7 Best Babymoon Destinations in the UK for Expecting Couples

Expecting couples go through a lot of apprehension and confusion. Therefore, they need a refreshing environment to welcome their baby with a happy heart.

Babymoons are the perfect way to get the best for kids. The second trimester is the ideal time to plan your babymoon.

Moreover, couples can fulfil their desires and spend more time with each other. Indeed, this can be the greatest chance to plan everything properly before the new member arrives in your life.

So, rejoice in every moment, and enjoy this special time with your partner. 

In the UK, you can get the best babymoon destinations. Therefore, find a variety of top tourist spots to cherish your babymoon period.

Besides restaurants, you can visit amusement parks, shopping centres, museums, etc. Furthermore, pregnant women can even get instant healthcare facilities.

Explore the tranquil beaches and experience the incredible traditions of the land. Find more in this blog. 

Top 7 Babymoon Destinations In The UK

1. Conwy

Conwy is genuinely one of the best babymoon destinations UK. Situated in Wales, it is an attractive place for hundreds of tourists.

Moreover, the parents-to-be prefer this spot for a beach retreat. Indeed, it is the ultimate place to enjoy a serene atmosphere.

There are around 16 beaches, enabling you to enjoy several activities.

It ranks high among the babymoon destinations in the UK, primarily due to its proximity to beaches.

Besides, the couples can get quick medical help as and when needed. For a pleasant tour, there are multiple facilities like museums, parks, restaurants, spas, etc. 

2. Richmond

Embrace parenthood in style by visiting Richmond. Situated upon the Thames River, it is famous for its amazing public gardens. More than 1000 meters of the place is covered with lush green land.

Hence, the children also love to have good times here. Therefore, couples can even bring their other kids to their babymoon and experience a great vacation. 

Richmond lets a woman connect more with her husband at such a beautiful place. Of course, the partnership needs to be stronger at this crucial phase. It is worth visiting the place between mid-March and April.

However, that depends on your pregnancy conditions. The expecting ladies can take lovely strolls at the parks or spend happy hours at the spa. Indeed, it is a spot for complete rejuvenation. 

3. London City

If you are seeking a peaceful vacation before welcoming your baby, nothing can beat London City. It has all the amenities that a mom-to-be would want.

Moreover, exciting features are also available for the inquisitive dad-to-be. Therefore, it qualifies as the best babymoon destination UK.

The place offers several scenic parks to ensure romantic strolls. Besides, visitors can have amazing cultural experiences and understand authentic British culture. 

The expecting couples can also stay comfortable and get immediate healthcare options. The luxurious spas also open a rejuvenating avenue for pregnant women. Hence, your babymoon will be a combination of love, laughter, and comfort. 

4. Winchester

Winchester lets you enjoy the quirky events, making the place perfect for music enthusiasts. Most of the shows take place in the open air.

However, when you are on a babymoon, extra attention is necessary. For personal safety, the mother-to-be should not stand in a crowded place for a long time.

Besides the energetic events, couples can have other fun in the summer. This time of the year lets you have splendid views of colourful blossoms. The Great Hall is one of the most distinguishing tourist spots.

The 11th-century Cathedral is another spectacle you cannot miss. A happy mother always gives birth to a happy child. Therefore, a vibrant environment is highly essential. 

5. Bury

Bury is another preferred place among the best babymoon destinations in the UK. Escape the hustles of city life and spend some romantic moments in the heart of Bury. Moreover, the couples can retreat into the log cabins. There are incredible places to have sumptuous meals.

The local activities include gentle walks, spa treatments, beach times, etc. Many top destinations now provide solace to the parents-to-be.

You can even get separate rooms to keep your other babies engaged. So, Bury is a place with multiple splendours to celebrate new parenthood. 

6. Warwick

Warwick is indeed a superb place for a babymoon. The couples can spend romantic and cosy moments at the special islands and resorts. The staycation facilities at this place are also brilliant.

Furthermore, you can participate in various beach activities. There are special treatments for the would-be mothers.

Most resorts give you a relaxing time at the pools. Light games for the excited mothers are also impressive. This region is also famous for its splendid therapies and magnificent castles. 

7. Wrexham

The babymoon breaks are one of the most fascinating times in the life of an expecting couple. This brief holiday can ensure more time with each other.

The husbands can give more attention to the mom-to-be and understand her moods. Wrexham can be the fabulous junction when your baby is on the board.

Be stress-free as you find the perfect spots to take a relaxing walk or enjoy at the beaches. The maternity services are also excellent at Wrexham. The historic sites, parks, Parish Churches, etc., are wonderful places to visit here. 


Are there any rules for babymoon?

Yes, you should follow some rules for your babymoon. Please do not overdo or indulge in activities with high excitement. Keep it simple, relaxing, and full of love. Always consider the weather before planning for a destination. 

Can I go hiking during my babymoon?

It is essential to consult your doctor before making such a decision. They often do not prescribe hiking in complicated cases. 

Can I enjoy the buffet in the babymoon locations?

Of course, you can. Most pregnant ladies will want that. However, please avoid alcohol during such times. 


The best babymoon destinations in the UK will present unlimited ways to improve your moods. The expecting mothers often face mood swings, lack of taste, and tensions during this phase. Hence, a magical retreat to a private location can be a great idea for couples. 

If you are also in the same phase, plan a lovely babymoon after the second trimester. Multiple points offer exclusive facilities for expecting parents. Be it Conwy, London City, Bury, Warwick, Richmond upon Thames, or Wrexham, all give you a grand welcome. So, give surprises to your baby, even when he or she is in your womb. 

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