5 Best Things To Do On a Hot Tub Holiday

There’s nothing better than a hot tub holiday – do everything you want to in the day, and then surround yourself with the warmth of the jets. If you haven’t tried one before, now is the perfect time for a hot tub holiday in the UK

Use these five tips to plan your next jet-packed break in the right way, and potentially make them your new favorite type of holiday!

Get in some much needed ‘me’ time

You might be holidaying alone, just to get a break away from the rest of the world to relax in peace. If you are embarking on this type of getaway, it may be a perfect place to begin that new book that you just haven’t had the time to start. 

Put on some peaceful music, or carry out some mindful meditation methods within the tub, to really reach your most relaxed state of mind. 

Bonding time

If you feel that instead, you want to experience a hot tub holiday with some of your favourite people, then these types of holidays are extremely accommodating to that too! 

This may be the first time in ages that you’ve been able to spend some much-needed quality time with friends, family, or partner, to go around the tub to see what everyone’s been up to recently. Has anyone got a new promotion, or thinking of planning a group holiday? This is the perfect time to discuss and set up your future plans.

You can also play some games together in the tub, to really get to know everyone, and potentially find a new shared hobby or skill. This is the perfect chance to strengthen those friendships and take your interactions to the next level!

Relieve your aches and pains

The warm jets that surround you are perfect for any aches that you may have from the stresses of everyday life. Here you can soothe them in the warm water while experiencing the beautiful scenery that surrounds you

Try out some gentle exercises that you may usually do at home to improve your mobility, and stretch your body. Doing these exercises in the tub will be easier to do, as the water takes away a lot of the pressure that you may experience.

By soothing you physically, as well as mentally, why would this not be the perfect holiday idea?

Did somebody say date night?

You may be used to your weekly date night of going to a restaurant, but a hot tub holiday is perfect if you want to try something new. Sprinkle some flower petals leading up to the hot tub to create the most romantic build-up to the star attraction – the hot tub. Why not also take in the sky, with a romantic stargazing session?

With this kind of date night away – it really is just you and your loved one in your own little world!

Bring your furry friend

Don’t worry about leaving your dog behind on a hot tub holiday – they can also explore this type of break. After you’ve taken a lovely walk around your holiday destination, you can relax in the hot tub while your dog continues exploring.

You’ll never have to leave your dog behind again on this type of holiday!

With all of these amazing things to do on a hot tub holiday, which activity will you tick off first on your bucket list?

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