How to Choose a Bouquet of Peonies

Peonies are beautiful flowers known for their bright colors and large, lush blooms. They are a popular choice for bouquets, whether for a special occasion or simply as a gift for someone you love. But how do you choose the perfect peonies bouquet in London? In this article, we will give you some tips on how to choose the best peonies and create a beautiful bouquet from them.

What Do Peony Flowers Symbolize?

Peonies have different symbolic meanings, depending on culture and context. In general, they are associated with beauty, wealth, happiness, love, and romance. In Chinese culture, for example, this flower symbolizes prosperity, honor, and prestige, while in traditional eastern medicine, peony roots are valued for their healing properties and are used to treat various ailments. In Christian cultures, it is often linked with saints and martyrs so symbolizes virtue, sacrifice, and spiritual purity.

In the language of flowers, the peony is used as a symbol of beauty, grace, and love. Sometimes, it can also be interpreted as a sign of shamefulness and restraint.

Peony Colors

There are a variety of peony colors, including white, pink, red, coral, orange, yellow, purple, and black. Some peony flowers may also have multiple colors or hues, such as pink with a touch of white or purple with a touch of pink. The exact color depends on the specific variety of peonies.

Not all colors can be easily found, but each has a different meaning, here are some of them.


White peonies symbolize purity, innocence, honesty, and truth. For this reason, they are often used at weddings and other ceremonial occasions.


Pink peonies symbolize tenderness, love, friendship, and gratitude. They can also be interpreted as an expression of beauty and elegance. These flowers are a perfect gift to loved ones or friends.


Red peonies symbolize passion, love, appreciation, and respect. The more well-known meanings also include courage and strength. Red peonies are often used on romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries.


Friendship, happiness, joy, and optimism are all different meanings of yellow peonies. This particular color is most suitable for gifts to friends or decorations on festive occasions.

When to Give Peonies?

As already mentioned, peonies are a suitable gift for many different occasions.

For a Birthday

Peonies make great birthday gifts, especially in the birthday boy or girl’s favorite colors. They are a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and beauty and can help celebrate the recipient’s special day.

To a Romantic Dinner

Peonies can also be a romantic gesture and make a great gift or decoration for a romantic dinner. They symbolize love, passion, and respect and can help create a special atmosphere.

Just Because

Peonies are also a nice gesture to give someone just because. They can be given as a thank you, to cheer someone up, or simply as a token of appreciation.

For Wedding

If you have ever been to a wedding, you are most likely seen peonies there as a part of floral decorations or bridal bouquets. They symbolize love, happiness, and prosperity and can make the day special.

As you can see, whether it’s a romantic occasion or a simple gesture of appreciation, peonies are a perfect choice.

When is Peony Season?

The peony season begins in late spring and usually lasts until early summer. However, the exact period depends on the region and weather conditions. In some parts of the world, such as China, peonies can be found in early spring.


●      At What Time of Year Do Peonies Bloom?

Late spring to early summer is the typical time for peonies to bloom, but it also depends on climate and region. In cold climates, they typically bloom in May and June. However, there are peony varieties that can bloom earlier or later. In warmer climates, peonies can also bloom in late winter or early spring.

●      What Goes Well with Peonies in a Bouquet?

Peonies combine well with other flowers and greens, such as ranunculus, roses, hydrangeas, and eucalyptus. They can also be used as specimen flowers in a bouquet to highlight their beauty and splendor.

●      How Long Do Fresh-Cut Peonies Last?

Fresh-cut peonies can last about 5 to 7 days, depending on the variety and conditions. It is important to keep them in fresh, clean water and to cut the stems regularly to help them absorb water.

●      Are Peonies Luxurious Flowers?

Peonies are often considered luxurious flowers because they have large blooms and come in many different colors. Additionally, they are mostly used for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day, which further promoted their luxurious status.

●      Why Do Peonies Close Overnight?

Peonies close overnight to protect themselves and conserve moisture. When it gets cooler, they reduce their metabolism and close their petals to prevent water loss. They open again when the sun rises and it gets warmer.

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