Are 0371 Numbers Free to Call?

Are 0371 numbers free to call? If that is what you are wondering then worry not, we have bought this extensive guide to help you and acquaint you with everything you need to know about 0371 numbers. 

This comprehensive article will not only tell you if 0371 numbers are free but also if 0371 costs.  I will be discussing the 0371 numbers what they charge whether they can be dialled for free and under what conditions. 

We aim to resolve all your queries regarding the 0371 number and its costs from various popular mobile service providers in the United Kingdom. 

Explanation of 0371 numbers 

In this section we will discuss the need for 0371 numbers, who uses them, how they are different from other numbers, whether they are free or not, and the charges incurred by you when you attempt to call a 0371 number. 

What are 0371 numbers?

Some of you might be wondering what even is a 0371 number. So, the 0371 number is a non-geographical dialling code. All numbers that are 03 have the same behavior and they all are treated similarly to a landline. 

They are used by the public service sectors and people often need to call hence it makes the 0371 number in the United Kingdom, somewhat premium. 

The 0371 numbers are part of a wider series of United Kingdom non-geographic numbers, the series also includes 033, 030, and 034 numbers to encounter the trifling problem of the more expensive 087 and the 09 numbers. 

In a general sense, the 0371 numbers are charged by most mobile service providers at the standard rates but we will give you a piece of more in-depth information. 

Who uses 0371 numbers?

0371 numbers are used mainly by some charitable organizations, non-profits, and government officials and their offices throughout the United Kingdom. 

Some of the customer support helplines, business organizations, and general contact numbers can also use the 0371 numbers. 

Ofcom was the first company to introduce the very first 03 numbers in the year 2007, which was at that time presented as an alternative to 08 numbers as we mentioned. 

They intended to give confidence to their customers about the 0371 costs of calls. 

How do they differ from other types of numbers?

0371 numbers are premium numbers that are used by public services and therefore out of the inclusive minutes that your mobile service providers offer you, they are charged as per their standard rates. 

Using the 0371 number series can help an organization to have a national presence and give others a sense of authority and trust. 

They will have a pay-per-minute with an additional access charge. 

Cost of calling 0371 numbers 

It is very important to take notice that the call charges vary based on your service provider and so the charges differ greatly depending on whose services you are using. 

Since the 03 numbers were introduced as an alternative to the back then 08 numbers, their biggest benefit remains that they cost the same as when you are using a cell phone or a landline. 

You will find that the call is charged the same as any other landline or cell phone call, they also include free minutes and other offers from the mobile service providers and landline service providers. 

The caller shall be charged a duration fee along with a connection fee. The more the duration of the call, the more expensive it will get.

But in the case of many service providers, they put free minutes to the 03 numbers. 

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Are 0371 numbers free to call?

Are 0371 numbers free to call then? Short answer No they are not, but rest assured as they are fixed rate numbers that have a similar behavior to that of a cell phone or a mobile phone number. 

But it is always a wise choice to check with your service providers, down below we try to give you an idea. 

Charges associated with calling  0371 numbers from different networks 

Here we will discuss if it is free to call 0371 numbers from different service providers on landlines and cell phones. We have tried to cover all the major ones. 

From EE

Are 0371 numbers free to call on EE? Well, folks No you cannot call 0371 numbers from EE for free. 
EE includes 0371 numbers in its flexible text allowances as well as inclusive minutes but for the customers with a monthly contract need it will cost 50p with an added access charge of 50p. 

From Three

Are 0371 numbers free on Three? Not on three, they are not. If you have a monthly package with three then it will be included in the free minutes.

After your monthly package is over on three, it will cost you 55p / min to call a 0371 number according to the official Three price guide  

From Vodafone

Are 0371 numbers free to call on Vodafone? No people, 0371 is one of the premium numbers so Vodafone charges you to call them.

The cost of calling 0371 numbers on Vodafone for Mobile (on a contract basis) is 55p and this is to connect the call, thereafter it will cost 55p every minute. If you want to check the charges of calling any number on your own you can use the vodafone’s UK Charge Checker tool.

From O2

Are 0371 numbers free to call from O2? Short answer no, they are not. However, O2 in comparison to other service providers offers more flexible rates.

The cost of calling 0371 numbers from O2 is 35p per minute if you have a mobile contract with them. O2 also provides a tool from where you can check the charges of calling any number. You can access the tool from here.

From Tesco mobile 

Are 0371 numbers free to call from Tesco? Well, no according to Tesco’s official site, they are charging customers a fee of 55p / Min.

The charge of Tesco to call 0371 numbers is similar to Vodafone, however, do remember that to call these numbers is free when it’s included in the pack. 

Only after the pack-free minutes are exhausted will you be charged the cost of these numbers. 

From BT

Are 0371 numbers free to call on BT? Not even on BT, here the same applies, you will have to pay the standard charges to call 0371 numbers from BT. 

The official BT call charges sheet says they don’t charge extra money if you have any call plan minutes. But after exceeding the limit you have to pay 22.84p & 45.72p respectively from mobile and landline.

Regulations on 0371 numbers

There are certain regulations on 0371 numbers especially when it comes to calling them from outside of the United Kingdom. 

If you wish to dial in a 0371 number from outside of the United Kingdom, add the international dialing code and get rid of the first zero from the number. 

This will amount to something like this – +44 371… There are several other regulations on 0371 numbers which we will discover further. 

Guidelines set by Ofcom 

Ofcom is United Kingdom’s communication regulatory authority and t sets guidelines and mandatory rules and regulations regarding prices to make sure that the customers are having transparency and consumer protection from conglomerates. 

A wide variety of organizations use 03 as a solution to the 08 number series, they have been used widely, especially in public sectors. 

The call cost of 03 numbers does not cost more than 01 and 02 geographic numbers. The calls from a landline shall typically charge you around 16p per minute.

A lot of mobile service providers charge an access fee of up to 23p for setting up a free connection. Although chances are that this will vary. 

Compliance requirements for service providers 

The mobile service providers and their charges vary according to the plans that their customers are choosing.  Typically most of the service providers offer free minutes with all of their plans and free call packages.

If you were to call any 02/01 series number outside of the inclusive package it will cost you anywhere between 3p and 65p each minute. Ofcom has set several compliance requirements for the service providers some are mentioned below: 

1. Pricing Transparency: It states that all non-geographic numbers are to be mentioned with call charges, access fees ad service charges. 

2. Call Cost Caps: There are maximum call cost limits on certain non-geographics numbers. 

3. Call Access Charges: Access charges are additional fees to connect the calls and should be clearly stated with any additional fees. 

4. Bundled Minutes: It is required that bundled minutes or free minutes should be included while calling the 0371 numbers bu all service providers. 

5. Fairness and consumer protection: It aims to provide fairness and consumer protection in the telecom industry for all. 

Consequences for non-compliance

If the mobile service providers do not comply with the guidelines set by the Ofcom there are impacts readied in case of non-compliance of the companies.  

They can incur penalties that can come in the form of super hefty fines that these companies have to pay off to continue operating. 

There are reputational damages and this can lead to losing the trust of loyal customers and in turn massive losses in revenue and company growth. 

Legal actions become imminent in the face of non-compliance with company guidelines which can in turn fuel more financial and opportunity loss. 


In this comprehensive guide of – Are 0371 numbers free to call? We have tried to provide you with in-depth information and we hope that this article answers most of your questions. 

Although it is always better to be on the side of caution and if there is any doubt left we encourage you to check in with your phone service with the latest information and updated guidelines. 


Q. Can 0371 numbers be used for private purposes?

Ans. No. 0371 numbers are allocated for organisations rendering public services like NGOs, Government bodies, etc. 

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