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DIY Projects You Can Do In A Single Weekend

After Christmas and New Year’s festivities over the past few weeks, no one would blame you if you wanted a quiet weekend at home, rather than exploring all that London has to offer. So, for a change of pace today we’ll be looking at something you can do from the comfort of your home in London – DIY!

This is why I’ve put together today’s article about some simple, easy, and relaxing DIY projects you can get done over a quiet weekend this January, to give you some relaxing time alone.

Create A Bold Feature Wall

When it comes to quick weekend DIY projects, you can’t top a feature wall! Adding a feature wall to any room of your home will greatly impact the look and vibe of the room, allowing you to create contrast, draw attention and create a deeper look for any room in your home.

Whether you choose to make a feature wall by painting the wall or wallpapering it, you should be able to transform it over a lazy weekend, especially if you have a friend to lend you some help. You’ll just need to measure the wall to see how much paint or wallpaper you’ll need, pop to your local hardware store to get the equipment, and then spend the next few hours creating a feature wall.

Install New Window Blinds

Another quick DIY project you can do during a quiet weekend is to replace your home’s tired old window blinds with a fabulous new set. By installing new window blinds into a room, you can upgrade the look and feel of the room, this is a perfect opportunity for adding fabulous splashes of color to a room or using different fabrics to create a sensory contrast within any room of your home.

Measuring your windows for blinds and installing blinds are both really quick DIY jobs, that can be done in around 10 minutes if you know what you’re doing, which makes this perfect for a weekend DIY task. As for getting your blind, online blinds retailers like DotcomBlinds can make and dispatch your blinds the day you order them, to get the blinds delivered to your home as early as the next day, to allow you to get your new blinds up ASAP!

Revive Old Wooden Décor

Quality wooden furniture and décor pieces can last for years when they’re properly taken care of, while this is a testament to the quality of wood, this also has a slight drawback as some older pieces of wooden furniture or wooden décor accessories may get weathered as they age and start to appear a bit worse for wear.

But, with some sandpaper and a tin of wood varnish or paint, you can revive your old wooden décor pieces in just a few hours. Gently sand your wooden décor piece or furniture to remove the top layer, from there you just need to apply a few coats of paint or varnish, and your wooden accessories will look as good as new and bring life back into your home’s décor! If you have old wooden photo frames, you can replace the worn glass with Perspex sheets from Cut Plastic Sheeting.

Hang Up New Shelving Units

You can never have too much storage in your home, having ample storage in your home makes it easier to keep your home from getting cluttered, allows you to display more decorative pieces, and most importantly means you can go and buy more items to fill your storage up.

If you want to quickly add more storage to your home over a quiet weekend, then installing some shelves is the best way to go. Shelves are quick and easy to put up as long as you have some basic DIY tools like a drill and screwdriver, which makes them perfect for a DIY weekend. Also, if you get your shelves from IKEA, you can take a day trip to your nearest IKEA, get your shelves and load up on some delicious meatballs!

Create A Custom Window Planter

One drawback to living in London is that it is incredibly rare to have a garden in your home, especially if you live in a flat or an apartment. But green-fingered Londoners shouldn’t give up their dreams of gardening, as you can make and install window planters to let you grow plants in your home from your windows!

To start your window gardening journey, you’ll need to measure the exterior recess of your window, to know what sized planter you’ll need. Once you have your measurements you can make a cute little planter using some wood and a glue gun that’ll perfectly fit in your window’s recess. When you’ve made your planter, you can paint it, fill it with soil and seeds, then enjoy watching your window garden grow!

Make Your Own Stair Runners

Stair runners were very popular before carpeting became more accessible, while they’ve been out of fashion the past few years, stair runners are now back in fashion as vintage décor styles like Art Déco and 70’s style are back in the mainstream, so now is the perfect time to jump aboard the stair runner trend!

To make your very own stair runners, you’ll need a long piece of fabric of your choosing, some nails, and a hammer. First things first, measure your stairs so you know how much fabric you’ll need, and pop to an arts and crafts store to purchase the fabric. Once you have the fabric, gently lay it over your stairs, line it up correctly, and secure it into place with your nails and voila you’ll have made a stylish new stair runner for your home.

Any of these DIY projects should be the perfect way to spend a quiet weekend, improving your home and giving you something to be proud of afterward. You’ll find that a quiet weekend spent doing DIY will boost your mood, recharge your social batteries and give you some great talking points for any visitors whom you’ll be seeing in the coming weekends.

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