The Top Cities Outside of London to Find a Job in Software Engineering

Software engineering is a lucrative career. It involves developing, designing, testing, and maintaining software applications. With the growing unemployment rate in the UK, the Government is keen on promoting the tech industry as a growing career option. And while many companies in London are in demand of software engineers, the competition can be high. So, if you’re planning a relocation for more employment opportunities, here are the top cities outside of London to find a job in software engineering.


A new report has revealed that Bristol is among those cities in Europe that have successfully attracted technological investments, making it an ideal city to find a job in software engineering. During the first five months of 2022, the city’s technology firms manage to raise a whopping £220m.

What will also appeal to many software engineers is that Bristol has a flourishing startup scene. While the city may not have as many job opportunities as London, it does offer numerous office and remote working jobs.

According to a report, many tech companies in Bristol are looking for tech professionals across most job roles. Aside from software engineers and designers, many companies are looking for IT support specialists, project managers, system engineers, and web developers experienced in Python software development for businesses. Those with skills in these fields, including SQL databases and programming, can expect to find plenty of opportunities when moving to Bristol.

Startup companies are not the only ones hiring in Bristol – even big companies like Oracle, British Telecom, Oracle, Dyson, and the NHS need tech professionals. Most of the job roles for tech professionals are remote. The Covid-19 pandemic proves that most tech jobs can be accomplished remotely, especially in areas like cybersecurity and programming.


Famous for its chips and gravy, Manchester has a youthful and vibrant workforce. It is fast becoming a hive of business activities and has more startup companies than any other northern city in the UK. So, if you’re looking to move to Manchester, you have a higher chance of getting a job in the software engineering field, especially if you are looking for C plus plus jobs and can code in either C plus or C plus plus.

Manchester is next to Bristol for the number of employers looking for employees to hire for tech roles. The city has well-established tech hubs, with many gaming and cybersecurity companies establishing a base in Manchester over the recent years. Tech professionals in Manchester have a median salary of £40,000, with almost 40% of the job roles being remote.

As the UK’s second city, Manchester is experiencing more growth and development, which further encourages many young professionals to move to Manchester to seek education and employment. But before moving to Manchester, it’s worth noting that the city has a massive pool of young talents. It’s home to four universities, and about 40% of those who live here are of working age. Therefore, expect to compete with other young tech professionals.


Cambridge is third on the list of cities with many employers looking for tech workers. The city has had a highly profitable tech sector for quite some time. You’ll find many well-established medical research companies and related technology companies in Cambridge, which are the companies that are hiring the most tech professionals.

Cambridge has successfully established a reputation for having a thriving life science tech scene. It has long been a popular choice for startups, having an increasing number of tech companies moving to the area. Ex-Cambridge students are the brains behind most of these companies. Some are run by young business owners from other places worldwide, taking advantage of the city’s world-famous university and its growing network of angel investors.

According to a report from Tech Nation, many companies based in Cambridge received $5.3 billion worth of investment in 2020, making it eighth in the world and next only to London. Despite having a reputation as a hub for startups, Cambridge is also home to several well-established companies, the biggest tech employers in the UK. For instance, Apple has an AI station in the city, and Microsoft has a research lab.


Birmingham’s reputation extends beyond its thriving manufacturing industry – it has a burgeoning tech and fintech industry. It is home to big companies like Oxygen Finance and  Deutsche Bank. Over 38,000 employees work in Birmingham’s tech industry, with over 6,000 tech companies.

Birmingham Tech and Silicon Canal are among the initiatives set up to support the growing ecosystem of tech professionals through meetups, promotions, and industry events. US investment bank Goldman Sachs has revealed plans to open a new office in Birmingham focused on engineering and technology, which can further boost employment opportunities for tech professionals in the city.

According to Goldman Sachs, among the main reasons behind their plans to establish a new office is that Birmingham boasts a strong talent pool of tech professionals. In addition, the city has excellent academic institutions, a longstanding leadership in STEM industries, and a burgeoning tech sector.

Due to the increasing supply of jobs in Birmingham, thousands of people have moved to the city from London over the past few years. Therefore, you can expect competition when searching for job opportunities, although it may not be as much as in London.


Scotland’s capital city is one of those cities that have been attracting young professionals from London. As one of the UK’s most prominent financial centres and the base of some of the largest tech companies in the country, Edinburgh is an ideal option for finding a job in the field of software engineering.

Edinburgh is home to over 90 companies that have raised over half a billion dollars worth of investments. The city’s tech community has been rapidly expanding, with software engineers and developers now making up 7% of the city’s overall workforce.

In addition, Edinburgh is home to some of the world’s top educational institutions, such as the Edinburgh Napier University, the University of Edinburgh, and hundreds of research institutions. In fact, a report from Active Capital named Edinburgh as one of the world’s most innovative cities, placing Edinburgh fourth place in the UK, behind Oxford, Cambridge, and London.

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