Are 0345 Numbers Free? Everything About 0345 Number

You may think that are 0345 numbers free, however, they are not free. But many people don’t know this because they are not charged any extra for calls to 0345 numbers, so it’s not the same as ‘0800’ or ‘0808’. There are several variations of the number 0345; all numbers starting with ’03’ are charged the same amount. The use of the number 0345 is becoming very popular in the UK. These are landline numbers that are unique as they cannot be linked to any geographical area of ​​the United Kingdom. 

This post is an all-in-one guide of 0345 numbers. From whether it is a premium number to how much it costs to acquire a 0345 number, reading below will help you know everything. In addition, by continuing reading, you will uncover who should obtain this number and the cost of calling a 0345 number from a mobile. So, without further delay, continue reading.

Is 0345 a premium number?

Not calling 0345 is also not free. However, they are often included in the calling package as a number that you can call without paying any additional fees. You should check with your carrier to see if these numbers are 0345 numbers free to call. Or you will be charged for calls to these numbers. If not included in your phone bill you will be charged at a rate of approximately 9p per minute, depending on who your provider is. 

The 0345 number is a premium landline number primarily purchased by businesses but also by government agencies and government organizations. These numbers are not tied to a specific location. Usually, all numbers starting with 03, 01, and 02 are charged at the same standard landline rate. This is due to Ofcom’s regulations stating that all numbers 03, 01, and 02 must be treated equally. This works whether you are using a cell phone or a landline to call these numbers. The price of calls to these numbers may vary depending on the time of day you call.

How much does 0345 number cost to acquire?

In general, here is the current estimation of 0345 costs:

  • Calls to 0345 should come from your included minutes – once you exceed this limit you should pay. Of course, this is only for those who have minutes in their taxes.
  • A call to 0345 numbers across the UK from a landline lasts approximately one minute, 9 pm.
  • Calls to 0345 numbers across the UK on a mobile phone last approximately one minute between 3 PM and 5 PM.
  • It costs more to call 0345 numbers across the UK from UK payphones.
  • Calls to 0345 numbers across the UK from abroad or when roaming in the UK with an international mobile plan will incur additional charges.

0345 numbers cost depends on your phone company and service plan. You can look up your phone contract or contact your phone company’s customer service. The 0345 number cost Vodafone 30 p per minute.

Who should acquire 0345 numbers?

Cost is the main reason most businesses use 0345 because it has advantages for their customers or clients. Calls to the number 0345 cost the same. If you call your home or work number using ’01’ or ’02’, you will be charged the same using 0345 like this. Many cell phone companies include 0345 in their monthly “minutes” numbers if you have them. You won’t have to pay extra for calling 0345. This is very helpful. This type of landline special contact number is chosen by government agencies, governments, businesses, retailers, merchants, financial organizations, charities, Legal entities, etc.

In the same way, your home landline plan may include free calls to other landlines at certain times of the day or week. For example, you might make free calls on weekends or evenings. If this is the case and you call 0345 free during that time you will not incur any additional charges. However, if you call 0345 outside of your free time you will be charged for the call. The cost of the call will be the same as if you dialed a regular ’01’ or ’02’ number.

Cost of calling a 0345 number from mobile:

To call a 0345 number from a mobile, the charges applied are the same as those for a call to a regular landline. Most contract customers calling a 0345 number are included in their inclusive minutes. To know more in detail, below is a description of the cost of calling these numbers from different mobile operators.

From EE

EE customers can choose from different plans that include monthly payment options and pay-as-you-go options. As a result, the cost of calling a 0345 number from an EE mobile depends on the plan or package bought.

For customers with an EE monthly payment plan offering unlimited minutes, calling 0345 numbers is included in the allowance. But, if you use the allowance entirely and then call a 0345 number, you are charged 50p per minute. On the other hand, if your monthly plan provides a limited number of minutes, the cost depends on your specific plan. For instance, calling a 0345 number will cost 40p per minute if you have the Essential plan.

For pay, as you go plan, EE customers are charged 30p per minute to call a 0345 number.

From Three

For Three customers, the cost of calling 0345 numbers also depends on the plan chosen. The cost varies for monthly contracts with unlimited allowance, monthly contracts with limited minutes, and pay-as-you-go customers.

If you have a monthly contract with unlimited minutes, the calls to 0345 are covered in the allowance. On the other hand, if you have a monthly plan with limited minutes, the cost depends on your specific plan. For example, customers calling a 0345 number for the Essential plan are charged 55p per minute.

The pay-as-you-go customers of Three are charged 35p per minute to call 0345 numbers.

From Vodafone

Calling 0345 numbers from Vodafone are charged differently based on the plan you are paying for. Vodafone offers three packs- a monthly package (with unlimited minutes), a monthly plan (with limited allowance), and pay-as-you-go plans.

Customers paying for a monthly plan with an unlimited allowance can call these numbers within their allowance. However, if you have a monthly plan with limited minutes, the cost varies from the plan you choose. For instance, if you have selected the Vodafone Basics plan, calling a 0345 number is charged at 55p per minute.

If you pay as you go with Vodafone, you will be charged 35p per minute to call a 0345 number.

From O2

The O2 customers are also charged differently based on their plans. O2 also offers monthly and pay-as-you-go plans.

If you pay for a monthly plan with unlimited minutes, the charges for calling 0345 numbers are included in the allowance. However, if you have a monthly plan with unlimited minutes and have used your allowance, you are charged 55p per minute. The O2 customers who have a plan with limited allowance, calling 0345 numbers, are charged according to your specific plan. For instance, if you have the 100GB plan, 55p per minute is charged to call a 0345 number.

The pay-as-you-go customers of O2 are charged at a rate of 35p per minute to call 0345 numbers.

From Tesco mobile

If you have remaining minutes in any of your monthly plans or pay-as-you-go plan, the charges to call 0345 numbers from Tesco mobile are included in the packages. However, if you have completely used your limit, you are charged 25p per minute on both plans.

From BT

Being a BT customer, you can call a 0345 number within the plan if you have a plan that includes calls to national or UK numbers. However, if your limit is over, you are charged 35p per minute to call 0345 numbers.

The costs, as mentioned above, of calling 0345 numbers from the major mobile operators in the UK might vary with time. Also, it is crucial to remember that these prices are listed for calling local 0345 numbers. If you call from abroad, the charges might differ. Hence, to know the exact costs, you must consult your plan details or contact your specific provider’s customer support service team.


Are 0345 numbers free on a landline?

If you dial 0345 (i.e. any number that begins with the interval 03), the call costs the same as the 01 or 02 landlines.

Are 0345 Numbers Free On Virgin?

On Virgin, calling 0345 numbers is free of charge. This is due to the inclusive minutes in their mobile plans, which cover all calls to UK landlines and mobiles within the monthly allowance. Any unused inclusive minutes at the end of a billing period can be carried over to the next month. Standard rates will apply if all-inclusive minutes are used up and additional calls are made.

Does the 0345 prefix denote any specific location in London?

No. 0345 is purely non-geographic in nature and denotes numbers used by different organisations and business houses.

Final thoughts:

You may have noticed that new phone numbers were introduced by many businesses in the late 0345s. Phone numbers with the 0345 prefix are known as non-geographic numbers. This means that the code does not specify a specific location. Unlike traditional telephone area codes, 0345 companies are located almost everywhere in the UK.

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