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The 5 Best Private Members’ Clubs in The City of London

Are you keen to know about the best private members’ clubs in The City of London?

London is one of the most traditional cities with a Club Culture. During the 17th century, these clubs were the focal points of leisure for the elite class and high-society men.

At that time, ladies were not allowed to enter these clubs. Be it diplomats, rich business persons, or politicians, London was the hub for their complete entertainment. 

However, with time, the clubs became more popular and a vibrant place for everyone. Some old clubs with their traditional rules still exist in the heart of London City.

Today, people interested in socializing, cultivating their hobbies, and having private kitty parties can become members of these clubs.

Let’s Check out the best private members clubs in London. Indeed, they will make your evenings more happening. 

Top 5 Private Members’ Clubs In London

Initially, only the high-society men were the members of the prestigious clubs.

However, you will get different clubs today with various amenities, specializing in multiple interests. People can stay, dine, or be involved in various activities here. 

Please refer to the below-mentioned list for the best private members clubs in London. You will get all the facilities you desire in these top-class clubs

1. The Twenty Two

This club is famous for being the host of many Fashion-week parties, and other glamorous events.

Therefore, the members can get exclusive access to all the spaces of the magnificent building.

However, the non-members also get the chance to stay lavishly here. Besides, they can have a fine dining experience.

It offers great interiors with ancient Edwardian-style decor. From food to seating arrangements, the facilities are top-notch at this well-known private member club in London.

There is a plethora of dishes, for both vegans and non-vegetarians. 

Address: 22 Grosvenor Square. London W1K 6LF
Rating: 4.2 stars (Google Reviews)

2. Annabel’s

In the list of the best private members clubs in London, Annabel’s name is worth mentioning.

You can taste elegance and traditional British styles in every corner of this nightclub.

Moreover, the gorgeously decorated interiors are one of the unique features to attract guests. For the last 60 years, Annabel’s position has constantly risen, especially for holding royal events. 

Moreover, it is well known for having a classic collection of the best mezcal and tequila in the UK.

Therefore, the members and the guests have a gala at the four restaurants inside this spectacular structure. 

Address: 46 Berkeley Square. London W1J 5AT
Rating: 4.6 stars (Google Reviews)

3. The House of Koko

This is the house of fun and entertainment for the classy members. Furthermore, it allows the members to hold exclusive parties, game nights, cultural programs, and many other exciting activities.

Of course, the attraction of the roof-top terrace is unparalleled, especially in the summer evenings. 

The House of Koko lets you relive the youth by attending distinct events. Moreover, the backstage is also special here.

The club has four floors to ensure non-stop fun while indulging in different programs. You will get top-class cocktails and can rock the dance floors. 

Address: 74 Crowndale Road. London NW1 1TP
Rating: 4.4 stars (Google Reviews)

4. 12 Hay Hill

This inspiring private club has separate spaces for family gatherings, parties, meeting rooms, etc.

12 Hay Hill is the ultimate leisure destination for top business leaders around the world, and the top professionals. It also connects lots of people and presents a fabulous area to observe different events. 

This is one of the best private members clubs in London that offers great pleasure opportunities, and a superb terrace.

Furthermore, you will get to enjoy the room service if the work schedule is hectic.

Besides, the sophisticated bar and restaurant offers delicious cuisine. So, it is a favourite of many elite and ordinary classes. 

Address: 12 Hay Hill. London W1J 8NR
Rating: 4.6 stars (Google Reviews)

5. 5 Hertford Street

5 Hertford Street

It is a distinct haunt, established by the Birley family.

You will find the coolest nightclub in this traditional townhouse, belonging to the 18th century. The A-list people are the primary members of this club, having a strong bond with the maroon door. 

Moreover, it has an exciting Loulou nightclub, three bars, and a huge lounge. Besides, you will get the finest dining experience at the two restaurants. The decor, sophistication, and brilliant tastes of the food make it a perfect spot to forget your worries. 

Address: 2-5 Hertford Street. London W1J 7RB
Rating: 4.6 stars (Google Reviews)


Can the outsiders organize parties at the private clubs of London?

No. Outsiders cannot organize private parties at private clubs in London. However, some clubs may allow them on the recommendation of any member. 

What is the average number of private clubs in London, at present?

Presently, there are around 48 private clubs in London. 


The best private members’ clubs in London project the most appealing interiors with a touch of sophistication at every corner.

However, only the members of these prestigious clubs can hold private parties, be involved in gatherings, and conduct conferences or official meetings. They can also organize game nights or other entertaining events to enjoy leisure. 

The well-decorated interiors speak to traditional British club styles and elegance. At top-class restaurants and bars, you will also find multiple cuisines of the world.

Therefore, visit clubs like The Twenty-Two, Annabel’s, etc., for many fun-filled moments. 

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