If Your Next Vacation Will Be in Brussels… Tips for Travelling to the Capital of Belgium

Have you always planned a trip to Brussels, but just never got around to it? Has the time finally come to visit the beautiful capital of Belgium? Well, lucky you, because Brussels is truly one-of-a-kind! With a long, colourful history, as well as a diverse modern culture, Brussels, as the heart of Europe has something for everyone. Whether you want to sit and eat chocolate and drink beer or all day, or visit countless museums and go for long strolls in its many parks, there is no end to the things you can do.

Made up of 19 municipalities, the region of Brussels covers a total of 162 square kilometres, with the capital region located in the centre. The majority of notable tourist attractions, such as the Grand Place and Manneken-Pis are located in the main capital section, although other popular sights, such as the Atomium and Bois de la Cambre are in the surrounding, larger region.

As the capital of Belgium, Brussels is in the centre of the country as its own distinct region, with Flanders bordering to the north and Walloon to the south. The city has two main airports, although neither are located within the city’s borders itself. The closest, Brussels-Zaventem, is located to the northeast, roughly 10 kilometres away. If you are arriving at this airport, booking a reliable airport transfer with AtoB Transfer ( is your best way to get to the city. With a wide range of comfortable vehicles, which can be personalised to fit your travel needs, such as with the inclusion of child seats or one of many other add-ons, AtoB has precisely what you need to ensure your trip to Brussels is perfect from beginning to end.

Now, aside from booking a quality Brussels airport transfer with AtoB, what else is there you should know about Brussels before visiting? In this article, we plan to go over with our picks for the best local things to do. Enjoy!

When to Visit

This depends on what kind of weather you like. As a country in Western Europe, Belgium is classified as having a temperate maritime climate, which means it has relatively cool, humid summers and mild, rainy winters. Temperatures range from a mean of 3.5°C (38 °F) in winter, to 18.5 °C (65.5 °F) in the summer. There are events and things to do all year long, with parks being popular in the summer, and markets popular in the winter.

Our personal preference is the summer, as visiting the terrasses of the many cafes and bars is a wonderful way to pass the time during the afternoon and early evening.

One thing that is perfect all year long is an airport transfer with AtoB – cool during the summer and warm in the winter!

Where to go

As stated, there are a number of things to see and do in Brussels. Here are our top picks:

Grand Place

Perhaps the most popular square in the city, if not also in all of Europe. The Grand Place has been functioning for hundreds of years, originally as a market for farmers to sell produce, to now being a tourist hotspot. There are a number of restaurants and bars located in the square, although we recommend walking through the narrow streets to find some local (and better priced) bars.

Bois de la Cambre

Connected to the large Sonian forest, this park is a beautiful place to spend the day. With a lake that you can go rowing in, complete with ducks and an island in the middle, as well as numerous cultural events, make sure you visit this park for a more genuine Bruxelloises experience. As it is slightly outside the centre, you can ask your Brussels airport taxi driver to take you there.

Mont des Arts

Historic site, with an amazing view. Here one can find the Royal Library, the National Archives, as well as the Square Meeting Centre. It provides one of the best locations in Brussels for a picture, as one can see the high spire of Brussels’ town hall in the background, as well as a beautiful flower garden in the square. There are a number of bars and restaurants in the area, although one can also sit and enjoy the ambiance on a park bench.

What to eat and drink

In this article, we plan to go over with our picks for the best local things to do. Enjoy!

Although we won’t specifically name any establishment in particular, we will specify where one can find the best bars and restaurants in the city. Depending on what type of establishment you prefer, you can opt to either visit one in the centre of the city, or branch out and go to a local bar in one of the 19 communes. In the centre of the city, one can find any type of bar imaginable, from brasseries to cocktail bars, even a popular Irish Pub is located very close to Grand Place. Whatever you’re looking for – you can find it in the centre.

If you want a more genuine, local experience, one of the nicest communes in the vicinity to visit is St.Gilles. This part of Brussels has many bars and restaurants, all with slightly different themes. You can spend the afternoon on a sun-lit terrasse, before heading to a dimly-lit traditional restaurant for some local food. To get to St.Gilles, simply ask your Brussels airport taxi cab chauffeur to take you there, they will be more than happy to oblige.

How to travel

Public transport is incredibly efficient in Brussels during the day, with tickets costing just a few euros for tickets with one hour’s duration. There are trams, metros and buses, all of which are easy to navigate, due to their easily-interpretable diagrams.

If you prefer to stick to car travel, then you can rely on AtoB’s airport taxi service to take you anywhere in the city. You can go from one point to the other, or even reserve an hourly ride to visit multiple stops.


This has been Brussels in brief. It would be impossible to condense the entire experience into a short article, but we hope with these few points of interest you will make the most out of your upcoming trip. Brussels is truly a unique city, and one that, after visiting once, you will continue going back for years to come. Happy Travels!

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