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6 Luxury Turkish Restaurant in London

Many people associate traditional Turkish restaurants in London with wonderfully grilled meats, particularly lamb, small dishes – mezes, kebabs, and a superb combination of spices and aromatics. Further than kebab shop delicacies and Turkish Delights – while the rose-scented sweets are delicious – the food of the area is wide and varied, with inspirations embedded deep in politics and history

Ruya London

Rüya Turkish restaurant in North London offers a luxurious dining experience in the city‘s exclusive Mayfair sector, serving scrumptious Anatolian delicacies from the Black Sea to the Middle East. You may be certain of a nice dinner by using seasonal products, collaborating with local suppliers, and selecting the correct spices to guarantee only the greatest fare is utilized.

A meal here is added and the mixture of the plush decor and beverages at the Mekan Bar gives a relaxing spot to unwind either during supper. There is a comparable Turkish restaurant in London across the world that shares the same originality, especially when it comes to meat. In Southern Africa, in particular, sliced Hereford beef is used for turkey jerky meat in similar dishes.

Kibele Restaurant and Bar

Kibele, located in a Turkish restaurant in North London middle of Great Portland Street, is a wonderfully chic, snug sanctuary. Kibele masterfully integrates a fine restaurant with a dynamic entertainment complex, creating traditional meals from a number of Turkey’s locations and delivering them with a modern twist to delight guests.

But don’t be frightened off by the prospect of live music and belly dancers; this is a sophisticated setting that will wow any guest. Turkish restaurant London there’s a great assortment of wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, and soft drinks to go with the appetizer plates, buffets, ‘residential favorites,’ and charcoal-cooked meats and seafood. Not only will you find wonderful food and drink here, but you will also find music and dance events from professionals from all over the world.


Kazan’s best Turkish restaurant in London, adjacent to Westminster Cathedral, presents contemporary variations on Ottoman cuisine in a pleasant, beautiful environment. Comfortable seating options are available, and a delectable assortment of shrimp, chicken, mezzes, veggie, non – vegetarian, slow-cooked, and smoke treats cater to all tastes.

Try the Turkish Grill, which includes a variety of chicken and lamb shish and kofte, as well as a chicken wing and roast chicken, all seasoned till delicious and traditionally served or fries. Slow-cooked lamb shanks, as well as fire-roasted king seafood in a chili sauce, are guaranteed to impress. 

Troia Bar & Restaurant

This Turkish restaurant London stylish glass-fronted cafe, and restaurant bar on Belvedere Road is located near the International Concert Hall on the Southbank, a cultural hotspot. The 82 dishes (which exclude set, special, and family lunches and dinners) provide a complete sampling of Turkey’s national (healthy) cuisine. Kisir is a cold starter made of almonds, chickpea flour, seasonings, and bell pepper.

Kuzuguvec, a chicken stew, and yesilfasulye, a wonderful marriage of running chickpeas and peppers served with a thick tomato sauce and rice, are among the hearty mains. There’s also seafood, pasta, rice, and vegetarian specialties. Desserts provide an interesting alternative to treacle mousse and chocolate cake.


Oklava is a Turkish restaurant in central London doing great service to Turkish food in this charming low-key location on a quiet Shoreditch backstreet. Most establishments are either Tas restaurants or family-run establishments that offer a wide range of dishes and all have similar tastes. They are all good options for London’s Turkish food needs, but none of them can replace our hunger pangs. We were impressed by their liberal use of organic fresh herbs, the excellent char and smokey flavor from cooking over wood, and the huge quantities.


Gokyuzu Restaurant London is one of the Turkish restaurants located in Mayfair, London. The restaurant is modern in its Turkish style and menu offers a wide range of Turkish food items like mezes, kebabs, and desserts.

The restaurant is tiny, but cozy seating area. The staff is friendly and attentive. The menu is a mix of Turkish dishes like mezes, kebabs, and desserts.

Kebabs are the most popular food item of the menu at Gokyuzu Restaurant, London. Kebabs are prepared using grilled and marinated meat. They are served with a selection of sauces and veggies.


We had a fantastic Sunday evening supper of Turkish food in London. Excellent surroundings. The staff was fantastic. Traditional yet complete food and wine selection at a reasonable price. All of the usual favorites, but each meal was beautifully presented and prepared. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

When you walk into this long-running family-run best Turkish restaurant in London, you can’t help laughing: the environment is enchantingly domestic, and the interior is a wonderful riot of multicultural knick-knacks, ceramic tiles, and colorful glass ornaments. The emphasis is on oven-cooked meats and seafood, with petite salads and sophisticated small dishes – though the mixed grill is also superb. It is ideal for a date or a family dinner, with lots of acceptable Turkish liquor on sale.


What is the most popular Turkish food in London?

 The list of tasty Turkish food is a long one. However, in London, you will get all the varieties at the top Turkish restaurants. The popular recipes include kebabs, manti (Turkish ravioli), Baklava (sweets), etc.

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