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2 Bedroom Flats to Rent in London

London has been and continues to be one of the most influential and historical cities in the world. Boasting a glorious past and an incredible assortment of luxuries and necessities that together form the finest lifestyles of the world, living in or near London is almost an impossible, angelic achievement.

However, living in London is not totally impossible for young students and struggling family persons with big dreams. 

Why is living in London such a sought-after affair?

Living in London is a very popular dream shared by millions of people living in different countries around the world. London is deemed to be one of the classiest places, a city that appreciates diversity, integrity, and academic and artistic talent.

It also boasts the greatest amount of high-quality facilities ever possible. London has something for everyone.

Why is living in London worth it in the practical sense?

  • London is a city that appreciates innovation, art, and culture. Young artists and aspirers of art and cultural studies can find a lot of exposure in the city. The inhabitants of London are known for living a beautiful lifestyle that includes an immense interest in fashion, theater, classical music, pop music, etc.
  • London is known worldwide for its highest quality education and healthcare facilities, universities like the King’s College at the University College of London have trained famous personalities and academicians in the past.
  • London is every small business owner’s dream. All initiatives and innovations can find their respective customer bases in this lively and busy city.
  • London provides exposure to the world’s most high-performing workplace cultures and trains young professionals for a life of excellence and productivity.
  • In fact, in comparison to the distant countryside lifestyle in other parts of the United Kingdom, quality life in London can be bought at a much cheaper price due to easy supply to regular demand.

Few of the most economical neighborhoods in London to rent a 2 BHK

People moving into London in search of a better future may not have the exact necessary resources to earn a living in one of the most expensive places in the world.

This makes it imperative for young students, professionals, and family owners to look for the kind of neighborhood that can support that lifestyle and productivity without putting much of a strain on their pockets.

Some of the most inexpensive neighborhoods in London also have their own unique benefits.

  • In general, south and southeast London have proven to be the cheaper parts of the city in comparison to the central area. This has made South London the hub of cultural diversity and Gen Z and millennial living. One such place in Lewisham. Industrial looking and without the general hipster feel, the quality and security provided by these housing facilities at a rent of fewer than 1400 pounds per month for a 2 bedroom flat to rent, as well as its 6 miles distance from Charon cross in Central London makes Lewisham a charming prospect.
  • At the opposite end of London, and its very Northern frontier is the Waltham Forest. This place is significantly made popular because of its beautiful mix of modern apartments with the Victorian houses built here a century ago. Victorian time is usually considered to be one of the golden periods of London. Its long history makes the architectural majesty of this place quite mirror that of the notably influential parts of central London. Center of London from the Waltham Forest in about 45 minutes on the train.
  • A darling neighborhood for families living in is Redbridge. It is located in the North-Eastern corner of London from where its central part can be reached within a 50-minute time distance on the train. It has dozens of public parks and family facilities as well as a hospitable community. In Red bridge, it is possible to rent even a three-bed property for only 1500 pounds a month. This place has long been considered as the most – and we mean the most – cheap family-friendly neighborhood for 2-bed flats to rent in and around London. 
  • 30 minutes away from Victoria station, Sutton is a part of London that is not only looked upon favorably by tenants but also to prospectus first-time buyers. It is possible to look for property that is both pet-friendly and kid-friendly in this region. Several new properties have come up in the last few years in Sutton which have opened the doors for a newer customer base to look for studio apartment flats with all benefits like central heating gas and glazed windows along with parking at a student-friendly price.

Places to rent near London to rent a 2BHK at cheap prices

These days as the sky-high rents of London become a topic of hot debate more and more young professionals and students are starting to rent 2-bed property to rent near London without entering its exact periphery to drastically reduce the cost of living without adding to it the fatigue of long-distance commutes. 

  • Some of such places chosen specially for economical relief can often turn into the best decisions a person has ever made. One such neighborhood to find a home is Faversham. It is a place with rustic, European, retro charm of acquired living, beautiful small-scale businesses, fruit farms, hop gardens, and architectural beauty. A beautiful place in Kent, Faversham can give you a realistic fairy tale lifestyle within commutable distance to London.
  • From Maidenhead, you can get to Paddington in less than 30 minutes. Maidenhead is a great opportunity to bring up your family in a 2 bedroom flat in London in greener, less crowded neighborhoods without having to miss out on the joys of city life. It has all the popular modern amenities including shopping malls, parks, swimming pools, gyms, etc. 
  • Another commuter city very close to London is Reading at a distance of only 30 minutes. Reading is an extremely popular place and has even been counted as one of the major tourist locations in and around London. It is well-connected to most areas of the United Kingdom and is pretty close to the airport. Living in Reading will never feel like living away from London. Reading has also one of the most popular educational centers in this area and lacks modern amenities and facilities.
  • Very close to Reading but with an increased touch of greenery and historic charm is the city of Caversham. This is a beautiful riverside town with many lower price properties and loads and loads of empty areas for young children to grow up with an active lifestyle. If you have an affinity for countryside living including boating, fishing, farming, and walking around in flower-laden gardens, Caversham can be your perfect connection between the rustic and the postmodern.

The most expensive places to live in London – the high-end lifestyle

On the other hand, London is easily the parent of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in in the entire world. London harbors a population of over 9 million people, of which a large number of families and individuals value a luxurious lifestyle very highly. Let us look at a brief account of a few of the most expensive arrears to live in London.

  • Quite a number of the world’s wealthiest people have their homes in Knightsbridge making it a haven for the most expensive of properties. In the whole of the United Kingdom Knightsbridge continues to be one of the most luxurious areas to boast a posh lifestyle. 
  • Public figures celebrities and business individuals have now found residential peace in Kensington. This is also the official home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and was once home to Queen Victoria.
  • When it comes to Central London, the city of Westminster with the most affluent home of all the Buckingham palace and the historical Reagent Street, the houses of parliament, and the home to the Prime Minister can easily be named as one of the most popular places in London. The same area also has other popular streets Like Oxford Street and Bond Street.
  • Chelsea, a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by porch clubs, boutiques, luxury brand stores, and the houses of celebrities is a place where the average property price of a home can easily exceed 1.5 million pounds. It is one of those areas in the city of London that totally focuses on appreciating high and food Hind fashion, the latest pop culture including popular pop culture landmarks, and the community of successful artistic individuals.


London is a beautiful place both from an industrial and scenic point of view. Its long-standing fame and economic prosperity have made London inaccessible to the economically struggling to find even 1 or 2 bedroom flats to rent in London.

For ages, this has interfered with the integration of international as well as domestic immigrants into the heart and soul of the city. Recently, newer property initiatives and technological advancements are making London finally accessible to a more diverse group of inhabitants. 

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