn’s article publishing platform makes it simple to share knowledge, the platform’s more recent newsletter tool may help you get followers while also establishing yourself as an industry expert.

Writing and distributing a newsletter is quite similar to writing and distributing an article, with one important distinction. Depending on the platform’s algorithm and the users’ attention levels, only a tiny fraction of your connections will actually view your published item in their feed. In contrast, when you send out a newsletter, all of your readers are alerted at once, increasing the likelihood that they will interact with the fresh material you’ve presented.

Even though it would be useful for everyone to have the option to publish a newsletter, not everyone presently has access to this feature. There are certain requirements to get access, such as activating creator mode on your dashboard. When newsletters are enabled, you may start making your own by selecting “make a newsletter” from the “write an article” menu at the top of the homepage.

Conduct Real-Time Discussions

Live videos continue to rise in popularity across all social media channels, including LinkedIn. While LinkedIn Live video may be used in a variety of ways, we’ve found that doing small-group discussions or interviews has proven to be particularly effective for entrepreneurs. One benefit is that you may take advantage of the tremendous and enduring interest that video material generates. LinkedIn Lives, like those on many other platforms, continue to exist as a recorded video after the event has concluded, therefore increasing your audience reach.

Produce and Redistribute Your Own Video Content

It is OK not to go live if the prospect of doing so seems too intimidating to you. Your video content doesn’t need to be nearly as highly produced as videos for other platforms, as we’ve seen elsewhere (Instagram Stories is a good example of this), and it’s working well on LinkedIn right now, similar to what’s happening throughout the majority of the Internet. Like the rest of the Internet, LinkedIn users are responding particularly well to video content.  Remember your films don’t need to be as polished and perfect as those posted by video content creators on other platforms.

Get in touch with potential customers and colleagues

It’s no exaggeration to say that LinkedIn is a major player in the world of online media. LinkedIn has become a standard corporate practice because of its efficacy as a networking platform. A Service Marketplace is available on the site to help businesses. The marketplace’s primary goal is to simplify the process of connecting companies with service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. For startups that can’t afford to hire full-time employees, this program is a godsend.

Many different types of professionals are required to run a business successfully, including those that specialize in marketing, design, graphic arts, public relations, accounting, legal, and taxes. Using LinkedIn, businesses may find and hire talented individuals working at small businesses by posting job openings and asking for proposals and bids. Experts may also be located using their titles or other identifying characteristics.

Likewise, marketers may aid companies by introducing them to new customers. If the firm offers goods and services to consumers, marketers may expand their audience reach and help with prospective client acquisition by clicking the Locate Possible Clients button at the top of the profile page.

Celebrate the community

Use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in your field, exchange insights, and join conversations about topics of interest. Keep up with trending topics by following hashtags used in your business and join in the discussion by commenting on, liking, and sharing posts that relate to your area of expertise. Don’t forget to interact with your staff members as well since LinkedIn is an excellent and inexpensive platform for doing so. These encounters are important to the development of your brand.


Since its introduction 20 years ago, LinkedIn has become the premier online resource for business professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur, a seasoned pro, or an established company owner, LinkedIn can help you build your professional network, discover new chances for cooperation, and promote your brand. There are a few things you can do to increase your company’s visibility on LinkedIn if you’re new to the site or haven’t yet explored its full possibilities. Follow the abovementioned tips, and success will come.

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