5 Best Social Trading in UK

The trading platforms have the ability to offer traders the ability to work independently and also provide access to all the necessary trading resources. This multiple nature of social trading platforms increases the efficiency of trading various sources. 

Technology has to offer us many things, and among those, social trading from anywhere in the world is prominent. We just need to have a smartphone or tablet or a PC with us and a stable internet connection. 

There are plenty of trading options and stock markets, and not all trading platforms offer the same options. Thus, it becomes crucial for us to research the market before investing in a particular option. 

The world is changing, and it’s getting digital. You might not know how critical it can be, but the truth is we are getting the advantage of technology and digitalisation through Blockchain. For instance, you can now trade for Bitcoin from various social trading platforms without any obstacles. 

What Is A Social Trading Platform?

The discussion of this article is based on the best social trading platforms. Before we dig into that area, we need to have a clear idea of social trading platforms. We know about the stock market and exchanges. We know the instances of Cryptocurrency

Now it’s time to get advice on such stock exchanges and currencies. 

How would you do that? 

Here comes a social trading platform. It can give you access to thousands of social traders who are experienced in trading and thus can give you the best ideas before you go for it. 

These platforms can be extremely useful in knowing the sentiment and the circumstances and also the upcoming events in the trading market. You will get a better idea of the particular assets that you want to go for. 

Best Social Trading Platforms In The U.K

Finding a proper social trading platform is very necessary. We have a list for you to trade in the UK, and these are probably the best social trading platforms right now.

1. Etoro

eToro is a leading social trading platform in the U.K., which is efficient enough to cast people around the world together and help them socially invest in assets. 

This is regulated by ASIC, MiFID and FCA as well, and thus you can trust it fully. You can discover thousands of assets and share your ideas with others and get to know effective strategies beyond expectations. 

Well, it is not a meta trading platform, but you can avail 0% commission on stocks. 

2. Pepperstone

If you are a newbie, you may make your move with Pepperstone. You will have the opportunity to trade gold here and Contract For Differences (CFDs) are simple to trade here. Other than that, it exclusively offers CFDs and is very tightly regulated.

Here, you may also use Bitcoin for FX (foreign exchange). The minimal trading costs and absence of a minimum deposit are what make it so popular in the UK. Additionally, it provides investors in the U.K. and the EU with safeguards.

It’s your time to discover the opportunities newly with CFDs, commodities ETFs, Cryptocurrencies and more here. 

3. Plus500

It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and also has over 2800 instruments. 

You will be amazed by the negative balance protection range of this social trading platform with its very efficient customer service. So, you can trust Plus500 and join with 22 million people who chose this platform. 

This reliable platform can offer you fast and secure withdrawal with advanced analytical tools. 

4. Degiro

This leading U.K. social investment platform has over 2 million users and promises to give you financial power. 

This is regulated by FCA and BaFin and also allows you to create an account and keep it to minimal fees. This social trading platform is very user-friendly, and the app works smoothly to satisfy its users. 

The only drawback that they are working on is they do not have the options like Crypto, CFDs or forex. 

5. Xtb

This CFDs trading platform offers its users the ability to trade popular Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, et cetera. 

Regulated by FCA and the home for trading chatters. It offers very low forex fees, and since 2002 it has been trustworthy to its consumers. 

XTB offers two types of accounts for users- Standard and Pro, which allows you to trade over 48 currency pairs. The CFDs stocks are high, but you will get several educational resources on this social trading platform. 

Trade Like A Pro

It’s your time to move to a particular social platform before you invest in any particular stock. We know that trading is risky, but there are also calculation strands. With proper market calculation and trading situations, you will be able to handle the pressure of trading in a risky market.

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