9 Best Clothing Manufacturers for Startups UK

More stylish and modern clothes are from the UK. Textile production in the UK is growing with time, and overseas sales are expanding.

In 2016, apparel and garment exports rose 7.05% to £9.1bn.

These considerations have increased the focus on traditional manufacturing of creative fashion designers and making the most of contemporary equipment.

This article is dedicated to providing information on the top 9 clothing manufacturers for startups UK.

9 Best Clothing Manufacturers UK

International Hawthorn: 

International Hawthorn: 
International Hawthorn

Hawthorn has one of the lowest minimum orders on the market, starting at 50 units per design. It is a suitable choice for small enterprises and fashion entrepreneurs.

They are linked to a large network of fabric distributors. So you can quickly source the right materials for your ideas. All Pantone are cut, sewn and handcrafted through rigorous quality checks.

There are a variety of customization options such as bordering, printing, sublimation, labelling, and buttons as well as they can also help design and size patterns.

It is the best clothing manufacturer for small businesses in the United Kingdom.

Fashion Works London:

Fashion works London
Fashion works London

Fashion Works London offers tailoring, mock-up and trial tailoring services to fashion consultants and small apparel makers.

They offer personalization services, a large fabric procurement chain and technical guidance at every step of the product creation process.

They also provide industry minimum orders for custom clothing. All the garments produced here are cut, sewn and decorated by hand.

There are also options to customize where you can choose all the requirements for customizing clothes. It is the best clothing manufacturer for startups UK. 

They also work with knitting plants and can perform plating, glueing, and some textiles.

DSA productions

Best Clothing Manufacturers
DSA productions

DSA is based in the UK and is linked to Chinese manufacturers to bring you the lowest prices.

They produce an average of 30 days and the minimum order is more than 100 pieces.

Their materials, styles and marks are experienced. You can make any kind of clothing, such as a shirt, training clothes, Jackets for jeans and much more.

P&P clothing:

P&P clothing
P&P clothing

It was founded in 1990 and is the leading clothing manufacturer for startups UK. You can handle short deadlines while you do everything, and there are no complicated results from forwarding.

They have created a basic classic design that can be customized with colour and fabric or slightly modified to make it more unique by working with a few of the largest companies in the business.

They can also make some changes based on their individual choice. This company produces everything from simple T-shirts to formal suits.



It is a product design and development service for recognized Gerber Technology products and has digital and mapping facilities next to the sampling site.

It can provide digital representation and help in planning home amenities within companies with small sampling units. Their main motivation is to understand all collections from sketches or concepts and send them to the digitized industry for classification and finally to the manufacturer for agreement.

They believe that the difference between good form and striking form can be achieved when combining great design.

From concept to industrial digital stage, their services can prepare your collection for evaluation and negotiation with producers.

You can also feel the difference between a mediocre design and a great design with the amazing combination of design, strong technical skills and creativity.



It is a famous East London sampling studio and clothes manufacturer. They deal with delicate materials such as silk, chiffon, cotton or other fabrics and specialize in producing patterns and models for London-based companies.

They can assist entrepreneurs in making garments for men’s and women’s clothing through every step from concept to micro-manufacturing.

They may also help build the company to complete samplings and demonstrations throughout the London fashion show.

This company specializes in making patterns and samples for the famous London brand.

Fashion Unlimited:

Fashion Unlimited
Fashion Unlimited:

It is a leading online retailer of designer clothes as well as accessories within the UK. 

They provide a broad selection of premium fashion brands for women and men that include Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and numerous others.

It is one of the major apparel and best clothing manufacturers for startups UK.

The 5,000-square-foot workshop in London was established in 1960 with a minimum purchase of more than 1 unit, and most units have 1,000 units per week. The average delivery time is approximately 21 days.

AIM Athleisure Limited:

AIM athleisure limited:
AIM athleisure limited

A dedicated apparel collection is for uniforms. AIM athleisure Limited is a demo room with a chaotic indoor fashion brand.

They now have the opportunity to help others make their clothing dreams come true through their sessions. It is a sample room with secret and uncertain fashion lifestyle brands. It focuses on creating its collections.

As a result, the company recently had the opportunity to help others dream of bringing their designer garments to the fashion and apparel industry.

Match and give the result of their ready-to-wear collection or sample production from their ideas.

Baxter’s House:

Baxter's House
Baxter’s House

The name is familiar to people in the UK, and the world is slow too.

Baxter House is one of the UK’s leading clothing manufacturers in London that offers high-quality items for everyone, including women, men and children, and manufacturers. All of them have specific expertise. Baxter House has its own.

The Baxter House website contains all its policies. It has a group of people with technical and design expertise, which makes it one of the leading manufacturers.

This is a multi-storey store with clothes of all brands with all styles, fabrics, labels and samples. They also provide order delivery service.

Where most UK clothes are made?

There are now many clothing wholesalers in the UK and the online wholesale market is gradually becoming the top choice and the first choice for boutiques

Where are cheap clothes made?

Most of your garments are made overseas in rural and poor areas because they are much cheaper and more work.

Is it cheaper to make clothes or buy them?

By doing something you can save on labor costs. And it will help you get a piece you will love for sure. However, chances are you won’t save money in the long run. Nowadays, clothing prices have come down a lot while fabric prices have started to rise.

How do I start a small clothing business?

1. Gather your money for investment
2. Fill out your GST registration
3. Be smart in choosing your location
4. Start your small clothing store business
6. Learn from your competition
7. Creative, competitive, but always honest

Final wrapup:

In the growth of textile companies, all of these elements are extremely important. Smart and talented textiles are specially designed to meet all the textile needs of the UK and many textile businesses.

People are aware of fashion and enjoy new trends in clothing that are often removed from the top textile industry.

The clothing factory in the UK is strengthening the framework and governance of textile companies that have maintained strength over the decades. They have a rapidly growing industrial environment that prevails over the necessity of the country.

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