How to Insure a Car You Don’t Own: A Step-by-Step Guide

Yes, you can get registered car insurance if you don’t own that vehicle. Doing this can be cheaper than purchasing a car yourself, especially if there is no such requirement to drive. But while opting for car insurance you must be sure that you are walking on the right path.

There might be various reasons that are working behind your wish to get a car insured on someone else’s car. Whatever the reason is, you must walk along the right path to get the right insurance in place to drive the car. Here, we are going to prepare a step-by-step guide for you where we will discuss whether can you insure a car you don’t own, how non-owner insurance work, how can you get insured on someone else’s car, and if insuring a car that you don’t owe is expensive.

Let’s get started!

Can you insure a car you don’t own?

Yes, you can insure a car that you don’t own. To do so you must tell the true story to the insurer that you are neither the keeper nor the owner of the car. The registered keeper is the person whose name is registered in the registration certificate and the owner is the person who purchased the car. Most of the time the registered person and the owner is the same person but occasionally are not.

You can see that non-owner car insurance is only available in certain circumstances such as when the owner and the registered keeper are partners, employers, parents, or leasing company. Some insurance companies only insure the car keeping you as the main driver of the car.

A step-by-step guide to getting insured on someone else’s car:

You need to follow this step-by-step guide to insure a car you don’t own.  Below are the steps given:

  • You can add yourself as a named driver: Adding your name as a named driver to the car owner’s existing policy is one of the great ways to use a car that you don’t own.
  • Purchase short-term car insurance: You can look for C. Usually car insurance policies last 1-28 days but few companies offer a larger time frame.
  • Take out your policy in the car: It is possible to get more than one insurance policy for a single vehicle. But this makes some complications if you make any claim.
  • You can check whether you are already not covered under your policy: Various fully comprehensive car insurance policies offer third-party cover when the policyholder is driving someone else’s car. But it is as not common as it sounds.

How does non-owner car insurance work?

Non-owner car insurance works as similar to a standard car insurance but you need to inform the insurance company that you are not the registered keeper or owner of the car.

Also, the terms and conditions of the non-owner car insurance will be according to how you are insured. It can be as a named driver, via temporary car insurance, or under your comprehensive policy.

Is insuring a car that you don’t own can be expensive?

Yes, you need to pay more premiums for car insurance that you don’t own than for your vehicle. The reason behind this fact is the insurer believes that you are more likely to claim for a car that you don’t own. They place you at a higher risk.

If you are looking for getting non-owner car insurance then it can be cheaper to add to the owner insurance policy instead of taking out your insurance plan. These short-term non-owner car insurance have higher premiums than the standard ones. But still, you can look for the cheaper one if you know you only need insurance for a short set period.


Can I insure a car that I don’t own?

Ans: In simple words, you can insure a car that you don’t own. So many drivers are there who can’t afford a new car, also some may don’t need it. These drivers prefer to borrow a car when the requirement arises. You need to insure a borrowed car if you are not a named driver.

Can 2 people insure the same car?

Ans: It is possible and legal to insure the same car for two different people. Suppose, a learner driver is driving his parents’ car then he might want to take out his insurance. So, he can claim a policy if circumstances arise and it will not affect his parents’ no-claims discount.


The type of insurance policy you must opt for when you don’t own the car is both non-owner insurance and non-driver insurance. Non-owner insurance covers everything that your policy would if you take out a standard car insurance policy.

Hope, this guide is to be helpful for you to acquire more knowledge about insuring a car you don’t own.

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